Western vs Sidereal Astrology



Critics of astrology will say that the Sun is really in Virgo when we say it is in Leo. Western astrology does not use the background of fixed stars as a point of reference from the earth’s perspective. Modern western astrology uses the same reference point as that of astronomy, i.e. it divides the ecliptic into segments starting at the vernal equinox. In this way measurements become coordinates that apply to any point in space. Transcending a sidereal perspective, we obtain the omniscient perspective (outside of time) which appears to guide dreams. I see it as a way of perceiving from our energetic existence (soul/outside of earth.) Although these segments have been given the same names as the fixed star constellations, the earth’s precession means that they are no longer in line with the constellations of the same name from an earth centered perspective.

At the same time, we must remember that Astrology is meant to offer a mandala or snapshot of the sky at birth from an unchanging reference point, much like the soul’s perspective. Vedic or Sidereal astrology is presented from the earth’s perspective as the planets move through the constellations but none of the constellations are spaced in 30 degree segments so it isn’t scientifically accurate either. The earth’s precession makes planetary positions shift, but astrologers work from a constant point in space that doesn’t change. This site uses astronomical calculations, the JPL ephemeris and chart delineation based on the ecliptic and vernal equinox.