Terms for letter: R


The letter "R" can be associated with seeing how 'what is - is' from the standpoint of acceptance. It can ask a question of you related to whether or not you are really happy in a situation as in 'are?' It can suggest release or the removal of what stands in the way of your happiness. It can ask you to retrace your steps or 'return' in some way to see the truth of what is unfolding.


A rabbit is a rich dream symbol and can combine the idea of sex, magic and its appearance or disappearance in your life. As a symbol of the mystery of life, the rabbit is a symbol of pro-creation, both in terms of children and the re-birth associated with transformation. See Animals.


There are several interpretations for the idea of racing or being in a race. First of all, you can be ‘pressed for time’ and racing to get somewhere as a sense of feeling that you are not reaching the expected stages of your life development on time. See Late. If you are racing in some type of vehicle, it has more to do with motivation and your drive to move forward. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation. Finally, you can be racing another character as a way of feeling ‘overwhelmed’ by a side of you that is moving forward without integration.


This is a tool that allows you to observe what cannot be seen with the eye. Offering a message about intuition or guidance, you may dream of radar as a sense of acknowledging what may be coming at you ‘from left field.’ Usually offering details related to things that fly, the symbolism can suggest ambitions. Something can be 'on your radar' as an idea that you are currently exploring. See also Sonar.


Sometimes hearing a radio is a representation of ‘ambient noise’ or the idea that something is simply playing in the background. If there is a message that becomes loud and clear on the radio, it can offer symbolism as to what you are missing because of your daily routine.


Railroad tracks portray a sense of direction as if it has been laid down for you and is not easily changed. It can show the expectations placed upon you by others. See Train under Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


After the sky has filled with clouds or condensation, rain is released. To dream of rain can symbolize the need to let go of painful emotions that can lead to depression. There is a sense of renewal associated with rain. It offers a message about the need to see the silver lining in every cloud.


Representing wishes and the promise of well-being, you may dream of a rainbow as a symbol of hope. The more ‘tangible’ the rainbow appears in the dream, the more it reflects how you are currently achieving your ambitions.


To wear a raincoat in a dream can symbolize how you are covering up your feelings or not allowing the full force of a situation to affect you. The rain can symbolize free flowing feelings and emotion and protecting yourself from the elements can be a message about cutting yourself off from experience. See also Clothing and Makeup.


A ram is a powerful symbol of the drive to achieve. Associated with perseverance, the ram appearing in a dream can symbolize the need to push beyond obstacles. If the ram is associated with fire, it can symbolize a necessary transformation that is taking place. A masculine symbol, it embodies traits adopted by the father, where the goat and its connection to milk personifies characteristics associated with the mother. The goat is also mischievous and overtly sexual and can represent this quality and whether or not you are open to playfulness and sex. The Ram's astrological relationship to the sign Aries as an Archetype captures the idea of the Self, or the mask you wear as your Persona. Also see Animals.


When you are not giving free reign to your emotions or urges you can dream of being ‘dominated’ by a character in a sexual way. Sleep becomes the only ‘natural’ way that your consciousness can process this energy and there is really nothing sinister involved. Sometimes the threat of being raped can symbolize being forced into a situation that has 'raped' you of your values. If you are dreaming of being raped because of actual trauma of this type, consciousness may still be attempting to process these difficult memories. See Shadow and Archetypes and Characters.


Rats and mice are often ‘pests’ or associated with what is ‘unclean’ or forbidden. Rats can be ‘stowaways,’ hiding in ships, or in the shadows, representing abandoning something, sneaking around or escaping like a ‘dirty rat.’ Used in scientific laboratories, both can symbolize ‘experimenting’ in the expression of feelings. See Animals.


This bird is a common Archetype or thematic symbol when one must sacrifice the past in order to meet the future. This type of dream commonly coincides with intensive therapy or when you are going through transformation of a spiritual nature. The Crow or Raven can be associated with the ‘one-eyed’ god Odin, making sight or perspective a subject of exploration. Often there is a need to sacrifice the physical for something more spiritual. See also Birds and Trickster.


Dreams of reading show how you are exploring ideas in an objective format. Seeing something printed is the first step toward integrating this new idea. Reading also portrays your feelings and insecurities about 'revealing' yourself to others. See Advertisement, Book and Newspaper.


To dream of receiving something shows how you are not open to receiving whatever this symbol represents in daily life. Explore the symbol for clues about what this is.


A rectangle, like a square, can symbolize inhibitions or 'squareness' in thinking. The rectangle personifies the idea of self-containment or being overly conservative. The message of the dream can be about overcoming self limiting ideas.

Recurring Dreams

The same dream - or recurring dream appears as a story line or theme that repeats over weeks, months or even years. Sometimes it leaves you feeling puzzled because it seems meaningless. At other times, recurring dreams will be extremely frightening.

Since dreams are suggesting what you fail to acknowledge in daily life, whatever you are avoiding or not integrating will continue to be the subject matter of your dream until it is resolved and integrated. Once the resolution or transformation takes place, the dream will not recur. See also Nightmares.


Red is a color that symbolizes passion and enthusiasm. It can also appear as a warning and direct you to play closer inspection to what is going on in the dream. If you are currently cut off from your feelings, red can symbolize the need to re-connect with purpose and passion. See also Colors.


Two of the most important symbols that appear as you move toward self-actualization, is to hear your name and to see your reflection. In both cases, the dream is offering a message about cultivating who you really are. Seeing the reflection of something else can show a 'disconnect' related to the symbol. A time for reflection may be necessary to see clearly. See also Mirror.


This appliance combines the idea of Food or the exploration of nourishment from a broad perspective with Cold or Frozen as symbolism of what you have put 'on ice' in your development. Your idea of receiving nourishment or the ability for self nourishing thoughts might be in a state of suspended animation. In other words, you are not finding nourishment or fulfillment because of your need for preservation or protection. Whatever symbol is associated with the refrigerator can portray what may need to be ‘thawed’ or brought out of deep freeze in an effort to achieve fulfillment.


Dreams explore inner dynamics through the costume of other people as they appear in the dreamscape. Feelings of love for someone in a dream when this love is not reciprocated can be symbolic of how we undermine our power for self love. Characters can make advances or seek intimacy with us as the representation of the Anima/Animus awakening within. We may reject these advances when we are not quite ready to make the transformation. See also People.


When you describe characters in a dream as relatives, they are usually not the immediate family. If they are, see Family. People can appear as family members in a dream, although in real life you don’t know who they are. This type of setting usually reflects an experience that has left you wondering about your behavior and dynamics. Relatives not included in the immediate family can represent that side of you that you believe might ‘rescue’ you from the family dynamics that you inherited. Aunts, uncles and grandparents provide care in a more unconditional way. Since everyone in a dream represents 'you' explore what they represent to understand emerging characteristics that might help you through difficulty. See People.

Remembering Dreams

Many people believe that they do not dream although this is not true. REM (rapid eye movement) proves everyone dreams. Sometimes we go through periods where we remember our dreams quite vividly. This usually correlates with periods of crisis. Dreams are changing us in profound ways whether or not we remember them...so remembering them doesn't appear important to how they affect us. Dreaming is like a digestive organ that assimilates, releases and helps us to process experience.

However, enhancing your ability to remember your dreams does allow you to speed up your growth - because you are able to see the uncanny way some part of the mind seems to guide you - and you are able to work with the unconscious information consciously. It also allows you to see how dreaming has a different time sense that shows you how dreaming actually has prophetic information.

When we dream we are using a part of the brain that developed before language. We sometimes think of the left side of the brain as being associated with language and logic, and the right side associated with a holistic awareness, responding more to images. CAT and PET scans of the dreaming brain however, show that many parts of the brain are active during dreaming. The sections that are inactive keep us from acting out our dreams. The limbic/emotional region is highly active during dreaming.

At the same time, it seems that switching between the image driven/dreaming brain that responds emotionally to the imagery - isn't the 'same brain' that wakes up and begins rationalizing and planning the day's routine. Many people have been able to increase their ability for dream recall using the following technique:

Teach yourself to wake up more slowly. Don't be quick to jump into the day's routine with your mind. Keep a diary by your bed to record your images before they slip from your mind. While still in the 'dream state' think of one or two words that capture what you were just experiencing in the dream. You will be amazed at how things will happen during the week that have those words as a theme.

It is not important to remember everything, because through the night the same message can be repeated in several themes. Note some of the symbols that were in the dream and explore what part of your life is undergoing scrutiny.


Buildings symbolize aspects of our inner architecture. When we are undergoing change and transformation we may dream of making renovations to specific areas associated with the rooms or type of building. We may remodel the kitchen when we are making changes to how we move toward greater fulfillment. We can renovate a bathroom as a way of 'coming clean' of self-defeating behavior or fears of intimacy. If we renovate the bedroom, we can be making changes to how we approach sex or changes to our beliefs as in 'we made the bed we lie in.' Renovation to commercial buildings can represent changes in how we approach work. Renovation usually leads to a more comfortable expression of who we are. See various structures and rooms under Houses and Buildings. See also Demolish and Furniture.


Looking for a place to ‘rent’ can symbolize not wanting to establish roots. In daily life you may be putting a lot of energy into forming intimate relationships only to find yourself alone. This type of dream seems to suggest that your fear of intimacy is at the root of the rejection you may experience. Renting a room can also represent trying out new or temporary attitudes as you move through changes.


Reptiles and snakes in a dream relate to instincts and sensations that are somewhat unconscious and self regulating. The reptilian portion of the brain is the oldest and is associated with autonomic reactions, sex and survival mechanisms. Often dreams of reptiles will portray organic and autonomous functioning that remains unconscious to you. Our most ancient evolutionary processes are captured by the image of reptiles. They shed their skin and move around on all fours in a fight or flight posture, symbolizing insecurities or a sense of panic that may need to be controlled. This primitive side of your autonomic functioning and your relationship to it, will be portrayed in the type of reptile and your interaction with it.

Frogs emerge from tadpoles that resemble sperm and often signify reproductive elements or sex. Lizards keep close to the earth and require sun or shade to regulate temperature, often symbolizing biological or evolutionary processes connecting with consciousness. As one of the oldest and most durable creatures, dreaming of lizards, salamanders or iguanas can portray the power of your survival instincts, both good and bad. In some cases, the message can be coaching you toward self preservation but more often than not, dreams of these creatures can embody the need to examine self destructive tendencies. Dreams of reptiles related to water can symbolize movement within the unconscious as something comes to the surface to reveal the power of your biological drives like anxiety and sexual impulses. As a symbol of transformation or how you can learn to shed 'your old skin' reptiles often have a message related to letting go of a dysfunctional approach to anxiety.

On a grand scale, the Dragon is a symbol of metamorphosis and empowerment. Snakes can have sexual meanings, although their ability to renew their ‘protective covering’ suggests transformative aspects currently taking place. They can also represent the biting or poisonous side of your instinctual nature, which you try to repress, and thus, it recoils to 'hurt you.'

Unlike warm blooded and emotionally reactive mammals, reptiles are associated with being cold blooded and seeking protection. The turtle can portray covering your feelings or insecurities when you are hurt or feeling shy. How big (dinosaur/dragon) or self-destructive they appear will suggest the level of repression as your unconscious processes seek wellness and expression. Their vigilant behavior and ancient associations with transformation will portray your physical well being and bio-physical processes. When a reptile is injured in a dream, it can portray how your defensive mechanisms are actually hurting you.

Alligators and Crocodiles move below the surface, but are carnivorous, and suggest something painful stirring beneath the waters of the unconscious that can Bite you to draw Blood or allow you to feel. Experiencing fear associated with of any reptile will portray just how ‘tightly’ you are blocking your natural and instinctive processes.


If you need to be rescued in a dream, chances are you are unaware of a similar need in daily life. When one character is rescuing another, it portrays the side of you that is weak, being compensated for by the side of you that is strong. Explore the imagery associated with the characters or symbols for more clues. See People and Animals.


The restaurant is a common dream setting because our lives are so focused on actualizing fulfillment. The events that happen in a restaurant should be explored in terms of steps you are taking to be more fulfilled. See also Food and Houses and Buildings.


If you have the sense of riding or being a passenger in a vehicle, then you are not currently acting autonomously in your decisions to move forward. The type of vehicle and characters involved should be explored as a way of moving toward empowerment. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


The rifle can be a sexual idea symbolizing how being more intimate can make us feel more deeply. Many times weapons serve the purpose of penetrating our walls to bring our vital essence (life blood) beyond the surface. Sometimes the association can portray the pain involved with opening up to be more intimate. See also Weapons and Utensils.


Anything in a dream described as being on the right or going right can signify conformity or doing what you believe you are supposed to do as in the 'right way.' See also Left and Placement and Perspective.


The ring combines the ideas of something of value that is bequeathed, and the idea of eternity and the circle. It can symbolize commitment, or how it is lacking in a situation. As an heirloom, it can represent family dynamics or what is passed on to your children. See Purses, Wallets, Luggage, Jewels and Keys.


Attending a ritual in a dream can be a way of exploring habitual behavior in an objective way. This symbol combines the idea of sacred – or how we are giving something unnatural importance in a way that may not be healthy. Examine what is taking place in the ritual and how the characters may be representing certain aspects currently undergoing transformation. See also Ceremony.


The river carries water from one place to another. It can reveal the flow of emotions and passions or a sense of what sustains your inspiration. Since it has a tendency to pick up the earth, stones and debris that it places upriver, it brings forward the idea of the things that you are doing in the present that create your future. The river can also be a symbol of learning to ‘let go’ and move with ‘current’ trends or changes. See Water.


You may have forgotten that you are a ‘traveler’ on a journey through life that is ever changing and not static. Dreaming of roads can show you how you are ‘paving’ your future with your thoughts of today. It can offer a message about how you are making your way forward. See Crossroad.


When you dream of a robot or ‘mechanical way of being,’ you may have the sense that you are doing things by routine without fully participating in life. Observe your patterns of behavior and routine to see if the robot can shed light on this aspect of your nature. See Machine.


The rock holds the element of the earth in its most ‘concrete’ form and can be associated with what was once earthy and malleable, which has hardened and become inanimate. When you are ‘stuck between a rock and a hard place,’ you experience the sense that either choice has difficult consequences, therefore the rock is often a symbol of difficult transitions. You may dream of carving something from a rock as a way of giving new definition to a way of being that has become hardened. If the rock appears valuable or sacred, then the message suggests the need to ‘hold to’ the things of value that you may be ignoring or discarding.


Unlike the UFO, which appears to ‘Abduct you’ when you behave in an Alien or unusual way, the rocket is a supercharged ‘airplane.’ It is associated with extreme drive in achieving your ambitions. In some cases, the rocket can be a symbol of male genitalia as you explore your assertiveness. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


Dreaming of rollerskating or iceskating ties together (1) the idea of moving forward, (2) the feet or the path, and (3) a sense of skating or skimming the surface. You may be exploring moving forward more easily or with a more carefree attitude at the same time that it can be a message about going too fast. Iceskating adds the added dimension of coldness and can be a message about skimming the surface because of feelings you would rather not address. The items that allow us to propel ourselves forward have significance related to ambition, motivation and self direction. See also Feet, Shoes and Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


When the dream setting focuses on a roof, there is a sense that you are moving beyond the 'ceiling' or the limitations that previously held you back. Just prior to make a career change, you may dream of being on the roof of your work building as a symbol of gaining a broader perspective and going 'outside' of the work environment. The roof of a house can portray ideas or the philosophy that helps you weather the vicissitudes of life. Since the roof protects us from bad weather and allows the elements to 'roll off,' dreaming of a roof can be a message about going with the flow as much as it can symbolize the limitations you put on yourself. See also Houses and Buildings.


Rooms can portray how we compartmentalize different areas of our mind. The bedroom has associations with sexual feelings, but can also include issues related to identity exploration since the bedroom is where we store our clothes. The kitchen symbolizes how we can be more fulfilled and 'nourished' in life. Often we are in the kitchen in a dream when we are learning to overcome negative conditioning or past self defeating beliefs. The utensils can symbolize our ability to take what we need to be fulfilled. We can take unusual things out of the refrigerator as a way of no longer keeping old issues 'on ice.'

The living room is where we explore how we bring others into our sense of intimacy. The office is usually work related. We might explore the ceiling or climb to the roof when we are ready to expand our capabilities.

Hallways represent transitions and appear when we are making changes. The windows and doors can symbolize how we meet opportunity or move to expand our perspective. If we are unable to 'see out' or 'open' the door - the message can show us what we fear. The stairs can represent going up in terms of aspirations, or going down to explore what we store in the subconscious area of the mind. The attic can symbolize spirituality or conscience, and the basement usually becomes thematic when we are digging below our habitual behavior during periods of intense transformation.

The bathroom appears when we are becoming more truthful with ourselves - we 'come clean.' The family room and hearth are classic symbols of family patterning. If a person other than a family member appears near the hearth, we may have adopted them in some way as a parent. The garage stores the car, so can appear when we are exploring our motivation or how we are moving forward in life. Explore items of Furniture, the various rooms, utensils and appliances in the dictionary, and also, Houses and Buildings.


The root is a figurative symbol representing the cause of something. It nourishes something that is growing and dreaming of a root can portray how you are exploring the basis of your feelings or the cause of your behavior. See Gardener and Tree.


A rope is usually associated with safety, as in ‘throw me a rope.’ You can unwittingly hang yourself ‘given enough rope.’ It can be a symbol of a barrier if it is blocking your way. See Knot.


When a symbol is round in a dream, the message can be about wholeness or how all circumstances resonate from the center of your beliefs. This can be a symbol of fullness or the desire to seek greater fulfillment in your interaction with others. Roundness can also symbolize female traits as you explore your sensitivity. See Circle.


There are not many ways of propelling yourself forward with your arms. The psyche is very 'economical' in how it can suggest two principles with one symbol: moving forward and the idea of personal effort. Because of its association with the arms, it can represent the idea of give and take as you move forward. At the same time, you must rely on the ‘current’ or be present enough to maximize your efforts. You may be questioning your ability to pull your own weight. Rowing can symbolize moving forward from a better sense of who you are and what you need in life. See Water.


Dreaming of rubbish is a way of exploring what may have been ‘discarded,’ but still has value. Looking through the garbage can be a message about finding the inherent value of a difficult situation. If you are throwing something valuable in the garbage, it can be a message about either dismissing the value of what the symbol represents or the need to let go of it. For example, throwing away clothes can represent releasing a past identity. Throwing away toys can be a message about letting go of childhood issues. Explore the symbol associated with being rubbish for further insight.


You may dream of a rug when you are sweeping an issue under the carpet. The rug can also symbolize the need to establish a foundation that brings you more comfort in life. Patterns in a rug can portray how you are exploring the part you play in creating your circumstances. A flying carpet represents how you would like to rise above current circumstances through fantasy. At some level, you may recognize that your ideals need to be ‘more grounded.’ See also Carpet.


Visiting ruins suggests both, outworn structures that may no longer serve you and the idea of Ancient or the those things that endure for you and are cherished over time. If you are uncertain about the direction to take, seeing ruins suggests that the ‘old way’ is no longer working. All of live moves toward disintegration prior to rebirth and seeing ruins can be a message about letting the old cherished way go, so that you can explore greater opportunity.


When you dream of running, you may be looking objectively at your motivation and desire to move forward too quickly, or you may be running away from something that you would rather not face. Running utilizes the legs and so, has associations with exploring your ability to move forward. See Attack or Being Chased.


Seeing something that has become rusted, shows how the ‘elements’ or experience have worn you down. It can sometimes portray feelings that have become ‘mechanical,’ or routine and can be a complex or abstract view of blood, as in your life force that has run dry. Where something that is decaying can show a part of the self that has been neglected due to fear, seeing something rusted shows what is neglected because of hardness or being jaded. See also Metal.