Terms for letter: G


The letter "G" can be associated with ideas that are stored, symbolizing concepts like garage and garbage. It can have a message about searching for the key to a breakthrough. "G" can stand for girl, sexual ideas like G-spot or G-string and can signify enjoyment or pleasure.


Dreaming of space can personify your need for space, but can also symbolize coolness or aloofness in your approach. Watching something unusual happening in space can portray your need for recognition. Stars falling to the earth can be symbolic of getting grounded or making your goals more attainable. A galaxy can symbolize aspirations and the patterns of tomorrow you are shaping through your beliefs. If you meet individuals from another galaxy, you are awakening to your unrecognized potential. The side of you that makes you different from others is being explored.


An extreme wind that would be called a gale can portray your fears about how quickly change is being thrust upon you. Many times the gale can personify your own emotions and how they currently feel beyond your control. See also Natural Disasters.

Gall Bladder

A dream that is focused on the Gall Bladder can show difficulty you are having 'stomaching' or processing something. One is said to have allot of 'Gall' when they are insensitive to other's needs. Perhaps you are exploring your ability to be more sensitive to those in your environment. Associated also with 'having nerve' you may be overcoming fear or confronting what bothers you.


Dreaming of gallows or witnessing a hanging can personify your feelings of guilt in some way. Why is the person being hung? Are they being punished unjustly? The person being hung can represent your own tendency to punish yourself with self criticism. Seeing a hanging can also portray feeling constricted or unable to freely expand your horizons. Dreams present a safe environment to explore conflict and crisis. When the setting of a dream involves gallows where someone is to be hung - the message can be that you are sabotaging some aspect of yourself. Examine the character that is being hung to see if it might represent a side of you that is feeling suffocated or unexpressed. Hanging is also associated with being in a state of suspension. You may also be harboring a sense of guilt that is undermining your ability to stand up for yourself.


Going gambling can suggest a willingness to try something new. At the same time, dreaming of gambling can be an acknowledgement that you are taking unnecessary risks in some way. What was the outcome of your dream about gambling? This might provide a clue as to whether your current approach is too restrictive or needs a healthy sense of self discipline.

Game Show

Being on television or seeing yourself on television is a way to 'try something out' before actually doing it. A game show holds this theme from the standpoint of what you can do to feel acknowledged. The characters you compete with can represent how you are integrating a sense of competence. The host can represent your guiding Self helping you to identify what is making you fear competition. Whether you win or lose doesn't matter. What is important is that you are breaking out of your shell to identify your potential.


Playing a game in a dream brings the idea of various aspects within you vying for competence. Just as you can dream of pursuing or being pursued by non-integrated or emerging aspects, the game shows a deeper movement toward integration. The type of game, players and your feelings surrounding the situation will provide additional clues as to how confident you are in bringing this new side forward. See also Ball and Attack or Being Chased.


Dreaming of being part of a gang can represent internal dynamics at play that you feel are not necessarily forthright. You may be operating in a way (dark/unconscious) that is undermining your ability to feel empowered. Often getting into trouble or operating in the dark of night, the gang is a representation of a type of behavior where you feel the need to take what you don't believe is rightfully yours. Being chased by a gang embodies old belief structures or self limiting ideas coming up against your new found need to exert your power and independence. See Attack and Being Chased.


In real life, gangrene occurs when tissue dies. An infection or lack of circulation can harm the tissue. To dream of a specific part of the body in a condition of gangrene would symbolize a lack of flow or balance in the area that the body part represents. For example the arm would relate to a balance between giving or taking. On the leg - it can symbolize how you are moving forward and whether all of your needs are being met. Gangrene near the chest area can relate to cutting yourself off from feelings. On the feet, you may not be feeling empowered. You might also explore the association with 'green' as a message about achieving health and wellness. See also Inflammation and Decay.


A garage can portray a place of storage, representing ideas that are packed away that might need to be cleaned out. It also combines the idea of a building (aspect of the self) and transportation (drive and motivation) and can signify the exploration of where one's motivation is currently 'parked.' Therefore, we often dream of garages when we are sorting through old issues or are making changes in life direction.


Dreaming of garbage is a way of exploring what may have been ‘discarded,’ but still has value. Looking through the garbage can be a message about finding the inherent value of a difficult situation. If you are throwing something valuable in the garbage, it can be a message about either dismissing the value of what the symbol represents or the need to let go of it. For example, throwing away clothes can represent releasing a past identity. Throwing away toys can be a message about letting go of childhood issues. Explore the symbol associated with being garbage for further insight.

Garbage Truck

When the garbage truck appears in a dream, the message is that it is time to let go. Associated with transportation or movement, the area undergoing exploration relates to forward direction and releasing the 'old way' so that you can move forward in more powerful and fulfilling ways. If you are fighting to keep something that is being hauled away - explore the symbol to see if it associated with something that is serving you. Old clothes can be associated with your identity. Household belongings can represent a clearing away of old ideas as your 'internal architecture' is undergoing transformation.


The garden can personify what you are planting and expect to harvest, as in how what you do today becomes the results you experience tomorrow. It can portray the idea of your potential and the ability to blossom. Caring for the garden in a dream can be symbolic of how you must care for your inner garden. See also Garden under Houses and Buildings.


A gardener appears in a dream to ensure that expression is healthy and abundant. The gender of the character who comes to prune away old growth can symbolize the side of your nature (female/sensitive or male/assertive) and how you are currently grooming its expression. The garden can symbolize what is growing within you and the Gardener is the side of you that is responsible for its growth. See Garden under Houses and Buildings.


Dreaming of gasoline can have two distinct meanings. On one hand, it is a combustible liquid, representing the danger of explosive emotions. At the same time gasoline is a fuel that propels the car forward, signifying the inspiration that drive one's motivation.


The difference between a door and a gate is in how it protects you. Closing and locking a door presents the idea that you can open and shut some aspect of yourself at will. The gate often symbolizes more of a defensive structure. At the same time, the gate is a symbol of entering a new threshold or your movement into more profound and unknown level of awareness.


Genitals have associations that transcend the simple ideas of sex. Breasts often relate to how you are exploring self-nurturing ideas and behavior. For a woman, breasts can symbolize what she gives of value to society, from the sense of how breasts nourish new life. Female genitalia for a woman will signify her essence or deeper connection to life. To a man, female body parts reflect issues related to sensitivity while he explores the 'undeveloped' traits associated with femininity. Male genitals for a man can represent his power and life force, while a woman dreaming of male genitals can represent being more empowered or aggressive. See also Male Genitals, Womb, Anatomy and Body Parts, Anima/Animus .


Dreaming of germs can symbolize how something small can grow uncontrollably or how one new idea can spread rapidly through interaction. Germination is not always a negative concept and can suggest taking steps to make changes based on your interactions with others. See Bacteria.


The idea that water is building up in pressure underground to the point that it becomes a geyser, can suggest unprocessed feelings below the surface that are seeking release. Oil that is released in this way can symbolize the release of energy. It can be the necessary fuel that will ignite your inspiration. The 'crude' nature of the oil can suggest processing or re-organizing your priorities so that you are able to find the energy that comes from doing what you want with your life.


When you dream of characters that are ‘not living,’ yet still have a presence, something is unresolved within you and 'haunts' you. Explore what this character represents as a side of you that you have not processed or integrated. If the ghost frightens you or is hiding, that is all the more reason to explore the power that can be activated by giving it a voice and expression. If it is the ghost of someone who has passed, it can portray how you are processing the feelings associated with this passing. See Death. At the same time, the ghost is embodying qualities that you have adopted or ignored that can be either good or bad. Since a ghost is appearing in your dream, you might explore what may be repressed and the impact it has had on your well being. See also Shadow and Nightmare.


Since all characters in a dream represent you, dreaming of a giant or ‘larger than life’ entity can personify the added emphasis you are putting on a certain aspect of your persona. The symbolism and behavior associated with the giant can provide clues as to whether this is healthy or destructive.


To receive something as a ‘gift’ in a dream confirms how some side of you, particularly while dreaming, has the omniscient ability to provide insight, inspiration or intuition. You can see a gift in a dream as a message about your own gifts that are perhaps, unexpressed. Explore the symbolism of the gift to understand what your psyche is presenting to you. The character presenting the gift should also be considered as to how their characteristics pertain to you. Unwrapping a package is a message about opening to the surprise element of life, or exploring your untapped potential.


A giraffe is notable because of its long and flexible neck. Dreaming of a giraffe can embody the ability to be flexible in your awareness. Its association with the neck can represent being flexible with your sense of responsibility. The exotic nature of this creature can also symbolize your graceful and wild nature - the part of you that can see life from a more broad perspective. Dreaming of a giraffe awakens you to the unexplored potential within you.


The girl can portray the innocent application of the feminine or sensitive nature. A man dreaming of a girl may be exploring sensitivity learned as a child, while a woman may be exploring aspects of actual childhood. See The Unknown Child under Archetypes and Universal Characters.


When you give something, there is often the idea of sacrifice or an emphasis on trading something for balance. Who is doing the giving and what is being shared should be explored as the idea of integrating areas of life that are leading to imbalance. See Gift.


The setting of a dream often describes the current condition of your inner world. Dreaming of a glacier can be symbolic of a type coldness - holding a grudge in a way that has made you 'icy' or aloof. If the glacier is moving - it can represent the melting away of past grievances. You are awakening to a springtime within by letting go of something that seemed monumental.


Like the Cup, a glass can be associated with the things you hold to be important. As a receptacle for liquid refreshments, it is associated with feelings or the intuitive flow of information. Dreaming of either can portray holding or trying to capture these things in an effort to gain insight about sustenance. A broken glass portrays a sense of pain or fear associated with feelings. Glass that acts as a barrier, such as a window, can symbolize the idea of blocking intimacy. If this type of glass breaks, you are trying to achieve a sense of intimacy with someone.


A dream that focuses on eyeglasses can be offering a message about putting things in perspective or seeing more clearly. If there is something odd about the glasses, examine what makes them functional/dysfunctional as symbolism related to changing your perspective. Glasses in a cupboard can be associated with family dynamics, as in heirlooms and how our emotional responses are adopted from early upbringing. Sunglasses can symbolize diminishing the 'glare' when you are over reactive or unwilling to face something that makes you angry. See also Binoculars, Glasses and Microscopes.


Since gloves protect the hands - you may be acting overly self-protective rather than reaching out to take what you feel you need. The idea of using 'kid gloves' in a situation can make this a symbol of using extra care in approaching an issue. Finding an unusual glove can represent new capabilities or learning a new skill in your work. Finally, the glove can symbolize an inability to receive from the sense of intimacy, as in being more able to feel. A sport type glove would have more of an association with integrating work with other responsibilities - or something related to balancing various aspects of your life. See also Hand and Clothing.


Glue in a dream can refer to the idea of attempting to make something stick that feels like it is broken or falling down. It can relate to insecurities in a variety of areas - so examine what you are gluing back together. A broken vase can represent relationships; a photograph can suggest a perspective you are trying to recapture. If the glue is on your fingers - you may feel you are attracting the very experiences you would rather avoid. Consider the ideas you entertain during the day - are they positive and optimistic? The glue is a symbol of why you attract or hold onto the same experiences.


The goal is an obvious symbol or where your actions are currently taking you. Since you are dreaming about it, chances are you are not aware of the root of your own motivation. Dreaming of a goal can be a more obvious way of exploring your goals to see if they are right for you or to ensure that they are obtainable. See Games.


A goat symbolizes sexuality, impishness and playful curiosity. As a symbol associated with sacrifices, dreaming of a goat can be a message about sacrificing fun at the expense of duty. If the goat is associated with milk, it can be a symbol of maternal input as you explore a lighter to side to this influence. The Goat's association with the astrological sign Capricorn as an Archetype captures the idea of ambition, perseverance and/or you identity in the larger scope of society. See also Animals.


Gold as a symbol has associations with extreme value. In life, there seems to be nothing that holds its value like gold. Searching for or discovering gold can be symbolic of tapping or recognizing your specialness and uniqueness. Although you may think that finding gold means you will come into money, gold is something natural appearing in the earth and is associated with self-value. See also Colors.


As a primate that resembles humans, this animal is very territorial and frightening. The gorilla can symbolize rage or anger or an aspect of power that is not being expressed. It is typical for a woman to dream of a gorilla or King Kong creature when she is approaching menstrual changes as a symbol of the immense power that her body holds over her. Kissing this creature can symbolize connecting with these life stages in a positive way. For a man, the gorilla can capture a sense of being overly-masculine at the expense of one's sensitivity. See Animals.


It is common to dream of grandparents during the later stages of a difficult transformation. Just as the Unknown Child in a dream can represent the birth of new sides of you, dreaming of the matriarch and patriarch of the family can portray the development of a more wise side of you that has been seasoned by the transformation. Often the grandparent can be viewed as the Wise One Archetype activated after a period of intense soul searching or difficulty, now awakened as an aspect of the Self. In some cases a grandparent can represent the objective exploration of dynamics associated with the parent that is related to them. In this case, you may not be acknowledging the positive characteristics inherited by this parent. See Family and Archetypes and Universal Characters.


The idea that you are forced to ‘grasp’ for something rather than just take it, brings a high level of focus to whatever the symbol represents. For example, drowning and grasping for something for survival brings forward the idea of being overwhelmed with fearful feelings. That thing you are grasping for (as a symbol for exploration) will provide clues to how you might integrate it to find wellness. The hand represents both taking and giving. Grasping something so that you do not lose it suggests desperation and perhaps, an unhealthy relationship to whatever it is.


The smell of cut grass and hearing the sound of lawnmowers usually coincides with the onset of summer. This can be a symbol of relaxation and a sense satisfaction. All things that are growing share the common symbolism of nurturing, however grass grows abundantly and multiplies quickly as an image of inter-related concepts. Tall grass can show how ideas are free flowing and growing, while manicured grass shows ideas that are being tailored to meet others expectations. Walking in the grass can symbolize getting more grounded and natural - as opposed to dreams about streets, concrete and other man-made structures.


Visiting a grave in a dream can be a way of exploring ideas or feelings that are buried. This type of symbol can represent the importance you are giving something that may perhaps need to be ‘put to rest.’ See Burial.


Green is a color of healing and renewal. It can represent being more natural or getting your feet firmly planted on the ground. A piece of clothing that is green is often a clue that your identity needs to become more closely aligned with who you really are. See also Colors.


Like dreams of the Earth, the idea of protecting the things that you are growing can be portrayed by the greenhouse. See Garden under Houses and Buildings and Gardener.


You can dream of the color grey as a representation of your mood. It can also symbolize the obscure or undefined that might require definition. Something that is grey is usually in a state of decay or undernourished and can symbolize the need to nurture and revive an area of your life. See Colors.


The ground is symbolic of the foundation of your beliefs. What is happening to the ground can personify changes that are taking place to your 'internal foundation.' Not being on the ground can be a message to become more grounded. Walking over an unusual type of ground can symbolize a type of inconsistency in your ideas. Ground that is giving way can symbolize a shift in perspective, while soggy or water seeping into the ground shows the incorporation of feelings into your perspective. See Natural Disasters.


Dreaming of being with a group of people shows how there are different parts of us that must gain consensus when we are exploring a new direction. At times these other characters challenge us to explore what we are doing before making a change. At other times, these characters can represent our needs in some way - helping us to recognize their importance through the symbolism. If the group is more like a crowd - the dream can be exploring how you are following others and not taking the authentic path. See also People and Crowd.


The gun often appears in dreams when sexual feelings are leading to difficulty and pain. To dream of someone threatening you with a gun can embody the threat posed by these feelings. If you see guns buried under a house, you may not be giving free reign to your sexuality. Guns can also personify defense mechanisms at play. If you are looking for a gun, you may be exploring the root of feeling like you are sabatoging your relationships. See Weapons and Utensils.


Generally, dreaming of meeting a guru or profound spiritual teacher can symbolize the awakening of the Wise One within. When the ‘spirit’ awakens within, you have moved beyond the path of family dynamics. At the same time, this type of dream may be exploring the idea of following a spiritual pathway in a cult like fashion, perhaps denying more basic needs that have not been met. Remembering that all characters represent an aspect of you, explore the symbolism, behavior, and how this character left you feeling to understand its message. See Wise Man under Archetypes and Characters.