Astrology in Practice

Example Reading

Once I had done a chart for a client and saw stressful aspects in the 5th house of children. I inquired about them and she mentioned that one of her daughters was pregnant and getting married. Knowing that nothing negative is ever going on, I simply asked the daughter’s age and whether she had done the necessary testing.  Later that week her fiancé was slapped with a paternity suit from another woman!

She contacted me again because her daughter would require a c-section
and since I had inquired about her pregnancy she asked if I could do a chart on the day of the procedure to determine the best possible chart. I drew up several charts and calculated that an early morning delivery would bring about the best aspects.

However, the child was not born until 4pm with stressful aspects on the Sun (father) and Saturn on the Descendant opposing the Ascendant. This exactly described her slow entry and the stress on the Sun (father) at birth. What I learned is that an astrologer can read a chart but cannot interfere with the life path. Having Saturn oppose the Ascendant would also mean that the child would approach any new situations with caution (Saturn) just like it described her delayed entry into life.

Reading a chart it is like reading a language. The letters C-A-T will paint an
entirely different picture than C-A-B. One meows and the other offers rides for a fare. Astrologers develop sentences out of chart images where the house, sign,  ruler, aspect lines and planets will weave together a story about the life path. C can relate to the house, while A is the planet and the final letter will be drawn from the constellation energy or aspects between planets. While many sites and reports can give you details about positions it takes an astrologer to weave together the story.

The natal chart is the story of our strengths, weaknesses and life condition. The transit or progressed chart show how the planets continue to move and influence the natal chart describing changing conditions during one’s life.

Another Example
Once, when doing a group reading I saw an aspect to Mercury in the 12th house which suggested counting in the dark.  I asked why she was counting in the dark?  She said that whenever she expressed emotion her father would make her sit in the corner, close her eyes and count.

So in my four decades as an astrologer, the chart has proven to accurately describe the early environment (4th house) and the parental influences (4th and 10th, Sun and Moon), siblings (3rd house) and other attributes of the client.

This is not something that we need to be aware of on a daily basis in terms
of understanding the planetary influences as they move in time, but when faced with difficulty the chart can reveal why the life path has become challenging. It is never bad. It is simply that we are facing unique challenges that will help us rise to the highest level expressed by the chart.

Its Always Good

Some astrologers refer to the planets as being good or bad. Like the Saturn
example, it is not a bad planet, just challenging. Saturn is a necessary discipline in our chart that allows us to build a steady foundation. Since I am also a dream analyst, I recognize how many people dismiss their dreams as nonsense.

Anyone who begins learning the strange language of how their dreams are guiding them discovers that there is more to making sense of reality than what we can access while awake. Astrology, therefore, can be viewed more like the mythical world of dreams which paint a picture of our inner landscape. Both can describe who we are and where we are going better than we understand ourselves. Just as we know that dreams are a symbolic representation of our challenges offering clues to overcome them, astrology works the same way. We may not be able to say who or what guides our dreams or why astrology works, but both are an invaluable resource on the road to empowerment and fulfilling our destiny.


Astrology provides a mandala that allows us to look at the larger organism to determine our place within it. In reality, there is much about the makeup of the physical world that remains a mystery to science. Like scientists, astrologers simply make predictions and take measurements for accuracy – nothing more and nothing less. Scientists still can’t answer definitively why we sleep, how the brain works, why ice is slippery or how gravity works.

As a dream analyst I know that nobody can accurately say who or what is guiding our dreams. What I know is that dreams provide answers that help a client move through crisis and these are answers that the dreamer had never consciously considered. I see the same wisdom portal unfold in the astrological chart. Where dreams provide an objective landscape to explore the psyche portrayed in symbolic form, the chart takes a universal snapshot of time to give definition to the lifepath and changing events. Both are a symbolic representation of our potential.

First and foremost I am a symbologist and my work in dreams, myths, comparative religion, philosophy and music composition has allowed me to decipher and share the metaphorical world or symbolic language of the intangible. I describe dream interpretation as poetry appreciation. Some of us 'get' the metaphors as if we can see the hidden meaning in the less obvious. Others go through life and after high school never want to look at another poem.

When composing music, chord structures will reverberate their own melody and I simply capture what I hear. Harmony and discord can also be found in the aspects where a Trine shows ease and a Square is like a dissonant note that merely acts as a wake up call. Harmonic aspects make us feel good while discordant aspects make us so uneasy that change has to be considered. The energy is no longer in sync and flowing. We discover that unhappiness is simply the first hunger pain for change.

I hope you enjoy this site and find it to be a valuable tool on your journey of empowerment. You can order personalized astrology reports in the Product section or by clicking on the Order Report links in the Astrology section.