Terms for letter: S


The letter "S" can be associated with flexibility that will make you stronger. It can have a message about standing up for yourself or the idea of stopping from the sense of overlaying the present with ideas of the past. There is a sense of lightness associated with this letter in ideas like satisfaction and silly. It can also capture the idea of the higher Self or Spirit that guides you in your dreams.


You can dream of a symbol as being sacred, even while in real life, it may appear unimportant. Explore the symbol for insight into the part of you that may need to be resurrected or cherished.


As a type of Ceremony, the sacrifice is a ritual where something is offered for the well-being of something else. A dream that explores sacrifice can be a message about forgiveness. It can portray integration and elimination taking place within you as a type of ritual. If you are sacrificing something in a dream, you may not be aware of what you are sacrificing that might be valuable. Explore the symbol sacrificed for clues to the part of your nature that is being resurrected. To dream of a resurrection surrounded by light can symbolize a type of rebirth taking place within you. See Martyr.


Dreaming of a saddle can show how you are seeking a good fit with your spirituality. You can also be ‘saddled’ with responsibility and the dream can portray why and whether or not that is good. One uses a saddle as a way to drive the spirit (horse) forward. As a seat - it can show ideas that you rest upon.


Dreaming of being on a safari shows the current setting of you 'inner terrain.' You may be allowing your more organic or wild urges to have expression. Explore the Animals that you see for more information. You may be feeling a bit 'uncivilized' as you move away from conformity. A journey through this type of wild and exotic terrain can reveal your budding sense of emotional or sexual authenticity.


Crossing the water (emotion) in a vessel (desire to move forward) that relies on the wind can portray moving with events to harness difficulty where you can transform it. If the water is calm, you may have moved out of a difficult period and are feeling more in control of your emotions. If the water is choppy or frightening, it can portray your current sense of fear that you are not feeling self directed. The message of this type of dream can be about trusting that the path is leading you where you need to be, where the wind can symbolize fate. It can also be coaching you to let go and allow events to lead you forward. "If you cannot change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails and let it guide you."


As a ‘wet’ substance that comes from the mouth, seeing saliva can symbolize superficial communication when a deeper exchange of feelings might be necessary. To see someone ‘spit’ can represent unacknowledged anger or the idea that something said has left you with ‘a bad taste in your mouth.’ Drooling or seeing someone drooling can be a way of exploring feelings of inadequacy or unacknowledged passion.


Rubbing ‘salt on wounds’ compounds pain. Dreaming of salt can symbolize making a difficult situation worse. Its association with the Color white (unlike pepper, which is black) can represent purity or ‘renewing’ your outer covering. Being ‘salty’ or ‘overly seasoned’ can also portray being jaded.

Same Dream

The same dream - or recurring dream appears as a story line or theme that repeats over weeks, months or even years. Sometimes the dream leaves you feeling puzzled because it seems meaningless. At other times, recurring dreams will be extremely frightening.

Since dreams are suggesting what you fail to acknowledge in daily life, whatever you are avoiding or not integrating will continue to be the subject matter of your dream until it is resolved and integrated. Once the resolution or transformation takes place, the dream will not recur. See also Nightmares.


Sand is an element associated with passing time and sleep, and is a classic symbol of ‘having sand in your eyes’ or not seeing clearly. Sand in an hourglass can suggest the passing of time and how you may feel that you are not achieving what you desire in terms of life stages. Sand at the seashore can represent nostalgia and aspirations or the feeling of ‘waiting for your ship to come in.’ Walking on sand, and making footprints along the water’s edge can symbolize your journey through life. When you are walking alone you may be exploring on a solo journey prior to making a change or when other footprints appear, you may be exploring partnership. The sandy shore of an ocean can also symbolize approaching the unconscious or exploring feelings that remain below the surface. See also Water and Unconscious.


In the book of Job, the hero laments his 'satan' which means 'any adversary.' The word Lucifer meant Bearer of Light and in ancient times, was the name of Venus, the star that rose as the Morning or Evening Star. Lucifer is used only once in the book of Isaiah when he describes “Lucifer who has fallen.” Isaiah was writing about an historical and prideful Babylonian king, Tiglath Pilesar III. He used the word Lucifer to compare this arrogant king to the planet Venus, when it boldly rose before the sun in the morning.

As the Morning Star, Lucifer or Venus was always viewed as an imposter of the sun. Because of mistranslations, we have a mythical symbol that gives us permission to remain victims. Yet, our dreams reveal how light always overcomes darkness and in the end, the hero is redeemed when the monsters (transformation barriers) are vanquished.

Meeting a devil or satan character is a common Archetype explored in dreaming. One can have unconscious associations with the devil because it can represent a type of power within that is unexpressed and appears frightening or disturbing. This power is usually associated with all the wonderful things that were viewed as making us different from others, and were therefore repressed. Resurrecting this part of our natural vitality and power is important in helping us to actualize our destiny.

The devil can wear the mask of the critical tapes of conscience that would prefer we do right and not rock the boat of conformity. Joseph Campbell called this area "thou shalt" in his wonderful work on how myths can guide us to actualize our purpose. Like dreaming, the hero undergoing initiation will first discover the clues that will reveal one's true identity. Like any good story, just when it seems the hero is home free, the monster appears to scare the hero back into a fearful world of seeking only acceptance.

In dreams, we are the hero who must slay the dragon or monsters as the powerful symbols of claiming our rightful power. Dreams are like the mythical tales of mortals who confront frightening giants and beasts to succeed - only by doing so are we worthy of our destiny. By confronting one's deepest fears, we discover the magical elixir that releases us from our shackles and misunderstandings. In fact, it is common when one is going through a type of transformation that includes honesty and self-examination that these type of Shadow dreams come forward. Confronting fear and transforming it into self-actualization is a necessary part of the hero's journey of individuation. See also Evil.


A satellite is a symbol of communication, although its position high up in the sky can portray the sense of wanting to rise above a situation to see and understand it objectively. Since it revolves around the earth - it can embody how patterns unfold or how a situation is circular and always brings us back to ourselves. The satellite enables communication over unseen distances and can be symbolic of the Higher Self and its guidance. See also UFOs.


Since dreams often embody insecurities, dreams portraying ‘savings’ usually unfold with the theme of loss, representing current financial insecurities. If you are aware of ‘socking something away’ for a rainy day, you may be exploring how you protect the things you value at the expense of living fully in the moment. See also Rescue and Credit Card.


Scales on creatures portray defensive tendencies or being overly self-protective. As a type of armor, the scales can be hiding your ability to feel or interact more deeply. Scales used to measure weight can symbolize how you are exploring the idea of balance in your life. Associated with the astrological sign of Libra as an Archetype, dreaming of scales can represent weighing two ideas or the idea of relationships where you must balance your needs with those of your partner. See also Reptiles and Justice.


A scar is an obvious representation of prior trauma that has not gone away. Seeing a scar or wound can portray past hurts that have not been acknowledged or processed. If the scar is associated with a sinister character, see Shadow. Where the scar appears on the body can also shed light on the area undergoing exploration. See Anatomy and Body Parts.


Dreaming of being at a school is a common dream because life appears to be a perpetual learning experience. Sitting in a class setting can symbolize the exploration and merging of various sides of you. The teacher is often a symbol of expanded awareness or the activation of the Wise Guide within you. As one of the first places where you developed your social skills, being at a school can be a way of observing the early dynamics behind your interactions with others. The anxiety associated with ‘fitting in’ and ‘being measured’ against others, can make the school the representation of what you feel to be your shortcomings. See School under Houses and Buildings and Going to School in Your Underwear under Naked.


Utensils represent what you hold in your hand to express, feed, defend or build something. The scissors association with the hand can suggests letting go or cutting away the unnecessary so that you can take what you need from life. Cutting tools are used to cut through restraints or to shape something new from the old. Scissors combine the motion of grasping and letting go with the idea of cutting to symbolize ‘cutting away’ the things that bind you. Whatever you are cutting with the scissors is undergoing some type of change just as we prune away branches so new growth can occur. See also Weapons and Utensils.


Whenever you dream of small creatures that have a tendency to hide and suddenly strike, you are exploring your own tendencies to keep your instinctual nature under wraps and the ways in which it can bite back. Since the scorpion is associated with the desert, it can symbolize the 'inner wasteland' that is created by not engaging fully with life. The scorpion resembles a reptile in that it can have associations with the more autonomous functions of the brain, like fear responses, sex and/or heartbeat regulation, but it is actually a spider, bringing forward more of a web weaving tendency or the way you trap yourself in your growth. Its astrological association with the sign Scorpio as an Archetype, brings forward ideas related to the deeper elements of sex and the transformative power of experience. More often than not, scorpions are on paths and bite at the lower extremities bringing forward the idea of a sense of fear in moving forward.


An obvious way of getting the idea of sex out in the open, you can dream of a screw and have no idea that your thoughts have turned sexual. If you are attempting to screw something to make it secure, you may be using sex as a way of exploring the idea of security. See Spiral under Shapes.


The sea is a classic symbol of the depths of the unconscious and the unknown, untapped or fearful aspect of the psyche. Water dreams are very common because water represents your emotions, and how you feel about the changes that you face as you move through life. To dream of turbulent seas suggests a sense of emotional crisis associated with moving forward. Any time this type of dreams occurs, later, you may dream about being on a similar ship and crossing the water that has become calm. This is representative of the emotional growth that you have achieved. In all of our ancient stories, water is the mysterious reservoir where the hero is to retrieve a treasure. Similarly, raging water often initiates you into a process of self-discovery. Floods can undermine the foundation of your beliefs until you are forced to let go. What you thought was solid and what you thought you needed, is washed away in the pursuit of basic survival. Water can also represent health and wellness since it is a symbol of the elixir of life.


Dreaming of a seal can relate to childhood behaviors or feelings that are emerging from the unconscious. Since the seal thrives above and below the surface, dreaming of a seal can show how characteristics deemed childish and put away as you moved toward conformity may be coming back into play as new situations are forcing you to express who you really are. The seal is often a symbol of the Self that encompasses both the unconscious and conscious realms. See Sealife.


The creatures that live beneath the water combine the idea of instinctual stirrings ‘below the surface’ with the idea of emotion. All creatures associated with the sea generally portray the ‘living side’ or movement of the unconscious. Since ancient times, the fish has been associated with the idea of ‘trapping fate’ or luck. The swimming fish can represent your evolutionary journey, while the dead fish symbolizes your inability to grow. The different types of fish and their Colors or behavior can shed light on how you are currently ‘connecting’ with information from the unconscious.

To dream of a crab can suggest moving back and forth indecisively or defensively as you bring emotions forward. This is a highly self-protective creature that can be ‘weighed down’ by its own armor. Dreaming of a crab can be a message about moving beyond insecurity and fear. The dolphin is playful, and could be classified as ‘the dog of the sea.’ Like dogs, who are ‘faithful’ and represent the easy expression of feelings and love in your relationship to others, dreaming of a dolphin suggests this loving connection taking place within you as you move to access your deeper layers.

Jellyfish are not easily seen, and have long tentacles that can sting you. They can portray fear of delving beneath the surface to trace the roots of your feelings that are painful. Their transparent skin associates them with the idea that you may be ‘thin skinned’ in your emotional interactions. The octopus has ‘clinging’ and ‘sucking’ arms that come from every direction and can drown you. It can symbolize clinginess or jealousy and guilt associated with the mother. The seal spends large amounts of time on land and can symbolize making practical use of unconscious information that is rising to the surface. Like the dolphin, they appear to be content with the simple things in life.

Sharks have a way of instilling fear because of their razor sharp teeth. They can represent aggressive behavior that operates unconsciously below the surface, threatening ‘to tear you apart.’ The whale is an enormous fish that is associated with overwhelming urges and grand scale movement within the psyche.

Plant life, which thrive beneath the surface of water and washes ashore when dead, can symbolize what is growing and being nurtured or neglected within you. These seaweeds can also represent how you are letting go. Corals are stony structures, which can threaten ships approaching a harbor and can represent the defensive structures you build to keep others from getting too emotionally close to you. If the coral are colorful and appreciated in the depths of the water, the message is more about the beauty and complexity of your own inner depths.

Seamstress and Tailor

The seamstress and tailor mend clothing and work to make your outer covering more specific to your unique body or shape. Since Clothing represents your Persona or costume you wear in public, dreaming of the seamstress or tailor can show how you are working to bring forward a more authentic way of interacting with others. These characters show the activation of new potentials as you change your career or become less concerned with conformity and more concerned with getting a 'good fit' in life. The issues surrounding these characters will portray where you stand in relation to donning a new persona, which is more reflective of the person you really are. Sewing and mending specific pieces of clothing is a way of exploring making changes to the area of life associated with the garment. Shoes and socks represent self-direction; the shirt can represent responsibility, while pants are a symbol of how you provide for yourself. If a coat or jacket is being mended, you are exploring the 'protective covering' that may be keeping you from full participation with life. When the seamstress or tailor appear in your dream, you have activated some type of change that will allow for easier expression of your full capabilities.


Very commonly, you will find yourself searching for something in a dream – because searching or loss is often the first step toward transformation. Misplacing an item reveals your current insecurities surrounding what the symbol represents. If it is a purse or wallet, it can suggest financial insecurities. Looking for an heirloom or family treasure can signify your insecurities about your chance to pro-create. Searching for clothing can symbolize exploring a new identity, while searching for lost baggage can portray the idea that an old identity is no longer serving you. Searching is a theme when you are not acknowledging how you may be feeling unfulfilled in the present. See Clothing and Makeup and also, Purses, Wallets, Luggage, Jewels and Keys.


Generally symbols associated with the sea can relate to the unconscious or the deeper aspects of the Self. Seaweed is a plant that grows underwater and can suggest what is growing ‘below the surface’ in the unconscious. It can be a positive symbol of how you have the gift of inspiration that you may not be tapping. It can be a negative symbol showing current entanglements that relate to complexes that you are not addressing. See also Sealife.


A seed is the power of potential in its most compacted form. You can be planting seeds as a way of ‘sowing’ your potential to reap the reward of authentic expression. You can discover a seed as a way of seeing your potential objectively or you can witness the seed sprouting because you are exploring yourself in an environment that allows you to thrive and blossom. Negative associations with the seed are similar to dreams of roots. See Root and Garden under Houses and Buildings.


When you are selling something in a dream, the message can be that you are not being truthful in your expression or that what should be natural is feeling forced. If someone is trying to sell you something – consider the attributes of the person or symbol as unacknowledged potentials you are not tapping. See also Buying and Marketplace.


The setting of your dream provides a snapshot of how you are feeling. You can see it as a mirror of your inner world. At times, you can see clearly in the light of Day (consciously) or you may use a Light (exploring hidden aspects.) You may not be facing something or operating in the dark when the dream is occurring in a nighttime setting.

In the forest (subconscious,) you often meet the Characters or guide who can offer clues to your transformative processes. Approaching the forest, which grows from the roots of your beliefs and can be tied to family dynamics, and will represent your attempt to overcome fear and unmask your greater power. Trees are stationary and rooted, suggesting the wealth of your genetic heritage. The jungle is a place within that remains uncivilized. Often you will dream of jungle patterns or decorations in a house as a way of exploring these natural and organic aspects of yourself.

You climb mountains to gain a wider view, while the mountain can also represent how you can remain a prisoner of your beliefs. The desert returns you to an uncomplicated or barren landscape where you can discover the real roots of your sustenance.

Dreams about water occur commonly because water represents your emotions, and how you feel about the changes that you face as you move through life. To dream of turbulent water suggests a sense of emotional crisis associated with moving forward. Any time this type of dream occurs, later, you may dream about being on a similar ship and crossing the water that has become calm. This is representative of the emotional growth that you have achieved. In all of our ancient stories, water is the mysterious reservoir where the hero is to retrieve a treasure. Similarly, raging water often initiates you into a process of self-discovery. Floods and tsunamis demonstrate how emotions break free to undermine the foundation of your beliefs until you are forced to let go. What you thought was solid and what you thought you needed, is washed away as you pursue the basics of survival (well-being.) Water can also represent health and wellness since it is a symbol of the elixir of life.

The Great Sea or ocean is a classic symbol of the home of the unconscious. You may approach its depth to discover its hidden treasures, such as: Fish/Treasure/Sword/Jewels. A symbol is brought forward as clues to your evolutionary journey. If you are in quicksand or ‘bogged down’ in a muddy swamp, you may feel that your forward movement is impeded in some way. Because it is made of the earth, it represents your own ideas and how they may hold you back.

Natural Disasters, like earthquakes and volcanoes portray the transformative power or your emotions rising to the surface in the face of all that you believed to be static. The earth can give way in landslides, which can destroy the symbolic structures you build with outworn ideas. These structures represent the self and how it is evolving to meet the changes in your environment. Disasters associated with the wind, like tornadoes and hurricanes portray the movement of consciousness, and suggests how the hidden continues to stir within you. To dream of a tornado, signifies urges and emotions that have the potential to overwhelm you, and in a sense you are picked up and placed into another context. You are released from your controlling and protective tendencies, which can only keep you re-creating the past.

All symbolism in a dream is important. As you explore the setting that reveals ‘your current mood,’ you will find a representation of where you currently stand in relationship to the changes you are facing.


Seven is often associated with cycles in life as in seven year itch, seventh heaven. It is also symbolic of luck or that part of life that we would call fate. See Numbers.


The sewer combines the idea of Plumbing or emotions and Excrement or eliminating the unnecessary. Seeing the sewer reflects how you are not really letting go of something unpleasant. Perhaps you need to find the learning experience behind a difficult situation so that you can process and release it.


Sewing in a dream can show changes you are making to your identity. You can mend clothing as a way of making your ‘outer covering’ or Persona more specific to your unique body or Self. Since clothing represents your Persona or ‘costume’ you wear in public, dreaming of sewing can show how you are working to bring forward a more authentic way of interacting with others.
Sewing and mending specific pieces of clothing will portray the area of life associated with the garment. For example, shoes and socks represent self-direction and the path; the shirt can represent responsibility, while pants are a symbol of how you provide for yourself. If a coat or jacket is being mended, you are exploring the 'protective covering' that may be keeping you from full participation with life. Sewing in your dream shows how you are activating some type of change that will allow for easier expression of your full capabilities. Sewing one symbol upon another can also be a message that allows you to explore how these symbols are related or 'tie together.' See also Seamstress and Tailor.


Since dreams allow for the free exploration of feelings, it is common to dream of sharing affection, sex or intimacy with people other than your mate. As you ‘role play’ by experiencing the different aspects of yourself, it can be portrayed by various characters, where you sometimes behave in a masculine way (mounting/dominating) another masculine character (your aggressive and assertive nature.) You are merely exploring your desire to be more aggressive.

You may dream of being unusually sensitive or affectionate with another woman, or in a feminine way, as a way of ‘embracing’ or exploring the idea of increased sensitivity within you. The side of you this person represents and how you approach them in the dream, will feel ‘clandestine,’ only in proportion to how you are currently not ‘embracing’ or integrating this side of yourself in waking life. See Anima/Animus and Archetypes and Universal Characters.


Joseph Campbell wrote: "Gods suppressed become devils and often it is these devils whom we first encounter when we turn inward." Shadow dreams include a stalker, intruder or other frightening monster hiding in the shadows, stalking you or attempting to break into your home. Since all characters in a dream represent sides of you and the house represents your psyche, this type of dream can represent difficult ideas that you are not assimilating or integrating into consciousness. Some side of you simply wants to be acknowledged in consciousness. It only stalks you because you do not allow it.

The Shadow embodies the rejected or repressed aspects of your more natural expression that was sent underground. At some point, you may have decided (or were told) that some part of you was unacceptable because it suggested weakness, fear of fitting in with the group, and can create unresolved anger. In actuality, these aspects become the power of your untapped potential. It appears frightening because you do not understand it.

As a child, you may have been labeled the 'black sheep' or were a caregiver to the caregiver. A difficult relationship with a parent can be at the root of Shadow dreams. One part of you is a pronounced nurturer but you are unable to nurture yourself because of old tapes play that suggest you are not worthy. You grow to become empowered and successful, but the part of you that is disowned (unprocessed) can continue to stalk you. Look at this type of dream as your misunderstood value, which is trying to be understood. Since we role identify with the parent, if we hold them in contempt, there may be an alter identity that is unacknowledged, and yet, stalks us.

Repetitive dreams of this type can be solved by understanding the nature of forgiveness. You may not approve of how you were raised but compassion for another's shortcomings goes along way in helping you to release these unintegrated feelings. Simply denying and repressing it is what causes this 'neglected' Self to stalk you. Any time powerful aspects are not allowed expression, they come forward as something powerful that pursues you. This can happen when you are in a disempowering relationship as an adult. You believe another holds power over you, when you have simply given them this power.

As a type of defense mechanism, Freud believed repression worked to keep the truth inaccessible. He also explored fixation and fetishes as being organized by ideas that evoked a sense of attraction and repulsion at the same time. An urge that initially sought pleasure brought instead, displeasure as the pathway from urge to satisfaction was distorted. Fixation is the way in which we are drawn to the type of situations we would rather avoid. Energy repressed within is always seeking to be understood and integrated.

This convergence of feeling is at the root of the intense emotional response or charge that is created when you encounter your Shadow in another. Understanding the Shadow is central to your empowerment and wellness. When you can understand and transcend the initial displeasure arising in this type of encounter, you are able to access the truth of what you fail to acknowledge about yourself.

While Freud hinted at it, Jung pioneered the study of the Shadow and referred to it as the repressed and undeveloped aspects of the personality. Jung described projection as changing “the world into the replica of one’s unknown face. The more projections are thrust between the subject and the environment, the harder it is for the ego to see through its illusions.” He described the Shadow as those dark, unwanted, and unrecognized qualities of the ego that were deemed negative and ultimately repressed.

Understanding the creation, repression and ultimate resurrection of the Shadow through dream characters, provides a basic understanding of why we dream. While you sleep, those sides of you that remain dormant are given expression. All aspects that are unintegrated, and therefore fearful, continue to seek authentic expression. When the dream conjures fear, you can be certain that its symbolism offers clues to your empowerment by integrating the elements associated with the Shadow character.

In many stories, the hero unmasks the frightening character and discovers an important aspect of themselves. Luke Skywalker removes the mask of Darth Vader to find it is his father. The characters in the Wizard of Oz are all missing something valuable that they need. They uncover how the frightening Wizard of Oz who forces them into life threatening situations, is just a little man standing on a stool orchestrating their fear. You can view frightening characters in dreams in the same way. The nightmare is actually a positive dream of how something powerful is seeking expression. Once you explore what and why they are hiding, you can resurrect something of value. This leads to increased understanding, self acceptance and authentic power.

The fear associated with any character of this type captures the fear of acknowledging your own power or potential in some way. See also Enemy, Houses and Buildings, Nightmares and Attack and Being Chased.


Washing hair with soap can be a way of ‘cleaning up’ or grooming your attitude or thoughts. Grooming hair suggests the need to ‘prune’ outworn perspectives. See Hair under Anatomy and Body Parts.


A circle represents wholeness and closure, and like the crescent, is associated with femininity or sensitivity. The square can symbolize being grounded and more literal in your approach, while the star is a symbol of ideals and aspirations or being recognized for your accomplishments. When you are dreaming of this type of symbol, there may be insecurities surrounding your sense of self-esteem. The spiral can show how you are moving in circles and not necessarily getting anywhere. Something that is flat can portray a one-dimensional outlook that lacks vitality and leaves you unfulfilled, while being full can symbolize a ‘puffed up’ version of reality or fulfillment. Phallic shapes are masculine and therefore show penetration or your need to break through restrictions by being more aggressive. If the phallic shape is threatening, then you may need to curb your aggressive tendencies.


When you are making strides to understand your capabilities and feelings, the dream setting will involve water, which can represent feelings and what lies hidden 'below the surface.' Fish are a representation of your potential for new life and can also represent opportunities. When the fish appears threatening, you may be uncomfortable with your own anger or the power of expressing your full capabilities. If you are being attacked by a shark, the dream can be blending a message about the need to feel (blood) your feelings (water) in order to achieve your potential (fish.) See also Sealife.


To dream of shaving can symbolize your daily routine and how you are ‘grooming outworn attitudes’ as you grow. Removing facial hair is a classic symbol of the way you adjust to conformity to fit in. If the hair grows back or is not easily removed, the message is to be more natural in your expression. If it is the head that is being shaved, it relates more to changing your mindset to begin a fresh approach. Shaving legs for a man can portray weakness in standing up for what one feels is right. For a woman, shaving the legs can show the free expression of her sexuality. See Hair under Anatomy and Body Parts.


Sheep often represent passivity. Examine whether you are being too passive in a situation or whether you are following the crowd to the extent that you are not expressing your true feelings. The dream can also be suggesting embarrassment about something you feel guilty about. See also Animals.


A shell can sometimes portray listening skills in discovering unknown potential. It can also symbolize protective tendencies that keep your real feelings hidden. See Sand, Sea and Sealife.


Seeing something shine is an objective way of exploring your desire to be appreciated. To shine an object is a way of removing what is hiding your potential. Explore the object you are shining to understand what it relates to, ie: car/motivation, plate/fulfillment or shoes/sense of direction, etc.


The ship combines the idea of moving forward with a sense that you must follow unfolding events to find your way. Travel by water is a way of exploring the unknown and how you navigate the depths of your emotions. See Boat, Vehicles and Places of Transportation and Sea.


The shirt is an aspect of the Persona and symbolizes the role we have adopted in expressing who we are. It has associations with responsibilities and can sometimes appear in a dream when we are learning to let go of obligations or issues that are no longer serving us. It appears frequently when we are changing careers or 'trying on' new attitudes and potentials. The Color of the shirt can be important in understanding how you are changing or what you are carrying with you as a sense of obligation. See also Clothing and Makeup.


Shoes cover the Feet as a symbol of your path and ability to move forward. Searching for shoes can symbolize looking for meaningful work or the means to achieve your ambitions. Strange shoes describe the unusual opportunities you are missing by seeing only the paths of the past. The type of shoes can shed light on what is needed to 'walk' forward in a more fulfilling way. See Clothing and Makeup.


Guns are often associated with sex. Shooting can be a representation of the painful emotions that can arise from sexual feelings. You can ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ when you cannot let something go. Knowing you are about to be shot and allowing it to happen is a way of allowing painful feelings to have expression so that you can move beyond them. It is almost as if going through difficulty reaches such as stage that you can no longer ward off the transformation. The ability to accept and become mature is symbolized by accepting the situation or 'biting the bullet.' Seeing another person being shot portrays your denial of a situation that may be 'assassinating' your character. You may be placing the responsibility for what you experience on others, when you must recognize how you are allowing it to happen. The death of characters in a dream often represent the dying away of unproductive tendencies - associated with the character who is killed. See Weapons and Utensils, Attack and Being Chased, Murder and Corpse.

Shooting Star

We generally dream of happenings in the sky when we are exploring ambition or aspirations. A star is a symbol that can show wishes, aspirations or our desire to be recognized for our accomplishments. A shooting star carries the idea of wishes with something that is burning out. The message can be that we are not taking action steps to go after what we want - instead are allowing events to simply unfold. This type of dream coaches you to examine your aspirations and ensure you are taking steps to manifest them. As a symbol of you, the shooting star can also represent impending burnout. You may need to find more joy in what you are doing.


Shopping in a dream can be a way of exploring a new identity. The type of shop will correspond to what area of your life you are exploring. For example a shop that sells food can relate to fulfillment; a shoe shop symbolizes seeking a new path; a bike shop can show how you want to move forward by balancing differing aspects; a clothing shop will show how you are making changes to your Persona. See also Marketplace or Shopping Center under Houses and Buildings.


Like the back, we can shoulder responsibility so this symbol suggests burdens. To dream of aching shoulders is a way of exploring releasing responsibilities that have been imposed on you. See Anatomy and Body Parts.


This is something used to ‘dig beneath the surface’ of the earth, representing the need to resurrect your more organic nature. See Weapons and Utensils.


When a symbol shrinks in a dream, the message can be suggesting that what you deem is important (represented by the symbol) may not be, and you may need to get your priorities in perspective. The dream can be offering a message that a difficult situation will soon be passing.


Shutters cover windows and in a dream, the shutters represent something that may be blocking your perspective of ability to see something clearly. Dreaming of shutters can relate to the eyes and your ability to meet experience without expectations or fear.


When you dream of being sick, you may be ‘sick and tired’ of something you are unable to process. A lack of wellness associated with a symbol can portray your desire to work through it. See Healing.


The signature captures the image of ‘signing on the dotted line’ or making a commitment to something putting your reputation up as collateral. Seeing another’s signature can be the first steps of integrating issues that you are not owning. See Label and Name.


If silence is the theme or of importance in a dream, the message can be about stepping back and reflecting rather than operating with habitual responses. You may need to listen more – or take time out from a difficult situation to examine it. Silence can be focusing your attention on what is missing in your current approach. There may be an element that you are not seeing because you are not taking the time to reflect. See also Talking.


Silver can be associated with ‘the silver lining’ that surrounds clouds when the sun is about to break through, suggesting hope or the ability to transcend difficulty. Silver can also be associated with durability or what is lasting and powerful about you. Where gold symbolizes wealth or desire – silver is more durable and relates to your foundation. See also Colors.


The desire to express yourself and the joyful expression of your sense of harmony with the things around you. See Music.


The sink captures the idea of how feelings are retained, and turned on and off, since water generally symbolizes emotions. The sink itself, is usually where we wash or remove unnecessary residue as a symbol of washing away difficulty or outworn ideas. If it is a kitchen sink, the dream can be exploring fulfillment and how holding onto feelings is affecting your sense of happiness and fulfillment in the present. Often the kitchen ties dream imagery to what is adopted from family dynamics. If it is a bathroom sink, the idea is more personal in your desire to be more intimate or revealing of yourself. Turbid water in a sink symbolizes painful feelings that need to be released. See also Faucet.


Sinking portrays the idea that your foundation is not solid. As a message about your 'internal architecture' sinking can symbolize feelings of insecurity or a sense that you are being undermined in your efforts. Associated with moisture, it can represent how emotions or feelings are undermining your ability to stand up for yourself, or on sure footing. See Quicksand and Muddy under Landscape and Scenery.


Dreaming of your sister is how you explore her qualities and whether or not these aspects should be adopted in your current approach. Other people in our dreams represent us. Think of the adjective that best describes your sister and how it is currently active or inactive. If you are a man, you may dream of the sister as a way of exploring sensitivity. See Family.


Dreams are very clever in bringing 'taboo' subjects out for inspection. Six can be a way of getting the psyche to explore the idea of 'sex.' It can also have associations with ideas that transcend sensory experience, as in sixth sense, spiritual or transcendental ideas. See Numbers.


When something appears in its unnatural size, it suggests how whatever the symbol represents is growing out of proportion or is moving toward being deficient. Life can teach you about maintaining balance and these types of dreams will reveal imbalances. See Large and Small and Placement and Perspective.


If skating is associated with ice, you can have a sense of ‘skating over the issues’ or finding a way to move easily away from emotional closeness, where ice shows detachment. If you are roller-skating, you may be approaching difficulty in a childish or innocent way when a more mature approach might be required. Skating over ice that is breaking shows how you are aware of moving over 'thin ice' or doing something that is leading to a feeling of insecurity. Associated with shoes, skating often portrays how you are moving forward.


You may wonder where the saying about the ‘skeleton in the closet’ came from. The skeleton can represent your fear of mortality, and since it is associated with intrigue, it is usually a representation of what you are ‘hiding.’ Bones portray the foundation of who you are and what you are built upon. To see a skeleton can symbolize getting back to your core essence. See Anatomy and Body Parts.


The parts of the body appear commonly in dreams because we are so ‘body conscious’ in daily life. Some parts grow and fall away, like the skin, teeth, fingernails and hair. They represent growth and where you stand in relationship to your sense of time or the need to let go of the past. Skin represents the most obvious aspect of who you are, and can symbolize the self from a sense of surface awareness, as in ‘only skin deep.’ Focusing on something on the skin can represent an issue that is bugging you. The skin can also symbolize what is blocking your feelings or the need to express yourself. Seeing skin peeling off in a dream can symbolize personal transformation. See Anatomy and Body Parts.


Clothing in dreams can represent the role you play in life and how your identity undergoes transformation. Clothing can represent the attitude or the Persona which becomes the mask you wear to fit in. A skirt can suggest adopting a more feminine approach in becoming more sensitive in working with others. You can ‘skirt the issue’ where the dream of a skirt can suggest covering up the truth with being busy. See also Clothing and Makeup.


Dreams that involve the sky have associations with ambitions. If you are watching something moving through the sky, you are exploring your aspirations objectively and whatever happens will reflect your hopes and fears.


Dreaming of sleeping is a double dose of a message with a wake up call. The dream seems to suggest that you are unaware of something and ‘dozing’ when you should be paying more attention. See also Awake.

Sleep Paralysis

The human body is designed with a paralytic feature to keep you from acting out on your dreams. At times, you may awaken 'in between' the stages of full consciousness and sleep. Although it can feel extremely frightening, it is not uncommon, and you are merely not fully conscious or awake.


When evolution led mammals to adapt to a nocturnal existence, olfactory bulbs developed, and smell replaced sight as the dominant sense. These aroma circuits or odor pathways are believed to have become the neural outline of the limbic system within the mammalian area. This is the emotional center that generates the parental care of mammals: playfulness, vocal calling and emotion. Emotion and mood originally evolved from neural structures, once allocated only to the sense of smell that merely attracted or repelled. Over time, these two simple responses became the complicated emotions we experience today.
Dreams that focus on an odor may arouse either a positive or negative response. The situation is ‘visible’ only to the nose. ‘Something doesn’t smell right’ when you know it is bad, or ‘the odor may be pleasing’ and attract you when it is good. The other symbolism can shed light on what you are ‘sensing’ with your nose that you are perhaps not able to see. Attempting to cover body odor can signify hiding natural urges or sexuality from others.


Smoke can be a ‘smoke screen’ that blocks your ability to see or a warning that something neglected is in peril. Unlike Fog, which is cold and damp, smoke is the result of fire and has the opposite meaning. Something may be smoldering that might be better extinguished. This is a case of knowing that ‘where there is smoke, there is fire.’


The snake is one of the most common symbols that people dream about. It can have associations with sex because of its shape, but also the biting and poisonous way instinctual behavior causes us to recoil and ultimately 'bites back' at us. In this way the snake is a classic symbol of defense mechanisms. Since ancient times, the snake has personified the need to 'shed the old skin' and transform. The feminine centered fertility and snake worshipping cults of antiquity were so powerful at one time that a mythology of evil was implemented to combat them during the rise of the Patriarchal religions. Just as the snake is associated with evil, it represents feelings or urges that you deem unacceptable for expression. When you dream of a snake, you are actually making strides to break free of self imposed restraints. See also Reptiles.


Snow is a frozen form of Rain. Rather than the sense of renewal that comes after a storm, snow shows how the feeling of coldness can linger. As a landscape, it can portray entering an area of the psyche or facing emotions that are somewhat ‘frozen’ or cold. See Frozen.


Soap portrays your desire to 'come clean' or to be truthful with yourself. You may need to 'wash away' the sensation of ‘feeling dirty’ when your self esteem has been undermined. See also Shampoo and Bath.


Clothing in dreams can represent the role you play in life and how your identity undergoes transformation. Clothing can represent the attitude or the Persona which becomes the mask you wear to fit in.

Dreaming of a sock can represent how you insulate yourself on your path. Wearing shoes without socks shows a more natural approach or attempt to be more connected to your path. You can ‘sock something away’ and dream of a sock as a portrayal of the need to feel more financially secure. See Clothing and Makeup.


Dreaming of being a soldier can portray acting too defensively in a situation. Since soldiers wear the same uniforms and are stripped of their personal identity, this type of dream can represent how you are not living authentically. Like Attack and Being Chased where your identity is undergoing transformation, this type of dream can also be accompanied by bombs or the symbols that represent the release of what you are protecting/repressing. Being a soldier can represent the first steps in allowing for the uprooting of fear in preparation for a more authentic way of expressing yourself. See Army.


Like Radar, which suggests the appearance of something 'out of view' as it relates to ambitions, dreaming of sonar has more of an association with feelings that you are not acknowledging. You are being told that there is something there although you may not be aware of it. To dream of being in a submarine shows how you are exploring the unconscious or what lies below the surface of consciousness. Using sonar shows active steps you are taking in to follow intuition or inner guidance.


Dreaming is a highly visual and emotional sensory process. When sound becomes a focal point of the dream, it still has the effect of stirring your emotions, which leaves you feeling something. Over and above the dialogue and interaction with other characters, to actually focus on a sound requires a deeper exploration of its symbolic representation.


Soup can represent nourishment or fulfillment and since it is liquid – it can symbolize how the free expression of feelings will lead to greater fulfillment. There can be many unusual things combined to make a soup and this type of dream can explore how you might combine several different ideas into one path of fulfillment. See also Food.


Depending upon where you are from, the south can be associated with appreciating the simple things in life or becoming more giving of yourself. Like the back doors in cars and houses, the idea of ‘south’ can also represent the lower portion of the body, particularly feelings and the sexual region.


Any setting that presents the idea of vast space can suggest future potential as you explore the unknown aspects of yourself. Space symbolizes openness, but can also portray your aloofness. The universe and dark space can represent your fears about the future and a sense of not being anchored or grounded. See also Galaxy.


You may dream of being in a spaceship when you are exploring aspirations that you feel may not be grounded or practical. If the spaceship is descending to the earth, you may be finding ways to make your goals more attainable. Something about what you are doing may not be supported by those around you. Unlike the plane, which signifies moving to achieve your ambitions, the 'space' association of this type of vehicle can show the need to approach your goals in a more practical way. See also Aliens and Rocket.


Seeing sperm can depict your life force or desire to create something lasting.


The 'spice of life' signifies the desire to experience more excitement or dimension in how you are nourished by what you do. Dreaming of a particular spice can show how you are attempting to incorporate variety and dimension. The color of the spice should be considered in terms of the part of life it represents.


Spiders are similar to Insects in that they can portray the unseen, yet destructive tendency to allow something to bug you without addressing it. Since spiders make webs, they are a clear portrayal of how you weave your own difficulty through insecurity or fear. Lots of tiny spiders can symbolize how whatever is festering below the surface seems out of your ability to control. To see one or a few large spiders can represent a larger issue created by getting caught up in a type of web or the dynamics of others. Spider dreams are a call to acknowledge a sense of hiding or entrapment that is stunting you or your ability to be truthfulness, since the spider is symbolizing your behavior too. Dreams often use symbols that are the most frightening to us simply to wake us to our own self destructive behavior.


Kitchen utensils are associated with changes you are making. You use them to take what you need in order to find nourishment and self worth. Like food, the symbolism is exploring fulfillment. The difference between a fork and a spoon is their shape. A spoon suggests what you need to hold onto in order to feel satisfied, while the fork is more symbolic of taking a stab at something, or making a change in direction that will help you provide for yourself. The spoon can also personify your desire to be cared for and nurtured. See Eating Utensils.


Playing any type of sport in a dream can represent both feeling a sense of competition and the idea of assimilation. For example, if you are throwing a ball back and forth with another character, explore how this other person might represent a side of you that you are working to bring into balance or harmony. Observe what the theme of the sport activity is - to see how you may be running away/chasing (as in escaping or avoiding something) or whether you are being more of a 'team player' and integrating various aspects of who you are. See people and ball.


Spots are usually associated with dis-ease if on the skin, therefore signifying dis-ease or uneasiness. They can portray ‘breaking out’ of your protective tendencies. Spots on a creature can represent a sense of wholeness associated with the symbolism that the creature represents.


Springtime is a time for renewal and the beginning of your blossoming. A spring where water comes forth portrays inspiration and inner guidance.


A square object in a dream often symbolizes inhibitions or 'squareness' in thinking. It can signify a conservative approach or the idea of self containment.


As an animal that knows how to plan ahead for tough times, a squirrel in a dream can signify being too security driven or fearful. Their association with the tree and also burrowing, can portray the idea of family influences or the root of behavior operating below the surface and currently undergoing transformation. See also Animals.


Dreaming of steps or stairways can represent your sense of how you are currently moving through life. Going up would symbolize aspirations, while going down can represent feeling the need to dig beneath your motivation to understand what is important to you. Steps in a shopping center can signify assessing your values or self worth, while steps in a public building can represent work issues. The condition of the stairs can shed light on how you feel about your current opportunities and challenges. Winding stairs can have associations with backtracking or recognizing the circular aspect of life where you look to the past to understand the future. See Houses and Buildings.


We generally dream of happenings in the sky when we are exploring ambition or aspirations. A star is a symbol that can show wishes, aspirations or our desire to be recognized for our accomplishments. If you are examining a star that is not in the sky, the message can center on being recognized or increasing your sense of self esteem. Since we are often given stars as children in return for accomplishment - dreaming of a star shows we may need to concentrate on developing our self esteem.


Observing a statue captures the objective exploration of those things that are unchanging about you. The statue can portray a sense of being inanimate or 'stuck' It can signify the person you are becoming as your character is ‘chiseled’ or formed out of experience.


If you dream of stealing, you might consider the symbolism of what is being stolen as a way of recognizing its importance or how it is neglected in your life. If someone else steals from you, there may be conflicting needs and a lack of balance and integration taking place within you. Explore the symbolism stolen for additional insight into what part of you is not finding expression.


The condensation that emerges from heat portrays how emotions that are not easily expressed are coming forward in the form of anger. As pressure rises, this energy finds expression in the only way it can.


The idea of clean and unclean usually have to do with ‘dirty thoughts’ or sexuality. The symbol that is being sterilized needs to be explored to understand your current relationship to what it represents.


Sometimes a phallic or symbol of assertiveness, the stick can also be associated with a branch of a tree or the idea of breaking away from your roots. Dreaming of a stick can also be a message about sticking to something or exploring commitment. If the symbolism is more associated with something sticky or the idea of sticking, then you are attempting new ways of thought (head) or relating (hands) or moving forward (feet) etc. Explore the part of the body associated with the sticking under Anatomy and Body Parts. Also See Tree and Weapons and Utensils.


Dreaming of something that is sticky can embody the feeling that you are attracting undesirable situations. You are dreaming about it because you may need to explore how these situations are the result of your thinking. What you would call a 'sticky' situation is one that has alot of 'charge' to it. You carry an extra dose of 'something' and you need to explore what the 'something' is. Items that appear to stick to you in a dream should be explored as a type of baggage related to what the symbol represents. See also Glue.


A sting from an insect can portray how your personal dynamics are coming back ‘to bite you.’ The sting doesn’t draw blood but only causes an irritation, suggesting your inability to see these dynamics at play. See Insects.


Since emotion is associated with 'gut feelings,' dreams of the stomach can represent feelings that you are not acknowledging. The condition of the abdomen and whether or not it is yours, suggests how you are owning or acting on your gut feelings. As a symbol of digestion, it can represent unprocessed issues. See Anatomy and Body Parts.


A stone appears to be ‘lifeless’ although depending on the type of stone, it can have tremendous value, portraying self-esteem. Dreaming of a stone can symbolize how you are approaching life to recognize the difference between what is transient and what is solid or unchanging. Like the other elements, this is a 'solid' part of you that continues to be shaped by experience. See Purses, Wallets, Luggage, Jewels and Keys.


Going into a store to buy something can symbolize how you are exploring the reserves within you. Often you are exploring ideas from childhood that are 'stored' in memory. Shopping seems to suggest that you are 'in the market' for a new way of doing things. See also Shop and Marketplace.


You can use a stove to cook various types of nourishment so the stove can portray what you ‘are cooking up’ or making of experience to find fulfillment. Something can simmer on the stove as a way of capturing feelings that simmer beneath the surface, yet play a part in shaping your experiences. Cooking is also a symbol of alchemy where feelings have yet to gel or solidify. Dreams of something cooking on a stove often take place when you are exploring childhood feelings and family dynamics to find the recipe for your happiness and current fulfillment.


Just as a movie never introduces a character without them having some type of meaning or role to fulfill – just because you would call someone a stranger in a dream – doesn’t mean they are irrelevant. They are representing an unknown aspect of you. See People and Shadow.


There are many ways of experiencing how sides of you pass on. The idea of being strangled suggests that perhaps an important aspect within you is being ‘cut off’ as another side achieves prominence. See Attack and Being Chased.


The string carries the idea of how things are connected.


The submarine is a symbol of exploring thoughts and feelings below the surface of consciousness. Any type of vehicle that goes below the Water, shows how you are moving to navigate difficult feelings. Its shape can suggest the idea of masculine traits, such as assertiveness and aggression. See also Sonar, Vehicles and Places of Transportation and the Unconscious.


This underground transportation system carries the idea of ‘tracks’ or your sense of going with what is expected of you, with the added image of delving below the surface. The idea of a subterranean way of moving forward is also captured in the idea of not recognizing what is driving you forward. Since it is a mass transportation vehicle, the issue of conformity that is undermining your true sense of self expression needs to be considered. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation.


Sucking is an infant’s first instinct and can portray very basic needs that are not being met.


As the idea of not having enough air, being suffocated can suggest the anxiety associated with your inability to achieve your aspirations. It can represent feeling closed in by the expectations and demands of others. See Air and Attack or Being Chased.


This white powder combines the idea of sweets or finding pleasure and purity. See Colors and Desserts under Food.


Dreaming of packing a suitcase is very common because at some level, we are aware of how our identity must undergo change as we grow. Since Clothing is associated with the Persona, we often dream of packing and unpacking when we are releasing an old identity or trying on a new one. The dream of rushing to the airport symbolizes changes in aspirations and ambitions and our feelings about achieving those aspirations in terms of life stages. The suitcase and the idea of baggage can portray old ways of being that we might need to discard and how we feel an urgency to carry 'our costume or mask' into every new situation. Not being able to find something related to packing can be a message that you are overly identifying with only one role, when your greater needs might be sacrificed because of it. See also Purses, Wallets, Luggage, Jewels and Keys.


Summer presents the idea of fullness, but also disintegration. At the apex of summer, autumn has already begun as the landscape moves toward regeneration. To dream of summer can suggest a sense of accomplishment, and also the idea of ‘letting go’ to prepare for something new.


The sun can represent the ultimate symbol of the self. Dreaming of a sun can symbolize your sense of wholeness and how you shine. If the dream portrays the sun as destructive, you may be shining and seeking acceptance at the expense of allowing for balance in your life.


Dreaming of surgery often coincides with periods of making tough changes to how you feel about yourself. You may know that you need to let go of something - although the process can be difficult for you. Having surgery on a particular area of the body will be how the psyche attempts to 'cut away' feelings or ideas that are not healthy. If you have an abnormal growth that is being cut away - the message is that a past issue has taken on a life of its own and needs to be released. Sometimes it relates to forgiveness. Explore the part of the body in Anatomy and Body Parts to see what it relates to. Also see Hospital under Houses and Buildings and Weapons and Utensils.


When swallowing is a subject of a dream, you may be finding something ‘is hard to swallow’ or emotions can be stuck in your ‘throat,’ meaning that you have difficulty in expressing them. An aspect of the situation remains ‘undigested’ as you continue to process it. Swallowing a type of food symbolizes accepting and integrating what that food represents. See Food.


A swamp provides a dream setting that allows you to explore feelings (water) and what is living or growing beneath the surface of awareness. Many times when you are attempting to become more authentic or get in touch with old feelings – you will find yourself walking in water that is knee deep. This portrays how your inner landscape is allowing for the free flow of feelings as you move toward renewal. See also Quicksand and Mud under Landscape and Scenery.


Any type of cleaning in a dream can suggest ‘cleaning up’ or removing outworn ideas and attitudes. You may be sweeping to clear the ‘house’ or inner self of the buildup or ’dust’ or residue that accumulates from experience. Sweeping can also symbolize 'sweeping issues under the carpet' if you are not facing something.


We generally dream of dessert items when acceptance is an issue. The dream is showing our desire to find gratification in being accepted for who we are. Unlike other food items that can show our desire for greater fulfillment – the sweets are delicious but not a substantial meal. If you often dream of sweets or desserts, you may need to make greater strides toward self love. This will lead to the fulfillment you attempt to get through the acceptance of others. See also Food.


Associated with Water, swimming and enjoying yourself in water can portray your easy movement through the changes you are going through. If swimming seems difficult or you are seeking ‘safety,’ then the changes are bringing forward emotions that feel overwhelming. Since water represents feelings, emotions and the contents of the unconscious, swimming and your condition in the water shows how you are approaching these areas.

Swimming Pool

Like all bodies of water, the pool has associations with emotions, although in this case it takes on the symbolism of how emotions are ‘being contained.’ Because it is maintained and kept clean, it can portray a clinical approach to feelings. If the pool is dirty or contains what shouldn’t be there, it can be a message about a situation that is making you feel ‘dirty,’ like the feelings of uncontrollable sexual urges. You may need to ‘dive in’ to the unconscious represented by the pool and retrieve what is valuable about you.


Swinging brings together the idea of movement and furniture. The furniture aspect represents the ‘ideas you rest upon’ and swinging can suggest finding movement or a shift in your ideas. The playful and rhythmic aspect can suggest innocence or sexuality.


Weapons represent what you hold in your hand to express, feed, defend or build something. A sword is a symbol that asks you to cut through illusion to get at the truth. You may need to separate fact from fantasy. The sword can also symbolize defense mechanisms that are keeping you from knowing greater intimacy. See also Weapons and Utensils.


Carl Jung believed when we are trapped in a transformative process, something rises from the unconscious, whether through dreams or events that will reveal the way through. He used the word synchronicity to describe the process by which we are inspired by these internal cues. Something rising from the unconscious links an outward event that appears coincidental with information that makes that event personally meaningful.

Its meaning is usually thematic in dreams, and as we connect inspiration to an outward event we find active intuition that validates our inner processes. These inner processes also come to validate our pathway. Synchronicity is how the inner world and outer world are tied together ~ how thoughts affect what we experience. An event might be dismissed because the individual is unaware of the symbolism currently manifesting in their dreams. Measuring dreams against outer events, we discover an uncanny correlation on our pathway of transformation.

As an example, we may be going through life in a state of panic and hurrying to appointments, as we travel further from our authentic center. We experience people honking and cutting us off while we are driving. Since we are not in control of where we are going, we may ignore dreams in which we are being driven by someone else, or losing control of our vehicle.

Perhaps we dream of police stopping us, and the next day our wristwatch stops working. The more we rush forward, the more life appears to slow us down. The police in the dream represent a regulating tendency rising from within: slow down. How can we be living our authentic life if we are constantly rushing to meet the future?

We may be holding in our anger and when an event happens, we explode and respond with more emotion than the situation warranted. Since we are repressing our feelings, we may dream of a bear or tiger (mammalian/feelings) attacking us as if our emotional outburst came out of nowhere. The next day, we may be drawn consciously to witnessing pure animal aggression or again, experience others attacking us in some way. What happens around us has an uncanny way of reflecting the well being of our inner world. These repressed patterns of thought are usually thematic in dreams.

Something drastic like a car accident or open-heart surgery doesn’t usually occur until the other cues have failed. Only then, are we planted firmly in one place to understand how our life may have become unbalanced or how our heart had become closed. While we were running in circles, lost in the idea of what the future demanded of us, who were we? The one that knows within appears to take an active interest in promoting wholeness and wellness in this life. It promotes balance and demands that we stay connected to life as it unfolds.

Symbolism may first inspire our dreams and during the day, we may experience a synchronistic event where the same idea appears. Alternatively, a symbol in the outer world may appear in our dreams and then reappear the next day, giving it added emphasis. This symbolism may be repeated several times throughout the day or we may dismiss it and fail to see its message altogether. Synchronicity is showing us how profoundly our experience is tied to what is going on in here.


You may dream that someone is trying to inject you with a syringe if you have given this person an unusual amount of power over your feelings. If your blood is being drawn, you may feel that circumstances are no longer fulfilling. If you are injected with a healing substance, the message is offering you the promise that difficulty will soon be transformed. If you believe the substance will harm you - consider how the influences of others are changing you in ways that do not support who you are. See also Injection, Drugs.