Terms for letter: C


A dream that focuses on the letter "C" can be guiding you to 'see' or look more closely at something. It can suggest your fear of failing or the idea that you are not giving a situation the attention and focus it deserves. Associated with ideas like car, carrot, catch and charge, this is a letter that can also symbolize getting motivated.


Taking a taxi is a less intimate way of ‘hitching a ride’ forward, when autonomy is being explored. This is not the case of being ‘driven’ by a spouse, family member or acquaintance (suggesting their influences on your direction,) but a stranger or unknown aspect of you. The cab driver as a character might be given consideration as an unknown part of your nature that is driving you forward. Taking a taxi that is yellow can signify a pause or taking time out as you look for new direction or assistance from others. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


As a meeting place to explore less formal characteristics about yourself than a banquet, the café allows you approach the idea of nourishment as a place of a ‘quick exchange’ in a social setting. Getting food on the run shows the demands of social pressures that undermine fulfillment. See Banquet, Food and Restaurants under Houses and Buildings.


Unlike a cell for prison inmates, cages are associated with animals. Being caged is the same as recognizing how your emotional and spontaneous nature is being stifled. You may get ‘cagey’ if you feel the need to break free from this unnatural restraint. See Sell under Homonyms.


Cake symbolizes a desire for reward, perhaps when embarking in a new direction. Any type of food represents nourishment from a more broad perspective. Dessert items have associations with ideas like 'icing on the cake' or 'having your just dessert' as a symbol of reaching for more in life. Food dreams show our attempts to find nourishment from what we do. Also see Food.


When a calendar appears in a dream it can be a reminder that an event or deadline is coming up, which you’d rather not face. The passing of time as a sense of urgency can also appear as pages in a calendar.


This is the youthful version of the cow and bull and can represent how you suckled or adopted characteristics from your parents. See Cow and Bull under Animals.


The camera is the classic symbol of moving toward an objective perspective. As you explore different ways of ‘focusing’ to ‘capture’ an image it is memorialized in a photograph. Seeing a photograph is the sense of not completely owning up to something, and holding it at arms length, while you study it objectively. Something that remains ‘just outside’ of consciousness is coming into ‘focus.’ The other symbols in the dream can provide additional insight into clues about what this is. See Photograph and Binoculars, Glasses and Microscopes.


This river pathway often cuts through mountains (concrete ideas) to take water (emotions) from a reservoir or preserve (unconscious) into areas where it is most needed. Without this type of irrigation, the plants upriver would perish, suggesting opening to the opportunity for new growth. A canal that allows for transportation becomes a symbol of how your emotions are carrying you forward. See Ships in Vehicles and Places of Transportation and Water.


When cells disconnect from ‘signals from the host’ to become destructive rather than building healthy tissues, we call it cancer. This is an objective way of exploring self-destructive tendencies that may lead to imbalance. Some part of you is out of harmony with the flow of events and your nature has turned back upon itself. If someone else in the dream has cancer, explore how they might represent a side of you that you are not acknowledging but may be undermining your sense of wellness. See Healing.


You may light a candle in the darkness to gain greater vision into what appears dark as a symbol of enlightenment. The candle offers an image of hope and celebration as in the desire for new life, or having a child.


Beyond dessert in the sense of sustenance and ‘having your cake,’ candy is often associated with childhood. In the tug of war you play with reality as you are led toward growth, you measure what you want against what life gives back. Dreams of candy often represent the innocent pursuit of something with no consideration as to whether it is nourishing or right for you. See Food.


When you are unable to support yourself with your legs, you may use a cane or crutch to hobble forward. When a cane appears in a dream, it is suggesting issues about your ability to carry your weight when moving forward. See Legs under Anatomy and Body Parts


The canyon is a place where two mountains (conflicting ideas) come together, representing how you are exploring a transition or a pathway forward. Sometimes this dream comes after meeting conflict in another and suggests the middle ground where resolution is possible. If it is associated with descending the canyon can also suggest becoming more down to earth, or grounded in your ideals. See Descending under Placement and Perspective.


Like hat, it covers or crowns your beliefs. Generally a cap is worn for sports so can indicate your ideas about your prowess or health. The cap is also associated with ‘having a feather in your cap’ or getting recognition. See Clothing and Makeup.

Captain and Conductor

The captain and conductor are experts at navigating a proven course. They are familiar with the destination and so, having a conversation with either of these characters can offer insight as to where current events are leading you. As authority figures, they can represent issues related to your father, who plays a role in helping you to set a course for your success.


The car is a classic symbol of motivation, and reflects whether or not you are feeling autonomous as you move forward in life. If you are driving and the vehicle is out of control, you may be questioning the choices you are making. If you are riding as a passenger, you may not recognize how you are not taking the reins of responsibility for where you are going. You have given power over to the person driving the vehicle and may be needlessly blaming them for failing. If it is a parent driving you, there may be unconscious attitudes or criticisms you have adopted that are holding you back or diminishing your self-esteem.

Vehicle dreams suggest how you feel about your forward movement. If the car is parked, you may have put your sense of direction on hold while you explore new opportunity. The type of vehicle, it's condition, and whether or not you are driving, in control or being driven, will portray your present sense of autonomy. See various types of vehicles under Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


The carpet or rug is often a symbol of sweeping issues ‘under the rug’ as you move forward. Patterns in a rug can portray how you are exploring the part you play in creating your circumstances. A flying carpet represents how you would like to rise above current circumstances through fantasy. At some level, you may recognize that your ideals need to be ‘more grounded.’


This vehicle of transportation is pulled forward by an animal, suggesting how emotions or drives are at play in your empowerment. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


Dream symbols often demonstrates the psyche's creativity in condensing many ideas in one symbol. Dreaming of a carrot brings forward many ideas: the pursuit of success, procreation because of its association with the rabbit and obvious phallic shape, the color orange as a symbol of standing out in the crowd or being unique, something growing underground in the sense of food that nourishes. The carrot therefore, suggests seeking fulfillment that might require a little digging or returning to our roots and naturalness. See Food.


Cats can portray feminine qualities of your instinctive and sensitive nature and how you avoid 'domestication' as an image of avoiding intimacy. Being manipulative, they can symbolize defense mechanisms that might be holding you back from a fulfilling relationship. They can suggest 'catting' around or unfaithfulness. See Animals.


This insect becomes a butterfly after spinning a cocoon. Suggestive of metamorphosis in its early stages, it is often associated with what is ‘bugging’ you that calls you to transform. Caterpillars also eat organic leaves to spin fine threads into silk. Seeing a caterpillar can be a way of digesting difficulty, knowing that success is around the corner. See Insects.


The cave is associated with the womb and those parts of your nature that you appeared to be born with. Going within a cave and descending into the earth is symbolic of digging for your roots and getting more ‘down to earth.’ The cave also has a strong connection to the mother and may be representing how you are searching for the roots that tie you to her behavior. See Forest and Womb.


When the ‘sky is the limit’ the ceiling can block your ambitions, suggesting how self-defeating ideas may be blocking your ability to discover success. See Houses and Buildings.


Phones are a symbol of how various aspects of the psyche seek to communicate with you. The person who calls you should be considered in terms of the adjective you would use to describe them - they can be representing a side of you seeking expression. The message that they share with you should also be considered as a message that may be coming from the Higher Self.

To dream that you are in a prison cell can portray feelings of guilt that are often unhealthy. Being arrested and locked away is the action of critical conscience which can sometimes undermine your need for authentic expression. A cell is a small space that doesn't allow for the expression of potential. Even a monk's cell can have associations with how spirituality has become Self limiting.

To dream of a cell as it relates to biology, you are examining the foundation how things grow. Something that you think is insignificant is actually contributing to the situation and may relate to the idea of survival.


Rooms are associated with areas of our lives. For example, the kitchen is associated with seeking fulfillment and nourishment on a broader scale, while the bedroom can be associated with ingrained ideas (we sleep on) and sex. To dream of a cellar portrays how you are accessing the 'inner room' that lies below the surface. When you are making changes to your belief structures and ideas, the setting will often take you 'underground' as you explore ideas that have not been processed, integrated or released. Often you will sort through boxes or symbols associated with the past as you move toward forgiveness - or let old resentments go. All symbols associated with underground rooms should be explored carefully to understand how they are portraying the past or ideas that need to be re-examined. See Basement and Houses and Buildings.


Being in a cemetery or a place where bones are put to rest can represent moving beyond anger, where you may have had ‘a bone to pick’ with another. This is also a place where the outworn side of your nature is buried. See Burial.


This half man, half horse creature has mythological significance in the area of integration. It symbolizes how the spiritual and your more grounded nature must merge if you are to fully enjoy the bounty of life. Its astrological association with the sign Sagittarius as an Archetype, ties it to ideas of the unbridled passion that leads you toward adventure. And yet, you must return home eventually to build something realistic out of your discoveries. Associated with religion, philosophy and the unknown, the Centaur can represent how you are harnessing these ideas in more meaningful ways.


When the mind focuses on the idea of the center in a dream, it is portraying either the need to be centered to find your inner strength or is showing you the cause of some situation. This type of dream is pointing you in the direction of what lies at the root of conflict, or what can be activated to lead you toward fulfillment. See also Placement and Perspective.


Any formal ritual where characters have gathered represents the consummation and integration taking place within you. Vows and promises are made during a time of transition or when you enter different stages of life. This is a positive image of transformation that is being solidified within you. See Wedding.


Suggesting cause and effect, the chain can be a symbol of either bondage or strength. The links in the chain can signify the circle of life and your connection to it. How the chain is portrayed will provide clues as to which of these issues are being strengthened or broken.


The chair can symbolize ideas from the past in which you take comfort. A broken chair suggests outworn ideas, while a throne or new chair can symbolize achievement and new perspectives. To see chairs in a circle can represent exploring wholeness in terms of your ideas. It can symbolize how thoughts are creating experience. See Furniture.


Any type of movement in a dream symbolizes motivation, drive and determination as you move through changes. You can be chasing a bus (conformity) as the idea of wanting to do or have what others have. You can be chasing other characters as you attempt to integrate the potential associated with these characters. The fact that you are running shows that you may feel behind or late in terms of life stages. If others are chasing you - there can be an emerging identity or new way of being that you have not yet integrated or feel comfortable with. See Attack or Being Chased.


A very common dream scenario involves dreaming that your partner is intimate with someone other than you. Although you may feel that your intuition is telling you something, remember that dreams use other people and their qualities to portray you. Consider the qualities of this interloper and whether or not it might represent an aspect of you that is being explored. As you make changes, you may feel insecure about the effects it will have on your relationship. You may dream of your partner with someone 'new' as a representation of the new you.

Although you may be in a fulfilling relationship, you can dream of intimacy with past partners. At some point in your life - you projected the power for self love upon your mate. It is as if they hold/held the power to make you feel good about yourself. Consciously you may feel that you are functioning independently in a current relationship, but since you dream of what you are not facing, the appearance of an 'old flame' can be activated when you feel uncertain about your value in a current relationship. These past partners embody the idea of self love - they appear as we explore and merge (sexual intimacy) with this potential to love ourselves. This must occur independently from the feedback we are currently receiving. See also Love.


As a piece of Furniture that protects those things that you cherish, the chest can be a symbol of the things you ‘hold’ and how you sort through them to discard what is no longer necessary. If it is the chest of a body, it symbolizes the heart's protection. see Anatomy and Body Parts.


You may need to chew on something to understand it or ‘bite through’ to see the truth. See Food, also Teeth under Anatomy and Body Parts and Bite.


You may dream of a chicken as a message about being afraid or 'chicken.' A hen can symbolize domestic chores or being 'hen-pecked' or controlled. See Birds.


A child or baby can represent a new or emerging side of you. Consider what is special about this child as an aspect of you that requires nurturing so that it might develop or become empowered. See Unknown Child under Archetypes and Universal Characters.

Childhood Home

Dreaming of visiting the childhood home is a very common dream that allows you to explore and transform the patterning you adopted from the family. Consider the aspects that make the home different from what you remember. These differences are important in recognizing the ways you are different from your family. You are a unique variation of the line you carry forward.

The rooms represent areas of your life that are changing. Since the house represents your 'inner architecture, a symbol of the ideas and aspects of your inner world, visiting the childhood home is a way of re-evaluating some of the belief structures adopted at that point in your life. For example, the front yard may be different, as you test out new ways of expressing your uniqueness in social exchanges aside from what you were taught. Often you will be in the kitchen, since being fulfilled is an important aspect of wellness - and self acceptance often requires that you 'nourish' yourself with the positive reinforcement that could have been missing in childhood.


Dreaming of a chin is associated with perseverance during difficulty. You may have to 'keep your chin up' or 'take it on the chin' to understand how a difficult situation is necessary in helping you to realize what is important and worth fighting for. See Anatomy and Body Parts.


You choke on something because you didn’t chew on it in a way that allowed you to digest it correctly. This symbolism can be a message about slowing down and participating fully with experience. The things that get trapped in the throat are usually representative of emotion as you ‘get choked up.’ Choking someone can show how you are stifling a part of your nature that this person represents. If the person is unknown, you are not aware of its importance. Think of an adjective you would use to describe the person (they were angry, they were saying something) this shows the part of you that you are not being allowed expression and integration.


You may visit the church in a dream anytime you are working through ideas that have a religious root or connection to conscience. Taught to simply have faith without reason, the church can symbolize non-rational ideas that no longer serve you in light of who you are becoming. On the other hand, the church can represent the building or structure of your spiritual nature. See Houses and Buildings.


The circle can have associations with both commitment and the idea of how things are connected. Like the ancient snake that bites its own tail, seeing a circle in a dream can suggest the things in your life that are sacred and remain unchanged, even while you travel through metamorphosis. As an image of returning to the beginning, it can suggest that a cycle is completing so that a new one will soon emerge. Feeling trapped within a circular enclosure suggests habitual ways that you are disempowering yourself by not being open to change.


Similar to the Amusement Park, the circus is a transient type of entertainment, and has more associations with Animals, acrobats and clowns. Visiting the circus in a dream can denote how you may cover your feelings and emotions with humor. Like the clown with a teardrop painted upon his face, you may need to peek behind your smile to uncover your feelings. The acrobats take risks and must have a perfect sense of timing. Watching them perform or being an acrobat yourself, means that you are exploring something new, while being acutely aware of its risks. This dream highlights the transient aspect of how you are exploring changing attitudes and trying new things.


The city is the center of social exchange and suggests a similar hub within you. What goes on in this city will provide clues to your aspirations and need for public recognition. Going to a foreign city means that you are exploring social needs that are new or unfamiliar. Life is a constant learning process, and as you make changes, all aspects of who you are changing too. Reflect on the nature of a particular city for clues about your current direction. See Foreign People and Places.


Like Bath, this is a symbol associated with ‘coming clean’ or revealing what lies hidden beneath layers of repression. Whatever symbol you are cleaning will provide additional insight into that part of your organic nature that might be made shiny or bright. Cleaning dishes can signify getting at the root of how you nourish yourself in terms of gratification. Cleaning a car shows you attempting to understand and 'polish' your motivation. Cleaning clothes can symbolize a change in your identity or career. This dream can also help you understand you inner critic that may have labeled something taboo, and therefore led you into a state of conflict or feeling 'dirty.'


At the peak of a mountain, the cliff is often associated with danger or not trusting your steps, which may lead to peril. Looking over the cliff, you cannot see clearly what is below and so, the cliff can represent a threshold or boundary as you move toward something new. Something may be beneath or below you as a way of moving on. See Below under Placement and Perspective and also, Border.


Climbing is symbolic of attempting to move up in terms of aspirations or to gain a broader view. See Ascending, Placement and Perspective and Floors and Stairs under Houses and Buildings.


Like the Calendar, the clock can be associated with a sense of time and urgency, although its focus on a specific hour can bring importance to the number depicted. See Numbers. The alarm clock may be giving you a wake up call to acknowledge something.


To dream of closing something signals the need to consciously acknowledge an area of your life that may require closure, so that you can move on. If you are inspecting something up close, see Up Close under Placement and Perspective.


Like the Box, Basement and cellar, the closet is a place where things are often ‘kept in the dark’ or stored. Any dream that has a closet as a symbol can be especially focused on the idea of what you are hiding or not facing. What is kept in the closet or cupboard and the types of items it normally contains will offer clues as to the issue that is being brought out for consideration.

Dishes relate to being fulfilled and experiencing satisfaction. Clothes represent your identity, costume and your attitude. A coat closet can be a way of exploring being overly self protective or not opening to how experience is shaping you.

Clothing and Makeup

Clothing and Makeup in dreams can represent the role you play in life and how your identity undergoes transformation. Clothing can represent the attitude or the Persona, which becomes the mask you wear to fit in. Changing clothes. shopping for clothes or trying on new clothes suggests trying out new attitudes or behaviors related to the type/color of garment. Being in public in ‘under clothes’ or naked occurs during times when you are forced to reveal yourself or when you become intimate in a way that made you feel uncomfortable. We often dream of being in our underwear in school when we found ourselves suddenly being 'exposed' or expressing ourselves in a large, group setting. See Trickster.

New or beautiful clothes suggest increased self-esteem or a hunger for recognition, while dirty clothes are ‘outworn’ attitudes or feelings associated with your sexual or organic nature that you may have rejected as being 'dirty.' Sorting through dirty laundry shows you separating past ways of being to discard the unnecessary in preparation for change. Uniforms can symbolize characteristics associated with the type of uniform, such as police or the patrolling side of psyche, or fire, representing ‘danger’ or how you subdue your feelings.

Drum major and other band costumes can be sexual or spiritual. Musical instruments often signify the free expression of emotion. You wear an apron when ‘something is cooking,’ portraying how you are exploring what might give you a greater sense of nourishment or fulfillment. When you are given increased responsibility, you may dream of an apron as a symbol of releasing ‘the strings’ that bind you to your parents. Belts hold the pants up but can also restrain sexual feelings and urges. Since the pants can symbolize responsibility, the belt can represent holding to a sense of responsibility.

Shoes, are similar to Transportation symbols, and signify that part of you that you rely upon to move forward. It is a more grounded representation of your motivation or how you move forward. Searching for shoes is symbolic of finding the means to provide for yourself in an effort to know success. Shoes are an important symbol that you are exploring a type of success that better represents who you are.

A hat covers the head and therefore, the thoughts, signifying how you express yourself or what you are known for. The type of hat can describe an area of thought: Baker’s Hat: nourishment and fulfillment; Police Hat: discipline and abiding by the rules or conscience, Fire Hat: how your thinking can get you into trouble or how you hide your feelings by 'dowsing' them, or Helmet: protective or aggressive tendencies.

A dress is associated with the feminine nature or sensitivity, even in male dreams, while pants often suggest masculine qualities, as in ‘wearing the pants’ or issues related to self-sufficiency. You can ‘skirt’ the issue to hide something; socksomething away or see others in suitsas a way of exploring ‘fitting in’ or conformity.

The idea of emotions can be associated with sleeves or ‘wearing them on the sleeve’. The shirt is a strong symbol of identity and responsibility. You take off the shirt when you are making changes to your identity, career or sense of responsibility. At the same time, you may need to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and dig into an issue that requires examination. Gloves cover the hand, symbolizing the ability to take what you need. They offer protection from touching or exploring anything ‘dirty.’ They warm the hands and can symbolize the need to voice what you need instead of hiding or covering it up. Throwing a glove can suggest ‘throwing down the gauntlet’ in the sense of establishing boundaries. Outerwear such as a coat will symbolize a protective covering used to ward off the ‘elements’ or the difficulties you may face. Coats and jackets often symbolize how you have come to protect your feelings.

Forgetting an item of clothing or makeup that becomes important in dreams of taking a trip suggests an inappropriate idea of self that might be holding you back from capitalizing on your authentic nature. In a sense you are 'forgetting' some side of you that is valuable to your journey. Not having an item when you are taking a trip usually shows that you have identified with only one aspect of who you are.

Applying lipstick and rouge can portray how the psyche is trying to rouse the ‘sleeping’ sexuality of a woman, while suggesting the need for increased sensitivity for a man. Lipstick is associated with the mouth or communication so can signify saying things to please others that are not necessarily how you feel. Bringing color to the face through rouge can symbolize emotion or affection coming to 'skin awareness.' Foundation is applied to even out skin tone and can suggest covering up feelings. It can have the added message of exploring the foundation of your feelings. Cosmetics usually have the association of ‘covering up’ the senses or real identity. Makeup dreams are often a clue that you are hiding or covering up something.


If you are dreaming of a clown, you are not acknowledging the truth about your feelings. The clown can be a representation of how you are using humor or lightness to avoid discussing something painful or difficult. The clown can also appear as an aspect of the Trickster, where some side of the psyche is emerging to trap you in your contradictions. Comedians often appear to say the truth of what nobody would dare say. The clown can have a similar role in helping you to become more truthful and honest with yourself. If the clown appears frightening, it can be expressing how humor is masking your fears. You may need a dose of seriousness in approaching the idea of greater fulfillment.


To see a dead person or a coffin is a common way of understanding how some aspect of you is ‘passing away’ or transforming. See Burial.


A coin is a symbol of value and how it appears in the dream will offer clues as to how you may increase your sense of self-worth. The ‘character’ who gives you a coin, can suggest understanding, discarding or integrating a ‘way of being’ associated with this character, that might lead to fulfillment. What is significant about this character and how do they represent you? To find a coin suggests that you are not acknowledging your own value. Flipping a coin shows how you are not taking responsibility for making decisions. An old or antique coin can symbolize how you need to get back to your roots. You might re-explore who you were when you were younger in order to find more value in what you do.


The atmosphere of a dream is important in that it portrays the condition of your 'inner world.' To dream of being cold can indicate how you have 'cooled off' in your emotions or are acting coldly in some situation - whether or not you are aware of it. Since dreams are processing what we are not acknowledging, you might examine how you can bring more 'warmth' into your interactions with others. At the same time, your current environment may seem cold or distant to you. See also Frozen.


You may dream of being at college when you are going through a type of change that is teaching you something new about yourself. See School under Houses and Buildings.


Dreams provide a safe environment to explore issues before they lead to crisis. Since automobiles generally represent drive and motivation - a collision can portray how two paths can converge in an unpleasant way. You may fear that your current direction is somewhat reckless and need to consider becoming more disciplined or focused on what you want. At the same time, you may just be processing the insecurity of embarking in an unknown direction. Another character colliding with you can embody an unknown part of you that is undermining what you are trying to accomplish. Explore this character to recognize undermining behavior (sometimes from childhood tapes) or whether some aspect of your character needs to be addressed, adopted or discarded. See also Accident and Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


If color appears pronounced in a dream, it can have special significance. When a color or colors become the subject or focal point, replace the color with its emotional association or aspect of the self listed below for clues to its symbolism. This will shed light on the feeling or idea that is being explored.

White is purity, virginity, and the idea of coming clean or being truthful. Black can be dirty or represent what is unacknowledged or unseen. Something may be blocking your ability to see clearly, perhaps leaving you feeling depressed, as in a ‘black cloud.’ Blue is intuition or insight as in the sky is ‘the limit’ or limitless in your ability for optimism. Deities are associated with living in the sky and portray your inspired wisdom and a sense of following fate or seeking opportunity. Brown is an organic color of earthiness symbolizing a need to be down to earth or return to your roots. Gold suggests ‘all that glitters’ and attracts you with its aura of allure. Gold can symbolize what is sacred or valuable to you.

Gray can be responsibility or living by routine because of its association with being drab or servant’s clothing. Silver can be associated with ‘the silver lining’ that surrounds clouds when the sun is about to break through, suggesting hope or the ability to transcend difficulty. Silver can also be associated with durability or what is lasting and powerful about you. Green is associated with healing and growth. Orange portrays nourishment and sustenance by balancing conflicting aspirations. Orange also ‘stands out’, or asks to be acknowledged. Like people in prison attire, a side of you may be kept separate from the 'population' because it is viewed as a threat to other sides of you. Purple will often represent joy, spiritual feelings and enlightenment. Red is associated with anger and passion; this is a color that demands your attention or that you ‘stop’ doing something and pay attention to your real passions. Yellow suggests pausing or waiting, or can be associated with the life giving power of the sun, representing how you shine. Yellow can also be a color of jealousy or hurt feelings associated with the past. Pink can represent being 'in the pink' or happy, making changes that better reflect who you are and what you need.

When you see something written in a colored ink, both the message and the color need to be considered. Green writing can pertain to health, while red writing is a call for extra attention.


If you are combing your hair, you are changing attitudes or expanding your ability to see life differently. Associated with Hair and Head, the comb can be a symbol of ideas as you ‘comb’ through your thoughts to see a situation from another perspective. Brushing and combing hair also relates to vanity and self image that may be changing. Since hair grows and is groomed over time, your ideas and thoughts are being groomed to better support your self esteem. To see a cock’s comb can be a sexual symbol that ties vanity and self-acceptance to sexuality. This symbol captures both female and male symbolism so can appear in dreams with the same message for either sex. A dream focusing on a brush of some type can also symbolize sweeping issues under the carpet or brushing off something important.


A compass is a tool used to detect where you are going. Using a compass can suggest looking for direction, associated with a sense of exploration and adventure. A faulty compass can portray two ideas: either you are going in the wrong direction - or you might need to consider a direction you are not aware of. Since your dream is focusing on a compass - the idea of where you are going and why is being brought to your attention.


Attending a concert can represent bringing continuity and balance to all aspects of your life since the orchestra or band plays in unison. Any type of show, theater or performance usually means that you are exploring objectively how all aspects of your life fit together. Seeing something taking place on a stage shows the first steps in observing this objectively before making the necessary adjustments. See Music and Television.


The psyche is always processing information to allow you to feel real fulfillment and to activate your authentic nature. Cooking is a clear image of something 'cooking' within that will lead to a more profound sense of nourishment in life. Who is cooking and what is being cooked will offer clues as to the need for developing the traits represented by the cook, or elements associated with the food. See Food.


Associated with a time of harvest or Thanksgiving, corn can be a symbol of abundance. You may need to plant the seeds of the past in a way that will allow you to harvest future crops or ‘potential.’ This is also a sensory symbol because of its association with ‘ears’ and ‘teeth.’ It can suggest heightening clarity in communication with whatever aspects the other symbols represent. See Food.


Like Border, the corner or intersection is a turning point in the sense of ‘turning a corner’ or making a decision that will change how you approach your path. The corner can be a representation of a crossroad, where something ‘right around the corner’ suggests looking at something a different way. If you are being cornered, the symbolism demonstrates some side of you that may be trapping you in your growth. Being cornered can also symbolize facing the truth where you can no longer hide.


Like Burial and Coffin, a dead body appearing in your dream can represent either the side of you that is not achieving expression or the need to allow the passing of some aspect. The situation and feelings associated with seeing the corpse will reveal which type of direction this dream is suggesting.


Like Hallways under Houses and Buildings, the corridor is a meeting place that allows you to explore the various sides of who you are. It can suggest how you are moving into the neutral space that allows you to make changes. This is a transitional space, which connects rooms or aspects of the psyche. Whatever is happening in the hallway or corridor is symbolic of your desire to explore change in an objective way. In a building, it is more work related. In a strange house, it can symbolize exploring potential or the roots of motivation.


Cosmetics are used to cover up your natural appearance. Dreams that focus on not being able to find what you use to produce your 'everyday face' can be symbolic of a need to move in a more natural or authentic direction. If you dream of accentuating certain features with heavy makeup - consider the part of the face that is being highlighted. Eyeliner can be a message about clarity of vision or the need to focus, while lipstick can be highlighting communication. Dreams of blush or rouge can signify the need to allow your natural feelings to come to the surface. Dreams that focus on cosmetics are usually exploring the disparity of one's external appearance and the life of the real person below the Persona. See also Clothing and Makeup.


If it is a bed cover, it can represent how you ‘cover’ up your sexual feelings. If you are taking cover during an air raid, some part of you is feeling insecure about your aspirations and ability to achieve them. If you are taking cover during a natural disaster, you are fighting against the forces inside of you that recognize that an important transformation is necessary. Your internal foundation of beliefs is undergoing change. If you are covering something up, you may be sweeping issues under the table. The cover of a book can represent exploring ideas 'stored' from the past or receiving a type of wisdom and guidance (book) from higher sides of you. See Natural Disaster under Landscape and Scenery.


Dreaming of a cow is a popular dream symbol. It has associations with the mother and the idea of milk and nourishment. Often people dream of an angry cow breaking through a gate as a symbol of breaking free from a sense of restriction. Since cows are highly domesticated, an unruly cow is often related to breaking free from guilt associated with the mother. The mad cow can symbolize maternal manipulation that is holding you back. See Animals.


A dog is 'faithful' and demonstrates unconditional love as the easy expression of feelings and love in your relationship with others. If you are dreaming of a dog, you are exploring unconditional love and the idea of being domesticated or changed by a relationship. A coyote on the other hand, is wild and uncivilized and can portray the need to have a type of freedom in your relationship that can only come from unconditional love. Wild animals with teeth in myths guard the way to the underworld and can symbolize fear about digging within to discover the roots of your feelings. When an animal bites you, the message is that you need to bring your feelings to surface level. See Blood and Animals


All creatures associated with the sea generally portray the living side, yet repressed qualities of the unconscious. To dream of a crab can suggest moving back and forth indecisively as you pursue something. This is a highly self-protective creature that can be ‘weighted down’ by its own armor as a message to release insecurities and fear. Associated with the astrological sign of Cancer as an Archetype, the symbolism of the Crab ties it to the mother or the idea of a safe and secure homelife. If there are many tiny crabs, you may have a sense that your own insecurities are keeping you from enjoying life. See Sealife and Water.


Similar to the symbolism of Break, a crack shows an opening that is not taking place consciously. To see a crack in something suggests a missing aspect or inaccurate way of understanding a situation. If the ground cracks beneath you, it is because you are feeling the ramifications of a flawed way of thinking that is undermining your ability to grow. See Natural Disasters and Landscape and Scenery.


As you grow, you can feel insecure about where you are going. In fact, you go through many changes because situations force you to change. Dreaming of crashing is a way of exploring insecurities about how you are moving forward. The details surrounding the crash will reflect whether or not you feel in control and autonomous in moving forward.

It is important to note that the crash dream is not necessarily a warning of being on the wrong path. The mishap merely reflects the colliding aspects of where you are in life, and where you feel you should be. Accidents can symbolize your fears as you confront or collide with your other needs. Ambition can be thwarted by fear, or the need to make changes can collide with the feeling of being stuck.

If a house crashes down around you - it can symbolize how the foundation of your ideas must give way. Self limiting ideas may be stunting your growth. If it is a public building it carries the message of ideas related to work.

Since a boat relies on the current, wind and outside elements to go forward, accidents involving water suggest the way emotions are driving you. Water accidents can portray fears about how circumstances feel beyond your control and are leading you forward. Choppy water can be a message about feelings you are not confronting that would better serve you if you approached how you feel honestly. Calm water can portray the ways you attempt to go with the flow to master your forward movement.

Accidents involving motorized vehicles represent insecurities about your motivation and ambition. If the accident involves a car, it portrays insecurities about the choices you are making. If the accident involves a plane, you may feel insecure about aspirations as you embark in an upward direction. An accident by train can show the disappointment you feel in light of other's expectations of you. Tracks have been laid down for you, although you have a sense of not being able to follow them.

If you are driving or are responsible for the accident, you may be questioning your direction, but still feel autonomous and empowered. If someone else is driving or has caused you to be in an accident, this other 'character' should be considered in relation to their influence on your autonomy. This dream shows the power you give away and the key to how it holds you back.

Example: a mate driving you in a dream reveals the power you have given this person to make decisions for you. A parent driving you, shows the power they hold over you because you allow it. Whomever drives you in a dream holds the key to what drives you in life. If the character is not involved in your life, then consider what part of you they might represent and how this aspect may be undermining your ability to move forward. Accident dreams usually occur when you are attempting to become more empowered, self-actualized and self-directed.

If the accident involves natural events or is the result of a natural disaster, it can be a way of dissolving your current foundation or belief structure to allow for more ‘natural’ changes within you. If the house is involved, it suggests certain areas of your life that are undergoing transformation. See Houses and Buildings, Natural Disasters, Landscape and Scenery, Accident under Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


Dreaming of cream can be a sexual symbol representing how fluids flow naturally from the body. Its association with desserts shows it to be a symbol connected to aspirations or a sense of reward. Cream can represent the idea of ‘milk and honey’ or success, however if it is ice cream, it can tie issues of sex or success to the idea of coldness. Cream rises ‘to the top’ and can be associated with exploring the best of what you might become. Also see Food.

Credit Card

Unlike cash, using credit as a way of getting fulfillment in the moment leaves you with the sense that you have to ‘pay later.’ This is the idea of trading what seems like a good idea right now, at the cost of something else. The credit card is a classic symbol of how the past can burden how you can remain open to the future. You can be ‘saddled with debt’ or burdened by seeking instant gratification to hide a lack of real fulfillment.

Also associated with security, the subject matter surrounding the credit card can point to clues about self-esteem or feeling more secure in life. Often representing a complex symbol of subconscious processes, a credit card can symbolize feelings of guilt associated with the parents, which undermine self-esteem.


Generally, the legs are portrayed in a dream of being crippled or seeing a crippled person. An unfortunate set of circumstances may have left you feeling victimized, questioning your power to carry your own weight. If the hands are crippled, it is a message about the ability to take what you feel you need. Dreaming of being crippled often suggests that the power to heal can be activated by exploring the other symbolism associated with the dream. In a sense you are crippled and need to make some type of change in responsibility (for yourself or others) that will allow you to move forward unaided by 'crutches' or a sense of guilt/excuses.


This reptile lives below the surface of water symbolizing what is unknown and stirring in the unconscious. Something that is being repressed is also threatening you. See Alligators and Crocodiles under Reptiles.


An obvious religious symbol, the cross can also be a burden in the sense of the ‘cross you bare.’ As the symbol of ‘X’ turned sideways, it may not be apparent how beliefs may be blocking your natural drives. Associated with sacrifice and resurrection, seeing a cross can symbolize how you are either sacrificing a part of your nature or must sacrifice something equally valuable, in an effort to achieve a sense of fulfillment.


Movement described as a type of crossing suggests perseverance into the unknown when you feel that the future is unclear. Like the pioneers who explored uncharted territories over land and sea, the landscape you are crossing often provides clues to the part of you that is undergoing exploration. For example, crossing water would show you exploring emotions, a field can be a way of exploring your roots; a road is a place to explore your life direction. Crossing associated with writing can portray getting something right in the sense of ‘dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.’ Crossing the arms or legs can suggest a sense of blocking the heart or sexual feelings. See Landscape and Scenery.


Representing a choice or a place where the past is abandoned, the crossroad combines the idea of traveling forward with the idea of making a choice. See Landscape and Scenery.


This bird is a common Archetype or thematic symbol when one must sacrifice the past in order to meet the future. This type of dream commonly coincides with intensive therapy or when you are going through transformation of a spiritual nature. The Crow or Raven can be associated with the ‘one-eyed’ god Odin, making sight or perspective a subject of exploration. Often there is a need to sacrifice the physical for something more spiritual. See Birds and Black under Colors. Also see Trickster.


When we dream of many people and are a spectator to an event, it portrays how ego has moved from an orchestrating position to something more objective. Unlike facing an Audience, where you have a sense of being judged by the inner critic, having a dream about being in a crowd is often portrayed with the idea of being unrecognized. This symbolizes a change in motivation/identity or approach. The crowd can be moving in a direction that is unclear to you and yet, you are following them, as a way of exploring peer pressure as it relates to autonomy. Whatever you are watching from a crowd perspective can symbolize integration. It can be music (feelings and sexuality) or a performance (objectively exploring behavior.) Many times the crowd can be a symbol of what you do because of the pressures of conformity. See People.


You may dream of being Crippled or using a crutch when you feel disempowered in a situation. As an tool that you ‘lean upon,’ or ‘fall back on’ it is similar to an excuse or reason for why your forward movement is impeded. The crutch can signify the part you play in feeling limited. Seeing a crutch can be helpful if you look at it like the word ‘but’ against the other symbols. It negates or undermines the power of what precedes it: “I want to save for retirement, but…." "I know I should take care of my body, but…” Using a crutch or seeing someone on a crutch, is a way of exploring the power of disempowering thoughts against the idea of ‘just do it.’ It reveals how you negate your power in daily life.

Like the Cane, you may question your ability to move forward, although the crutch is something you lean upon to avoid personal responsibility. The part the crutch plays in the dream will suggest how disempowering thoughts are actually serving you in another way. Since both are saying that your legs are unable to carry you forward in a healthy way, the dream is showing what impedes your forward movement.


Since dreams usually reveal the exact opposite of what you believe to be true about yourself, dreams of crying or seeing someone crying is showing the emotion of sadness in its unexpressed form within you. The dream symbolism may be such that it would not normally bring you to tears, and yet, you awaken somewhat sad or perplexed. This is the psyche’s way of exploring unrecognized feelings or pain. Another character crying portrays unacknowledged suffering in terms of the characteristics that you associate with them. Consider whether there is in fact something that you are not facing because you are keeping a "stiff upper lip" about it.


If you cup your ears you will hear better and if you cup your hand you will catch the things that may slip through your fingers. Therefore, the cup is often associated with the things you hold to be important. The cup holds liquid refreshments that associate it with feelings or the intuitive flow of information. Dreaming of a cup can portray holding or trying to capture these things in an effort to gain insight about sustenance. A broken cup portrays your inability to contain or achieve fulfillment.


When the dream focuses on the cupboard, you are exploring what you are doing to have your needs met. Dishes relate to 'setting a place' or finding internal direction in being more fulfilled. Cups often symbolize the idea of reward as in 'my cup runs over.' Searching for a cup can symbolize looking for reward. Cooking pots represent difficult steps in 'boiling down' an issue or getting to the heart of the matter. Finding something unusual in a cupboard would have a message about what you 'storing' from the past that may be undermining your sense of fulfillment. At the same time, whatever makes this item unusual can also be a clue about your unique qualities. See also Closet.


The coverings that go over windows can offer a message about your ability to see clearly where you stand in social situations, As an element that can block or ‘shut out’ the light, it is associated with hiding your authenticity. We look out of the window in a dream to explore opportunity - so dreaming of curtains and drapery can be exploring what is blocking your ability to go after what you want. Dreaming of sheer drapes can portray the opening that is occuring as you reveal yourself or open to intimacy.


Symbols or instruments that cut describe your desire to ‘cut the strings’ that bind you as the idea of letting go. If cutting something draws blood, the message is often related to exploring feelings. Unlike Break, the idea of letting go is being done in a more conscious way. See also Wound and Seamstress and Tailor.


The weather or atmosphere of a dreamscape personifies the current condition of your 'inner world.' To dream of a cyclone or hurricane combines the idea of emotion (rain) and wind (change.) These types of dreams generally occur when you are not facing a difficult situation that needs to be addressed. In a sense, your own emotions threaten to overwhelm you - specifically because you are keeping them at bay. Some aspects of your life may need to be uprooted to allow for a better sense of fulfillment. Bottled emotions are released with the ferocity of the storm that ensues. See also Landscape and Scenery.