Terms for letter: B


The letter "B" in a dream can explore the idea of how to just 'be,' or how you are currently behaving. Associated with the idea of second rate, or things that are bothersome, the letter "B" can also represent missing the mark or settling for second best. This letter can also be a symbol for boy.


Dreaming of an unfamiliar child or caring for a unknown baby portrays growth or the emergence of a new side of you. You may have a sense of feeling responsible for this unknown child as a representation of the need to care for and nurture this new aspect of you. Dreaming of twin babies can symbolize the emergence of balance, or the fulfillment that comes after a difficult decision is made. See the Unknown Child under Archetypes and Universal Characters.


Anytime you are caring for a child in a dream it can suggest the need to care for a part of yourself that requires nurturing. When you are going through a type of transformation, you may dream of an unknown child that you must care for as a representation of a type of rebirth or awakening of your new potential.


Dreaming of the back is associated with responsibility and burdens. Since it is that part of the body rarely seen, it can symbolize what you are not facing or how you are not acknowledging that you are carrying unnecessary burdens. See Anatomy and Body Parts.


Associated with what you carry on your back, the backpack is similar to a purse or wallet representing identity, but is carried with a sense of a burden or responsibility. Used to carry books, it can suggest ideas that are holding you back. The drama surrounding the backpack portrays baggage and whether carrying it is good or bad. See Purses, Wallets, Luggage, Jewels and Keys.


When you dream of something taking place on a stage - you are exploring a more objective view of your passions and desire for free expression. When you go backstage to meet an actor or performer, pay careful attention to their characteristics. They are representing some aspect of you - perhaps a more creative way of expressing yourself. Performers often personify your own desire to be more expressive, demonstrative and passionate. Going backstage can be a way of making an intimate connection with this part of your nature.


Similar to sperm, bacteria can represent attraction, where you can become 'infected' or transformed by allowing your biological drives free reign within you. At the same time, infection or ‘getting something from others’ carries the message of how you are being influenced by those around you.

To dream of watching bacteria in a Petri dish denotes your sense of gaining insight into how you feel about your biological drives. Germs can appear ‘unclean’ and threatening, or they can portray the sense of how things happen to your body that are beyond your control. It can symbolize sexual feelings, where ideas take hold and simply grow. A virus shows the power of thought and its connection to what unfolds in experience. The fever that is connected to illness shows feelings (possibly anger) that needs to be released.

Bad Breath

To dream of having bad breath can symbolize communication issues that you are not comfortable with. You may be expressing yourself in a way that has made you feel is not clean, pure or truthful. If another character has bad breath - you may not be giving consideration to feelings of resentment. Explore what part of you this character may be representing and whether or not this part of you is achieving expression. See People, Kiss and Mouth.


A badge is worn to signify the part you play and can be symbolic of your sense of identity, similar to a name badge. Anytime your name becomes the focus of a dream - you are taking steps to express your authenticity. Unlike the hat that crowns your ideas, the badge covers your chest and can sometimes signify trading authenticity to play a part. The type of badge and what it signifies should be considered to understand how the dream is helping you further define who you are. See also Name.


Dreams that focus on games of volleying are usually exploring integration. What adjective would you use to describe the person you are playing badminton with? Could you be exploring this quality as you move toward integration? The other elements and symbols surrounding the game and equipment can shed more light on whether or not you are achieving this integration.


Since a bag holds the things you carry with you and hold to be valuable, the bag can be a symbol of how you take inventory of what is no longer necessary on your journey. Losing a bag can be a representation of career changes or a change in identity. See Purses, Wallets, Luggage, Jewels and Keys.


Dreaming of desserts can be a way of exploring 'just desserts' or the rewards you are seeking in life. Food symbolizes your need for fulfillment and desserts can represent sexual feelings or how you seek comfort. Something taking place in a bakery can represent new ideas that are 'rising' or 'baking.' If the dream focuses on whipped cream - the association has a more sexual meaning. Since the type of food items prepared in a bakery are not considered healthy or nourishing, you may be exploring escapism tendencies that are not necessarily helping you to become more independent.


Dreaming of something taking place on a balcony can be a way of exploring your outlook or aspirations. You may feel the need to widen your perspective to explore opportunities you are missing. If there is a frightening character hiding on the balcony - you may need to explore how you (see Shadow at end) or someone in your life is holding you back in some way. If the balcony is falling or in need of repair - the message would be about making adjustments that allow you to achieve your ambitions. If the balcony leads to a fertile landscape - you may be going through a powerful transformation that is making you more grounded and authentic. If the balcony overlooks a pool or body of water - you are making strides to understand the deepest part of your nature in what would be called the unconscious. The balcony can also be a symbol of remaining removed from human intreraction if you have been going through a period of isolation. See Houses and Buildings and Shadow.


Like your ideas, hair grows over time and requires that you cut and groom it to keep it healthy. When you dream of being bald, you may have had the sense that your ideas were ‘stripped’ away from you as your attitude undergoes a drastic change. This could also be the humorous way that your psyche is suggesting that you are being caught in a ‘bald face’ lie. Seeing a bald man can be a sexual symbol or it can signify old age. A bald woman suggests adjusting sensitivity with a healthy dose of aggressiveness.


A ball is a symbol of wholeness and balance. Dreaming of a game that centers around catching and throwing a ball can represent the idea of integration. There may be two sides of you that require balance in moving forward. Examine the team members or characters. What adjective would you use to describe them? This part of you may need to be understood and integrated. A dream that focuses just on a ball can be suggesting wholeness or the circular aspect of life as in how all things come back to you. Situations that you face are the result of what you are doing as in 'the games you play.'


Dreaming of watching the type of effortless and graceful movement observed in ballet can be a way of looking for similar qualities in your expression. Being in the ballet shows that you are feeling confident expressing yourself with balance and grace. Dancing in a dream is usually a powerful confirmation of feeling empowered and fulfilled.


The balloon incorporates the idea of roundness or wholeness and something that rises. It can symbolize how you may need to achieve a lightness in being in order to remain balanced. It can also symbolize your mood or feelings about the present - where its color or behavior can portray how you are feeling - either rising above or feeling like you are going 'down.' The idea of inflation is also at play - so examine if your expectations in a situation are reasonable. You may be having an inflated sense of ego - or the dream can be suggesting you are full of 'hot air.' A hot air balloon ride can portray your attempt to rise above your current situation - and may also suggest that you do not have your 'feet on the ground.' Where we generally dream of planes when we are exploring ambitions - the balloon appears more as an vehicle that allows for a wider view or can represent escapism.


Being ‘yellow’ and a monkey’s favorite food, the banana is a playful way that the psyche portrays sexual thoughts. As a symbol of nourishment, it suggests how you need only peel away your outer covering (clothes) to get at the fruit within. Most food symbols portray the idea of how you are seeking more fulfillment (nourishment) in what you are doing. The banana combines the color yellow (jealousy) with a phallic shape that can represent power or potency. A rotten banana can represent neglecting sexuality - or feeling a lack of reward from all of your efforts. See Fruit under Food.


Since all characters in a dream are portraying you or the condition of your 'inner landscape,' meeting a thief in a dream setting can be a message about self sabotaging behavior. Some part of you may be undernourished or 'down and out' and is challenging you to acknowledge the deeper needs associated with what this character is stealing. For example, being held up at gunpoint can be a message that two parts of your current identity may be at odds. Just as the dream threatens the valuable things that you protect, this type of dream can be a call to explore your priorities. See also Trickster and Burglar.


A dream that takes place in a bank setting can be exploring the idea of self value and also financial insecurities. Asking to withdraw money embodies how you are exploring your value and reserves from the standpoint of attributes. Since the bank protects valuables or savings, it can also be associated with unexplored potential. If a bank robbery is taking place, the meaning suggests that you are trading a valuable part of your nature for something unfulfilling, which may be leaving you feeling depleted or robbed of energy.


Any social gathering that revolves around food, suggests how you are nourished in your interactions with others. In the banquet dream, you get a smorgasbord of interesting symbols with the audience or critic, the food or how you are nourished, and the social etiquette that is always squaring off with your sense of uniqueness.


Getting baptized in a dream can be symbolic of a deep awakening or connection with your Higher Self. Water can represent feelings so this can be a symbolic way of being told to examine your feelings. Being reborn from 'holy water' can portray your commitment to move from a place that is unfulfilling toward something that will fulfill you. You are participating in a ritual that celebrates water's 'healing' properties. This can be a message about the power of feelings if you can open to them.


The bar can have different associations depending upon your age. When you are younger and spending more time in bars, the dream can be a way of exploring social exchanges and a desire to be more free to express yourself. Similar to alcohol, dreaming of a bar can suggest a dependency on alcohol that you are not facing. This is a meeting place where everyone uses intoxication as a way of giving free reign to emotions. The bartender in a dream can be representing qualities of escapism symbolized by the character. As the person who serves you intoxicating beverages - consider the other symbolism to explore whether you are able to express your true feelings. See Alcohol.

Barber or Beautician

The neighborhood character who cuts hair is representing the part of you that grooms your ideas. The barber or beautician in you may be be more interested in conforming to make an acceptable appearance, not necessarily presenting your real face. Being groomed portrays a change in attitude that will allow you to continue growing. At the same time, cutting hair portrays shedding old ideas. Grooming eyebrows can suggest changing your perspective or way of expressing yourself. Since hair grows over time, it can represent wisdom. A dream that focuses on an unusual hairdo can be exploring expressing yourself more creatively or more fearlessly.


A dream that focuses on the feet is a way of exploring your life direction and the sense of taking a path that will allow you to express your real attributes and strengths. Being barefoot symbolizes returning to your authentic nature in making a type of change. If you are looking for shoes - you may be searching for meaningful work.


Dreaming of being in a barn can be a way of exploring the side of you that is non conforming and more passion driven. Houses and buildings are a symbolic representation of areas of the psyche and doing something in a barn shows movement that might be called wild. In a sense you are allowing free reign to explore your more natural urges. See Houses and Buildings and Animals.


Dreaming of any type of gauge can personify self limiting behavior. A barometer measures pressure and can symbolize a grudge that needs to be released. A thermometer in a dream can be a symbolic representation of not acknowledging how you feel or how your real feelings are leading you to be reactive. You take your temperature as a way of checking in with your feelings. Gauges can also be a representation of how you measure your accomplishments in terms of life stages. If the barometer or gauge is faulty than the message would be that your assumptions are not correct. You may have categorized or dismissed a situation that is causing the buildup of resentment.


When a bartender appears as a character in your dream, examine the situation that unfolds to see if you are 'escaping' or not taking responsibility for something related to the dream. Since everyone in a dream is personifying aspects of you, the bartender can represent the side of you that enables a type of dysfunctional escapism. Food and drinking in a dream symbolize fulfillment and if you are drinking alcoholic beverages, you are sedating your awareness. See also Alcohol.


Dreaming of sports can symbolize feelings that your environment has become competitive. If it is a game that centers around catching and throwing a ball, it can represent the idea of balance. There may be two sides of you that require balance and integration. Examine the team members or characters. What adjective would you use to describe them? This part of you may need to be understood and integrated. A dream that focuses just on a ball can be suggesting wholeness or the circular aspect of life as in how all things come back to you. Situations that you face are the result of what you are doing as in 'the games you play.'


Since houses represent our inner architecture, the basement is associated with ideas that are stored 'below the surface' as in repression. Whatever is happening in the basement needs to be explored as a possible issue from the past that has been left (stored) and is unresolved. See Houses and Buildings.


As a symbol that allows us to carry and store items, the basket can hold the key to what you are carrying that may need to be released. Most baskets are woven - symbolizing the intricacies of our insecurities. Examine what is in the basket as a symbol to see what you may be carrying with you. Is this a good or bad thing? The dream is suggesting that you give it consideration. If it is a metal basket, it can personify strong defense mechanisms. A basket woven of natural fibers can have the opposite meaning - coaching you to acknowledge some aspect of yourself that you are not giving enough consideration. Throwing something into a basket can represent success or your desire to hit the mark.


The bathroom is a room where you ‘come clean’ when you feel dirty, and is often the setting of a dream when you need to 'release' something you are holding, reflecting your inability to make a necessary change. When you reveal your intimate side in a situation, you may find your dreams taking place in the bathroom. Of all the rooms you dream about, the bathroom shows your desire to see yourself honestly, without the need to cover up your feelings. During difficult transitions, the bathroom often becomes a symbol of the need to 'get naked' or face the truth. Sometimes urinating when the walls are missing, coincides with entering social situations where you felt forced to reveal yourself to others. See Houses and Buildings and also, the Trickster.

Bathing Suit

Clothing in a dream can signify the persona or the mask you wear as your identity undergoes transformation. When the dream focuses on a bathing suit, it can symbolize your willingness to 'dive deep' into the waters of the unconscious which often occurs when you are going through therapy. Being on vacation and forgetting your bathing suit can be a message about the need to stop covering or protecting something. The bathing suit can signify your unwillingness to reveal yourself.


Tying together the idea of bath as a place where you are honest with yourself or 'come clean,' and clothing which is your identity or the mask you wear for acceptance, to dream of being in a bathrobe can show the steps you are taking in becoming more intimate or self-actualized. You may feel that you need more privacy to focus on who you really are. Your current identity is changing in a way that is allowing you to become more authentic and fulfilled.


The conflict created by the many transforming sides of your changing identity over time will often lead to dreaming of a battlefield or this ‘setting of psychic battle and integration.’ See also War, Army and Weapons and Utensils.


This harbor for ships suggests a safe haven or port after a troubling period of traveling over the seas of the unknown (difficulty). You may be wandering through a ship that is anchored there, exploring the various bedrooms (sex) or chow (nourishment/fulfillment) halls (transition), as a way of exploring these ideas in light of your emotions (water.) The lights in the bay or lighthouse can signify searching for direction or a place to call home. Shaped like the moon, this is also a feminine symbol suggesting heightened intuition. Seeing the lights allows awareness to find its way in the dark as you travel toward the shore of the unconscious. See Water.


Generally a landscape viewed in the daytime, the beach portrays ‘consciousness’ as it meets the shoreline of the unconscious. As a symbol of water, it represents emotion and feelings. What happens on this beach will offer clues as to how you are integrating unconscious information into consciousness.


Beads can have religious or spiritual significance as a symbol of seeking peace or calmness. If you are examining beads on a necklace, you are exploring your attributes and strengths. Look at the color and type of stone to see what the bead can reveal about your special qualities. If the beads are plastic or gaudy, the message can be about doing something for show or acceptance. Counting beads can personify menial tasks that are not fulfilling.


Dreaming of a bird's beak ties together the idea of taking precise action to have your needs met and the idea of getting above the mundane so that you can see where you are going from a more broad perspective. If you dream of a bird pecking at something, you may feel frustration, but you will break through. Look at the qualities that make the beak stand out for insight or clues about how to transform difficulty. See also Birds.


A bear often appears in dreams when you are going through a period of feeling overly protective or defensive. Since its appearance can represent you, something may be occurring presently that has made you extra sensitive or more self protective. Perhaps your ego has been bruised and it has brought out a type of grouchy or 'over bearing' behavior.

This powerful, maternal and protective animal can also symbolize maternal influences. Dreaming of a bear can be a way of exploring adopted behavior when you are being emotionally over-protective. The bear can symbolize a sudden emotional outburst that appeared to 'come out of the woods' when you are not owning your feelings during the day. The bear is also a complex symbol because of its associations with 'bearing' responsibility, 'bearing' offspring or results, losing one's 'bearings,' or something that is hard to 'bear.' The bear in a dream should also be considered in light of what you hold and what you might need to release. See Animals.


If you are beating on something in a dream, the message can be about your attempt to break through a type of challenge. Examine the symbol you are beating for a clue as to whether you are wasting your time (broken) or need to apply more effort (making sound). If it is a drum, it can be a sign that you are not being heard or are not able to express your real feelings. An instrument in a dream often relates to sexuality and passion and the drum can portray the heartbeat. See Attack and Being Chased and Fear.


Hair is associated with ideas that grow over time and need to be groomed (cut) as we move through change. The beautician also works on improving our appearance and can represent a desire to be accepted. See Barber and Beautician.


Since furniture suggests the ideas that we rest upon, to dream of something taking place on the bed can have associations with sexual ideas. The bed also symbolizes what we make of experience as in 'make our bed and lie in it.' As a furniture symbol, it has associations with the deepest part of our nature, what is not easily changed about us. The sheets and pillows can symbolize how we hide or cover up this aspect of ourselves. See Furniture.


The bedroom is associated with the house, which represents your inner architecture as in thoughts and ideas. Since the bedroom is often a place of intimacy, something occurring in the bedroom or on the bed signifies issues that are very ingrained or habitual, often of a sexual nature. This room represents the most intimate side of your nature and can appear when you are moving to become more intimate. Also see Houses and Buildings.


The bee symbolizes the purposefulness of life and a desire to find meaning in what we do. Since they also sting, the bee can symbolize habitual behavior that is actually 'bugging' us or a well intentioned approach that may be holding us back from real fulfillment. See Insects.


Meeting the side of you represented as a beggar in your dream offers a message about your current failed approach in having your needs met. This dream suggests that a change is needed that will increase self-worth and authentic fulfillment.

When you are unaware of being ‘undernourished’ or ‘homeless,’ the beggar in a dream may appear disturbing to you, challenging you or blocking your way. It is a message about slowing down enough to ask yourself if you are really happy. Anything that stirs or ‘disturbs’ us in our dreams is a message about facing the truth about being unfulfilled in your current situation. Your ability to provide for yourself would lead to greater fulfillment if you can recognize what you are doing to undermine it.


When a symbol appears behind you in a dream it can tie the meaning of the symbol to the past. At the same time events going on behind you can represent ideas that you are not facing. Explore the symbol that is behind you as something that is not being confronted head on. You may need to face an issue you’d rather not address. See Placement and Perspective.


Each time you hear a bell, you are alerted to do something. The ringing of bells can be associated with knowing when it is time to go and it can also symbolize a sense that you are late for something, as in life stages. Hearing a bell can reveal where you should go next if you explore the other symbolism associated with the bell. The bell can be a wake-up call to acknowledge something you are not facing.


Belongings only become important in a dream when you are looking for or protecting them. These are things you own that may or may not be important. See Clothing and Makeup and also, Purses, Wallets, Luggage, Jewels and Keys.


A symbol appearing below you can represent the foundation of your beliefs or what is at the root of your current motivation. The dream is having you explore the basis of a situation which you may not be aware of. Something appearing below water can suggest how you are repressing whatever the symbol represents because of feelings. See Placement and Perspective.


Seeing a bend in the road or in an object suggests a ‘kink’ in your current understanding about your direction and motivation. Associated in many dreams with an object you would hold in your hand (what is done to have your needs met) or something you would sit on (the ideas you rest upon) the crooked or bent object suggests this area that is not quite right and needs to be ‘straightened’ out. If the object bends and breaks, it shows how a necessary change can help you let go and move out of difficulty. Rickety or bent structures embody how the future is yet unbuilt and is a common setting in exploring work direction and what you are building. See Rickety Structures under Houses and Buildings.


When the dream focuses on what is beside you, explore whether it is on the right or left side. If it appears on the right side – the symbol or person can represent the ‘old way’ or habitual patterns of thought. If it is on the left side – it can suggest the ‘new way’ or the road not taken, asking you to explore the traits of the person or qualities of the symbol as a clue about a new approach. See Placement and Perspective.


As a type of transportation symbol, the bicycle is symbolic of exploring how you are moving forward. In this case you are feeling that you are propelling yourself by your own effort. You may have slowed down recently to connect more with your path in terms of actualizing your real capabilities.

The idea of balance is also suggested since the bike requires a sense of balance to keep it upright. If there is something odd about the bike, explore the color for information that can help you define your direction. If the wheel is faulty - you may not be recognizing the cause that is leading to the type of events you are experiencing - probably tied to being negative. Handlebars allow you to steer and can have associations with your ability (or not) to change course. A play on the word 'bars' can suggest self restraint or even the idea of drinking and how it is affecting you. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


Anything that appears oversized or extremely large in a dream can show an imbalance. You may be placing too much importance on what the symbol represents. On the other hand - a symbol may be appearing big because you need to recognize its importance. In either case - the bigness of the symbol is an important part of the message. See Large and Small.

Binoculars, Glasses and Microscopes

Microscopes and glasses in a dream show how you may be focusing more clearly on little things you dismiss. Getting caught up in the details of life, you can also lose your focus on the horizon, which a telescope can symbolize. A dream of a telescope can be a message about seeing the bigger picture. Increasing and focusing your power of vision, these tools allow you to see what you normally miss. On the other hand, they suggest that you may not be seeing clearly and need to change your perspective. Whether you are seeing the ‘forest’ or the ‘trees,’ this dream is a call to adjust your focus to see life from another perspective.


Because birds fly, they can be representative of higher thought, inspiration, conscience, hopes and your ability to transcend limitations. The behavior and well-being of birds in a dream will portray your current sense of optimism in these areas. Birds associated with a nest will often signify issues of independence or dependence. Parrots ‘mimic’ what they have been trained to say, but they are also colorful and exotic creatures that can symbolize untapped abilities and unique qualities yet to be expressed in you.

The blackbird, crow or raven can have mythical associations that tie it to the Trickster.’ They portray aspects of the evolving mind that can ‘trick’ you into growth, like Freudian slips. Often we dream of the Crow when we are first breaking through a difficult transformation. It calls for a sacrifice of the past in order to meet the future. In some situations, becoming crafty is a necessity, unlike the ostrich, which is a symbol of keeping your head below the ground or not facing something.

Like the bluebird of happiness, it is associated with hope, while a group of birds can suggest migratory behavior or following the crowd while still following instincts. Seeing birds in flight suggests following your drummer and to only believe in your success to make it happen. Ducks and waterfowl remain at the surface of the great sea, representing the unconscious stirring, as a way of suggesting your movement into this area. Dreaming of a duck can be a message about being an easy target or victim (as in sitting duck) as you explore being vulnerable or defenseless in some situation. Of all birds, the duck is multi terrestrial or living in many habitats. It seeks sustenance below the water; ascends to the sky and walks on land. Dreaming of a duck can offer you a message about being multi faceted or acknowledging your talent to function successfully in many capacities.

You can be chicken,’ or cuckoo and sometimes act predatorily like the hawk and eagle, suggesting the ability to ‘see’ clearly the things below, which remain hidden. The owl is a symbol of the patience that comes from intelligence and experience. The canary is said to know of danger before it is obvious.

Reptiles use shade and the warmth of the sun to regulate body temperature. As some dinosaurs evolved into birds, feathers became an evolved way of trapping warmth and cooling the body. Beyond their association with survival, feathers can symbolize the ability to rise above beliefs or move toward evolution in this way. Finding a feather describes insight related to the type of bird or color of the feather. Representing accomplishment, you can ‘have a feather in your cap.’ The elaborate feathers of a peacock can symbolize your fearlessness in demonstrating new abilities or expressing your beauty. A rooster crows and can represent the need to speak your mind - or it can offer a wake-up call to do something differently. Their association with being virile can make roosters and cocks a sexual symbol.

The quail and pheasant are unusual in that they only fly short distances and live in the brush. They can symbolize aspirations that are grounded in both the positive and negative sense. The quail has an interesting top feather and can symbolize the desire to have 'a feather in one's cap.' The pheasant has unusually long tail feathers - and like the peacock, can symbolize the idea of one's exotic beauty. These game birds can also be associated with feeling preyed upon.

Farmyard birds have different associations. You can be 'chicken' or not acknowledging fear in some area or need to talk 'turkey' or get at the truth. If someone were to call you a turkey, it would signify copping out. Dreaming of a turkey may be a way of exploring this quality. These birds' association with food give them a meaning more in line with how we might experience self esteem or inner nourishment. Since neither bird really flies, dreaming of them explores the more grounded ideas of sustenance.


You can take a bite out of something and chew on it awhile, suggesting how you digest experience. Like a vampire, a person biting you can drain you of your life force or exuberance, where some side of you may be draining another aspect. An animal will bite you and ‘draw blood’ as a way of peeling the layers that hide your emotions. An insect bites you when something is ‘bugging’ you. They are small, but their venom can be deadly. Often an insect bite will paralyze you and so, a decision needs to be made to move beyond what is eating at you. Finally, a bite is pain associated with the mouth and can suggest painful communication that will open the way for intimacy. See also Teeth, Food and Tasting.


The color black in a dream can portray what is hidden from view or unacknowledged - like 'in the dark.' This color can embody a lack of direction, depression or not feeling optimistic about the symbol associated with the color. Sometimes black can represent corporate conformity or adopting an unnatural personal for business purposes. See also Colors.


Being blamed for something you did not do in a dream is a message about behavior that you are not recognizing that may be undermining your success. Explore what you are being blamed for to objectively see if this is something that might provide a key to a breakthrough. This type of dream presents the psyche’s amazing power to break through by leaving you puzzled. At first you will awaken sensing that you were blamed for something completely bizarre, which you would never do in real life. The point of the dream is to make a suggestion through any symbolism that can break through.

Sometimes breaking the symbolism down into pieces will show you how being ‘blamed’ is the same as your psyche saying you need to do it. Example: being blamed for stealing a cake is a suggestion about having your just desserts or finding more reward in life; being blamed for leaving a child alone in a park is coaching you toward a type of rebirth that will lead to more independence.


A blanket relates to the need for comfort and security. The idea of 'keeping warm' might have a message about feeling a type of 'coolness' in your current atmosphere. During times of difficulty, you may search for a blanket in a dream as a way of returning to your roots to re-establish a sense of security. In this case, family values can go along way in providing the warmth you seek.


To dream of ‘not seeing’ is the same as ‘not seeing’ meaning you have shut your eyes to whatever symbolism the dream is exploring, although you are becoming aware of this tendency. To dream of another person who is blind suggests you are not even aware of the part of you that is not seeing clearly. Observing an animal without eyes can represent ‘being blind’ to the power of your emotions. See Eye under Anatomy and Body Parts.


This cold and wintry weather makes going anywhere difficult. Being lost in the swirling manifestation of ice and snow suggest how coldness may be keeping you from either participating in or seeing the beauty of life. See Snow.


Blood dreams often seem frightening, but it is actually a good dream about opening to your power to feel. Red is a color associated with getting our attention and blood appears in dreams when we need a wake up call to interact with life more deeply. When you see blood on yourself in a dream, it is an image of your free flowing life force breaking through emotional restraints as feelings coming to the surface. At the same time, it can sometimes signify pain associated with feelings. The theme of the dream will tell you which is taking place.

To see blood on someone or something else reflects how you have disassociated from your feelings, objectively exploring emotion in an abstract way. Blood can represent the blood line of family, or sometimes work, for those who work in the healthcare profession. See blood under Anatomy and Body Parts.


Blue is a color that can represent aspirations and freedom. It can serve as a cryptic way of having you explore the idea of being 'blue.' Wearing blue clothing can tie your work to the idea of service - maybe becoming more giving of yourself so you can identify your gifts. A person becomes blue when they are not breathing and so, blue can have a message about stopping to relax. smell the roses and enjoy the ride. Its association with the sky makes it a color related to expansive ideas. See also Colors.


Traveling by boat brings forward the idea of 'emotional passages.' Water represents your current feelings and how the water is portrayed will suggest the condition of your emotions. If the water is turbid, there may be past hurts that need to be processed and released. Choppy water can portray emotional difficulty as you move through changes. Often the passage will become calm after a difficult transition, when you are feeling more peaceful. If the boat is in peril, you may feel like your emotions have become overwhelming.

Boats, buses and trains, in which you are a ‘passenger,’ suggest how you are following a course that is not self-directed and not easily changed. Travel over water is indicative of emotions and how the ‘flow of events’ or ‘current’ is leading you forward into the future, and often represent uncertainty and a lack of trust. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation and Water.


Each part of the body can symbolize different ways of interacting with experience. For example the head can represent ideas, while the shoulders signify responsibility or burdens. Explore the particular body part for more information. See Anatomy and Body Parts.


Dreaming of bombs can symbolize the 'explosion' of repressed feelings that are coming to the surface. Oftentimes associated with unacknowledged anger, being in a setting that is being bombed can symbolize recognizing how fear or anger are sabotaging you. In a sense, your inner landscape is undergoing transformation so anger that is festering can be released. See Atomic Bomb.


Bones support the body and remain when all else disintegrates. Dreaming about bones can portray the essence of who you are or the foundation of your character. To unearth bones suggests nitpicking, fussy or overly critical behavior when you are focused only on the negative as in 'having a bone to pick' with others. Since a bone is also associated with the idea of 'throw me a bone' an unusual dream about bones can portray the key to your fulfillment. See Anatomy and Body Parts.


When you open a book, you are game for exploring new ways of thinking and sharing your ideas like being ‘an open book.’ To lose a book is the same as ‘losing’ an outworn perspective, while searching for a book signifies exploring a ‘new way’ to understand something. The type of book and its condition will offer additional clues to your current ideas and how they are changing.


Like shoes, boots offer a message about getting more grounded, natural, and earthy in the steps you are taking to actualize your aspirations. The boot can also be a symbol of becoming more motivated as in 'booting up' or starting something. Looking for boots can symbolize planning for a difficult transition. Getting 'the boot' is also something to consider in this imagery as a fear of an impending change. Offering more protection than shoes or sandals, boots can be associated with increased discipline and self-protection. Rain boots would carry the symbolism into the area of protecting yourself from wallowing in your feelings (water and mud). See Shoes under Clothing and Makeup.

Border or Boundary

Dreaming of moving within boundaries can represent confinement. Exploring an area that would be called a border represents overcoming limitations. To see the edges of something offers a message about a turning point. This dream can be associated with embarking on a new direction or letting go of the past.


Other people in our dreams are portraying us in some way. The boss often embodies your higher self as you explore the idea of self esteem that you have attributed to them. Sometimes they can personify aspects of your parents as you work to become more individualized, empowered and less critical of yourself. If you feel your boss is critical of you, they are appearing in your dream as a personification of your own self criticism. You may dream of a type of sexual encounter with a boss as a way of exploring the integration of your own power. See People.


Looking at bottles in a dream can represent 'bottling up' your emotions. Containers that hold liquids often refer to the flow of our feelings. A waterjug can represent the pursuit of fulfillment, while many drinking vessels embody the pursuit of gratification. You can dream of a bottle as something containing childish urges in the sense of a ‘baby’s bottle.’ If the bottle breaks, your usual ways of finding pleasure will no longer do. The bottle is sometimes associated with feminine genitals and sexuality.


A dream that focuses on the bottom of something can be suggesting the end of a difficult situation. A situation may have reached an end point and you are not acknowledging this. Like the ‘bottom line’ this type of dream can be focusing you on the core of an issue. See also Placement and Perspective.


The bow, as an instrument used to propel an arrow can symbolize drive. While the arrow can represent goals or your desire to go after what you want, the bow has associations with how you go about it. The bow can be functional or dysfunctional in relation to whether or not you are passionate about what you are doing. It can also portray energy levels and discipline. To bow in a dream can show concession or the need to be more flexible in a situation. The message can also be that you need to 'bow out' or give in. See also Arrow and Quiver.


The box is something that you can store things in, and can be associated with the idea of 'baggage.' It can also symbolize the type of packaging that gifts come in. Opening a box can represent the unknown and can offer a message about opening up to either giving or receiving. The box can personify you in terms of being 'boxed in,' feeling enclosed or how you can turn within to discover the gifts that come through insight or inspiration. In some cases the box is also associated with the womb, female genitals or ideas associated with mother.


The boy can portray innocence in applying traits that would be considered masculine. For example, assertiveness, aggressiveness and the masculine drive to achieve. A woman dreaming of a boy may be awakening to this potential within herself. A man dreaming of a boy can be exploring aspects of actual childhood. See The Unknown Child under Archetypes and Universal Characters.


Of all symbols you may dream about, the brain perhaps is the most literal. Since it houses your ideas, seeing a brain in a dream allows you to recognize how you may be adopting ideas that are not your own. If the brain is bloody, you may need to allow for the flow of feelings to balance your intellect. The brain can also symbolize consciousness and if it is floating or sinking in water, can represent allowing for input from the unconscious. Explore the other symbols and setting to understand how your ideas are being objectified so that they can embrace more of who you are.


To dream of a branch of a tree can represent the need to split off in some way from your family dynamics. A branching river can symbolize a new way of feeling that will allow for more fulfillment. If you observe new blossoms on a branch then you are exploring the potential that can come from making necessary changes when you let go of the past. Trees have associations with the deepest part of your nature, often adopted from your upbringing. The branch shows the part of you that is unique from your family. It symbolizes unrecognized capabilities.


Bread can be symbolic of the body or the need to pay more attention to physical needs. A person is sometimes called a 'bread winner' and so bread can also be symbolic of financial needs and the ability to provide for yourself. Moldy bread could mean that an old role is outworn or that success can be tied to doing something new and more fulfilling. Bread soaked in water can symbolize tapping inspiration and feelings in your work. See Food.


When something breaks in a dream, it suggests the ‘breaking point’ where something can be released. Broken bottles often release liquid as a symbol of releasing feelings. Broken heirlooms show how you are breaking from family values. Things that open up and are associated with ‘breaking’ show how opening up is not easy and the dream is allowing you to explore it. As the idea of ‘breaking with the past’ or having someone ‘break the news’ this is a symbol associated with moving through difficulty and exploring it objectively to become more empowered. When break is associated with 'taking a break' see Vacation.


Portrayed as the ‘most important meal of the day,’ the food that nourishes you or ‘gets you going’ is often suggesting the root of your motivation or the 'inner fuel' needed to achieve your aspirations. See Food.


Breasts represent the exploration of self-nurturing ideas and behavior. Their roundness combined with their maternal associations can symbolize the circle of cause and effect in how feelings lead us to create situations. In this case your idea of love may be influenced by what you observed in your mother's relationship to the father. You may be drawn to relationships that have a dynamic of your relationship with the mother. Breasts can also signify the power of the self in your pursuit of fulfillment. They can offer a message about turning inward in your pursuit of success rather than focusing on outward situations. Dreaming of breasts can symbolize a desire for love that can only be achieved through unconditional love and self acceptance. See Anatomy and Body Parts.


In mythology, the breath is a divine gift. It keeps you connected to life until you ‘take your last breath’ and can symbolize your spiritual connection to life. A dream that focuses on breathing can suggest the need to ‘get a breath of fresh air’ or step away from the situation to see it objectively. Colored breath will be associated with the emotion that the color suggests, as a way of taking it in and allowing it to sustain you. See Colors.


The bride is dressed in white, suggesting purity or a threshold of spiritual awareness. When a woman marries, often her name and much of her identity will change too. A woman dreaming of a wedding is exploring the integration of the sides of her nature that various characters may represent. For the male, the bride can represent integrating sensitivity and intuition or other ‘feminine’ traits. See Wedding.


This is a structure erected to ‘gain access’ across two separate places. It suggests ‘bridging the gap’ or finding the common thread between two separate ideas that appear to be conflicting, but are actually connected.


Bubbling can be a cryptic symbol of sexual feelings coming to the surface. The bubble is a round symbol that can suggest an idea of something fragile that might burst, since longevity is not its strong point. As it rises upward, it can symbolize hope and aspirations or ascending in an effort to rise above something by releasing it. Something oozing would suggest repressed feelings that are festering.


During spring, new life pushes forward, although it remains challenged by an unstable climate, signifying perseverance. Buds on a tree show new life growing aside from your family or childhood dynamics. Buds symbolize ideas or new direction emerging that still requires cultivation and care. Observing the budding of something in the ground reflects something growing that requires strong roots to weather the storms. You have planted something that will soon bear fruit.


The idea of how attitudes are constructed can be portrayed by building something in a dream. Building is also a way of understanding objectively how you are actively creating your future. The symbol that is being built can provide insight into the area of your life that you are exploring in a ‘constructive’ way. When you dream of rebuilding or renovating something, you are exploring making changes to your 'internal structure' that will better reflect your needs and desires. See also Buildings.


Where houses represent your inner architecture or personal dynamics, dreaming of buildings has more of an association with work, goals and the career path. Moving through a city of large buildings can symbolize your desire to receive acknowledgment. You interact in a public marketplace and shops when your are exploring self worth related to your career. The dreams that take place in an office setting can portray your feelings about work.

Buildings sometimes appear as rickety structures, representing how you grow to meet a future that has not yet been erected or completed. Buildings can be places in which you are lost or searching for something, as in the case of searching for a new identity when changing jobs.

By traveling to a specific floor or level of consciousness, you can also find yourself outside of your work building or on the roof as you take an objective view of leaving a job because the ceiling isn't high enough. Stairs going up can symbolize exploring aspirations, while stairs going down symbolize retracing steps or understanding the root of your motivation. The floor of a structure can be indicative of levels of awareness or may be associated with the meaning of the number involved: See Numbers. You stand on the ground floor of awareness and travel upward to achieve your ideals, or downward to find those things that you keep hidden below. Elevators and escalators in a building can also symbolize aspirations or how your upward or downward journey feels orchestrated beyond your control.

If the building is associated with food, you are exploring more fulfilling work. If the building is a factory, the message can be about learning new skills that can make you more effective. A utility building can have associations of how your inner dynamics or beliefs are operating. A library can reveal the ideas you 'store.' The church relates to spiritual ideas, while the school relates to learning something new. A warehouse can have a message about the need to sort through outworn ideas that are being stored. Remember that the building is personifying you.

The roof of a structure shows limitations. As a setting of activity, something taking place on a roof can portray your desire to break through barriers in achieving your ambitions. When the ‘sky is the limit’ the ceiling can block your ambitions, suggesting how self-defeating ideas may be blocking your ability to discover success.

See also Houses and Buildings.


Since bulls are said to 'see red' they can be a symbol of repressed anger and the bull headed attitudes that keep you from self-actualization or feelings of self-worth. Often representing characteristics adopted from the father, the bull can appear in dreams when you are coming to terms with the source of your repressed anger. As territorial creatures, the bull can symbolize your feelings about Self value and what you hold and protect. The Bull's association with the astrological sign Taurus as an Archetype can represent areas of life associated with security, the senses and the value you place on experience. Bulls have mythological significance in the area of controlling passions in pursuit of a more spiritual awareness. Also see Animals.


This symbol has a direct trajectory that allows it to hit its mark or penetrate through hard surfaces. Feeling a bullet entering your body is representative of the pain that comes from being forced to ‘open’ up. This symbolism can also suggest that you are being overly defensive or sensitive in receiving constructive criticism. See Blood under Anatomy and Body Parts.


The sense of having a burden can coincide with knowing you have to be somewhere ‘but…’ Whatever symbol arises that you are forced to hold on to or protect, while you miss something else, will offer clues as to how the past is adversely impacting your future.


The Burglar represents one aspect of you that may be undermining another, as in working too hard and not being open to relationships, and so you dream of having your ring stolen. You may dream of having belongings stolen like a purse or wallet when your identity or job status is changing. Also see Intruder under Archetypes and Universal Characters.


The ceremony or ritual performed when someone passes can signify releasing outworn sides of yourself as you move through a transition. Dreams of visiting a crypt, tomb or being at a funeral or cemetery represents the passing of a side of you that you have outgrown. On the other hand, the burial can also be suggesting that you have buried an aspect of yourself that is being explored and resurrected. The person being buried, your feelings about the situation and the characters who attend will offer clues as to this common dream of repression and the necessary transformation that is unfolding. See Corpse.


Something can be burning because of a natural disaster or accident, where the flames (often passion or anger) burn out of control to destroy a structure (something that is holding you back from real fulfillment-like fear.) Something burning and then breaking in a dream suggests how new life emerges sometimes through what appears painful, destructive or bad. This is actually a dream that shows constructive growth. Burning in dreams is often associated with the Phoenix that rises from the ashes of the past. If you are dreaming about flames, it is usually a message that you are not allowing the power of your passion to be released.


Since you are dreaming of burying something or a thing buried, you are not seeing how you have buried or repressed something, perhaps you do not want to face. See Digging and Burial.


The bus, as a transportation symbol, can represent your sense of direction when you are unwittingly following the crowd or trying to fit in. Looking for a seat on the bus can symbolize searching for your rightful place among others. Moving to the back of the bus can represent feeling unworthy. As you move to the front, you are becoming more empowered and self directed.

Being on a bus is a common symbol of trying to conform or follow others as you explore direction from the sense of what is required of you. As you adopt new ways of expressing yourself in situations where you are being forced to conform, you are going somewhere, although you remain a passenger to the flow of events. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


Dreaming of the backside can be a message about looking to see what is 'behind' an issue, or what is at the root of it. Dreaming of a butt focuses the dreams message on the idea of elimination. See also Anus.


Whenever you are buying something in a dream, you are 'shopping' or exploring the idea of what is valuable to you - along with the idea of self-value. If it is a type of clothing, the message can be tied to exploring your identity. Jewelry can represent the things you do to impress others, while furniture represents the ideas that you 'rest upon.' A car would be changes that are being made to your motivation.

Purchasing or buying can be a word play on ‘buying into something.’ What you get ‘in exchange for payment' can show how something valuable must be traded (sacrificed) to achieve something more necessary to your sense of well being. See Marketplace and Shopping Center under Houses and Buildings.