Terms for letter: F


The letter "F" can have associations with the taboo and also captures the idea of a grade that describes failing miserably. It can be associated with sexual ideas or amusement at the expense of being more disciplined.

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Fabric is an interesting dream symbol that can sometimes relate to clothing or to the identity. In this case, the type of fabric can be personifying your character. For example velvet can symbolize wanting to feel special or plastic can symbolize a false sense of identity. If the fabric isn't related to clothing, it can symbolize how you are covering your identity for some reason. If the fabric has a strange power over you, the dream can be exploring the life you are living a lie, or how the sense of 'covering up' is orchestrating your life.

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Seeing a face can be the objective idea of ‘facing’ something or 'keeping face'. The symbolism associated with the face can suggest issues related to self-esteem and the expression of your unique qualities. See Anatomy and Body Parts and Clothing and Makeup.

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To dream of a character without a face can symbolize how you may not be 'keeping face' in a situation. You may have recently had the choice to make amends or do something that would have been embarrassing to earn back respect but chose not to. The faceless character can also be personifying your unknown potential as it exists as an 'open slate.' Finally, the most revealing aspect of a faceless character is the lack of senses. To see someone without a mouth, nose and eyes can be a message that you are not being natural, authentic or receptive in your communication with others or yourself.

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Washing the face can symbolize wanting to change your identity or expression in a way that reveals your true self. If you are having a facial that focuses on pimples, your self esteem can be festering below the surface because of old tapes or feelings of being unworthy. In a sense, you are coming clean and allowing old wounds to be healed so your beautiful nature is revealed. The freshness associated with the face can also represent facing a situation from the standpoint of starting over. See also Anatomy and Body Parts and Bath.

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The fax machine, like the phone, is a symbol of how communication from your unconscious is attempting to reach you. Since one document or idea is transmitted as an exact copy at the other end, the fax machine can also symbolize how thoughts become manifestation. The message or symbols on the fax should be explored to see what area is being brought to your attention.

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A dream that takes place in a factory can be exploring 'manufactured' behavior or how you are going through the motions without feeling fulfilled. Since new things are made in a factory, you can be exploring how you might develop new skills or express new potential at work. See Houses and Buildings.

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Facts about Dreams

Did You Know?

• It may appear that you do not dream, although research shows how REM or rapid eye movement demonstrates that EVERYONE dreams.

• To remember your dreams, simply make an effort to start paying attention to them. Once you begin observing clues that come forward, which can accelerate growth, exploring the dream for direction will increase your ability for recall.

• Studies show that brain activity increases when you are dreaming. The brain appears more active during dreaming than when you are awake.

• Researchers explore how the mind functions like a computer in its ‘back up’ and ‘recycle bin’ processes. As another sensory organ, you revisit experience, explore potential and release outworn perspectives. This is how dreaming becomes a healthy aspect of psychic health.

• When you are ‘stuck’ in a transformative cycle, the dream always reveals ‘the way through.’

• If your dream recurs, it should be given careful consideration. Once you understand it, you will see that it will not recur.

• If you are awakened during REM sleep, you will be able to remember your dreams in more detail than in the morning.

• The human body is designed with a paralytic feature that keeps your limbs from acting out on your dreams. The body holds an inherent wisdom that allows it to heal itself, which requires no thought or action on your part. Similarly, the process of dreaming can be viewed as a perceptive or parasympathetic ‘organ’ that achieves a type of ‘healing’ while you sleep.

• Dreams often present the exact opposite of what you believe to be true about yourself. Often sharing them with another person will allow you to recognize how the dream reflects what you are ‘missing’ about your current circumstance.

• Understanding your dreams can lead to balance and wellness as well as helping you to become more assertive and self-confident.

See Dream Basics and Dream Processing.

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The sense of humiliation that comes with failing in real life when transferred into the dreamscape, often comes with intensified emotion. Dreams always offer a playground to explore and process anxiety. You may have anxiety about succeeding in something you are working on, and dreaming about failing is a way of lessening or releasing unproductive worry and tension. If the issue is from long ago or not related to a current event, the dream may be exploring self-defeating thoughts. In real life, you may hold back your emotions and some incident can ‘set you off’ with more emotion than the situation warranted. In the same way, the psyche takes a similar opportunity, by using ‘short range’ or passing situations to work through ‘longer range’ issues that can lead to wellness and balance. Dreams about failing that have nothing to do with the present should be explored to understand how the symbolism might represent misplaced self-worth.

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Dreaming of being at a fair can symbolize the need to incorporate more enjoyment in what you are doing. The idea of ‘fairness’ might be something that is explored in a "Fair setting." This amusement and carnival atmosphere can also symbolize pretending or donning a persona that is not natural. See Amusement Park.

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Autumn is a time of year when all things of the earth turn back to be regenerated. Stripped of the previous year's growth, all living things return to their roots to be renewed. Autumn in a dream portrays the idea that a period of outward building to achieve success may be approaching a more introspective period. Sensing that the season has changed to autumn can coincide with having children moving out of the house or going into retirement. Although the earth moves toward incubation, an enormous amount of energy is building for a springtime to come. Dreaming of Fall or Autumn might be a message about slowing down to connect with your inner life.

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A dream in which you are falling has the exact opposite meaning as the dream where you ‘wake up’ to discover that you can fly. Where flying suggests an awareness that can transcend self-restraint, falling suggests the anxiety associated with setting unrealistic goals. Another reason that is suggested for the common occurrence of ‘falling dreams’ is that some part of the psyche is aware of ‘falling asleep’ or ‘sinking’ into a state of unconsciousness during dreaming. See Diving, Accident, Airplanes under Vehicles and Places of Transportation, and Flying.

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Dreams of family members are very common, although they are still generally a reflection of how you explore the qualities of others to learn more about your potential.. Dreams of this type often take place after an experience that has left you wondering about your personal dynamics.

Dreams are often portrayed in cycles of three, where one dreamscape morphs into two other settings. The first part of the dream suggests the crisis at hand, while the second part of the dream often includes family members as a way of exploring early dynamics that were inherited, and may need to be released. The third part is usually the most bizarre, offering clues to your transformational process. You wake up and dismiss the peculiar when this is the most relevant part of the dream. The psyche seeks to break through in any way it can. The things you find most difficult to face will appear in symbolism that leaves you puzzled. Family dynamics that you have inherited offer an enormous pallet of symbols for transformation as you move forward to discover your real identity.

Natural selection drives divergence in character because the more diversified we are, the better will be our chance for survival. Even family members within a particular species are endowed with variations. This ensures that competition for short supply in a shared environment is minimized. The family can be a source of support, even while their dynamics shape you like water shapes a stone. In the contrast of your differences, they often reveal your deeper color. You simply stand in the present as life’s best example of one variation of the line you carry forward.

The characters that appear in dreams are always portraying aspects of you. Siblings can personify your competitiveness or aspects that you associate with them, while parents suggest motherly and fatherly traits within you. See People and Wise Man/Woman under Archetypes and Universal Characters.

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Famous People

All people in our dreams represent sides of us. When you dream of famous people you are exploring the side of you that would be associated with the character. What are the adjectives you would use to describe this icon? These same qualities are being explored as emerging aspects of you. See People and Archetypes and Universal Characters.

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Since a farm is a place where animals are domesticated, dreaming of being on a farm is a symbol of getting to the roots of your emotions and behavior. See Animals.

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To dream of a farmer explores how you are planting and harvesting your desires. In a sense, you are getting grounded to examine your thought processes. If the dream involves harvesting food, you are investigating how your natural desires and talents can lead to fulfillment. If your association with the farmer in the dream is negative, you may not be taking responsibility for how your thoughts are undermining what you are trying to accomplish. The farmer seems to suggest that you 'reap what you plant."

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You may dream of being a fashion designer as you explore a new way of presenting who you are. The act of producing clothes shows a change in the identity that is being cultivated through Self direction. If you are in a fashion show, you may be trying on different identities to gain acceptance when the real you is being neglected. If you trip or have a mishap, your insecurities about what others think of you are undermining your development and self esteem. The message can be to stop 'dressing the part' and find a way of expressing who you are from the inside - out.

The idea of fashion shows trends or covering your real identity with a false persona. Shopping for clothes can portray how you are seeking the type of work or expression that 'suits you.'

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Generally all people in a dream represent you. The father in a dream signifies what you were taught in terms of aggression and asserting yourself to become independent, whether you are a man or woman. The father portrays that part undergoing exploration, and the dream offers a message about its well being through the drama of what takes place with the father.

Dad will appear in your dreams when you are exploring the influences that he holds over you. If he is driving the car - the dream can be showing how his influences are currently driving you. When he appears in your dream - examine his presence as your own judgements that can be either positive or negative. Similar to police appearing in a dream - dad can represent your critical tapes. Since everything in the dream is representing the dreamer - it is not 'dad' that is the focus - but the aspects that you adopted from him.

See Family.

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This fixture allows you to turn the flow of water – which relates to emotion - on and off. To dream of a faucet suggests that you are exploring how to turn emotions either on or off. In a new relationship, you may be trying to overcome feelings of jealousy and possessiveness, or are being forced to subdue your real feelings.

A situation may be forcing you to control your emotions and the issues surrounding the faucet will describe whether this is healthy. Chances are, if you are dreaming of a faucet, a new situation is breaking down your defenses so your real feelings can flow.

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If you were to boil all negative emotions down, you would find fear at the root in nearly every case. If something is unknown or not classified as good, it tends to go hand in hand with fear. We seek stasis, while life leads us to move beyond our tendency to hold to the familiar. Every plant and animal on the earth has outlasted a struggle for existence that is three and a half billion years old. Driven toward survival, overcoming fear is never second nature.

Fear and anxiety fund a large portion of what we dream. Why? Because we spend all of our lives trying to control the outcome. Change is the enemy unless we are the one orchestrating it. Dreams seem to push us beyond our need for control because growth is always easier when we are fearless.

Dreams are a safe environment to explore insecurities and fears. In fact, the vast majority of dreams involve some type of conflict. Dreaming allows difficulties we are facing to be 'acted out' through symbolism. Much inner shifting and growth occurs even while we are not remembering our dreams. When facing crisis, we are told to 'sleep on it.' When we wake up the situation always looks different. This is because much processing goes on in the dream state. Fear too, is diminished in this way.

When you wake up remembering the dream or feel afraid, you carry the strangeness of the dream back into consciousness. Often the bizarre symbols will stay with you as you explore its possible meaning. Dreaming specifically arouses emotion as a wake up call (not necessarily bad) and feeling fear is a strong motivator for change. Even the most frightening dreams are a good sign that something powerful is stirring within and seeking expression. See Evil and also Nightmare and Shadow.

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Seeing a feather in a dream can be a message about the need to 'lighten up.' If it is associated with another symbol, it can direct you as a key, pointing out what is required so you 'can fly.' The feather can personify the soul or spirit and the need for a more lightness in being. See also Feather under Birds.

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Dreaming of feces can be a way of exploring the idea of ‘letting go.’ Just as the body takes in nourishment and releases what is not necessary – dreaming also functions as an organ that helps us to eliminate unproductive thought processes.

People are often quite unsettled by this type of dream - but that ‘unsettling’ quality may be why the psyche chooses this specific symbol as its message: ‘you are holding on to something that is unhealthy. It is waste.’ The mind attempts to unsettle habitual patterns in order to ensure they are released in preparation for new growth.

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One of the most important aspects of dreaming is how they make you feel. Often dream imagery gets more frightening in proportion to your inability to face something. The message is not so much about danger, but that some aspect of the mind seeks expression. The more you are unwilling to allow it - the 'louder' it speaks. Dreams affect us in the same unspoken way as going to the movies. Their purpose is to dislodge the status quo so that we can be more responsive to how life is shaping us. Dreaming of an inability to feel brings this issue forward because you may not realize how cut off you are from your feelings.

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Feet can symbolize the ability to stand on your 'own two feet' or the ability to walk away from difficulty. Strange feet can suggest the path not traveled suggesting an unusual approach or way of carrying yourself forward. Bare feet suggest taking a path that allows for the natural expression of who you are. When a dream focuses on feet, you are exploring a way of going forward that better reflects who you are. See Anatomy and Body Parts.

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Female Genitals

Regardless of whether you are a man or woman, dreaming of female genitalia embodies connecting with sensitivity, intuition and the idea of rebirth associated with opening to what is kept hidden. For a woman, dreaming of breasts can portray her sense of value and the special qualities that she gives to the world. She may dream of another woman's genitals as she explores her own sexuality and openness, along with the idea that she may be keeping some aspect of herself hidden that is now being examined. For a man, dreaming of breasts can symbolize the desire to be nurtured and cared for. He may dream of the womb/vagina as a symbol of transformation or connecting with his latent sensitivity. See also Genitals, Womb, Anima/Animus and Anatomy and Body Parts.

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Like the symbol of being enclosed, a fence can have associations with feeling trapped. In the case of the fence, it doesn’t really keep things out and can be removed or bypassed quite easily. Feeling trapped goes hand in hand with idea of being a victim, when in actuality you are the perpetrator of a perpetual cycle. That you are dreaming of a fence, suggests that you realize that ‘established boundaries’ can be torn down. The fence can portray the idea of ‘no trespassing’ in a new relationship where boundaries are being explored.

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Unusual fenders can be a clear symbol of an elaborate defense mechanism that is blocking or protecting your motivation. It is not uncommon to dream of an accident that causes a dent in the fender of an automobile. Since the car represents your power to move toward your goals, this is a common dream scenario. Look at the rest of the dream to understand your motivation and issues that may be keeping you from feeling empowered. See Vehicles and Places of Transportation.

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The ferry combines the idea of public transportation (moving with the crowd toward conformity) with being on a ship (exploring emotions and feelings.) If you are waiting for a ferry, you may be too concerned with the idea of acceptance and are not able to express your real feelings. Since you are waiting, you may be giving the power to be fulfilled and autonomous in life to others, or to the whims of fate. The message might be to stop expecting and take responsibility for how you feel.

The condition of the water in relation to this type of boat ride can portray what is going on below 'the surface,' or how you really feel. Turbid water can represent old hurts that you need to process and release. Choppy or frightening water can represent a sense that you are not feeling in control of your emotions. Not being able to control what the ship is doing is the same thing as not taking responsibility for where you are going in life. The message of the dream might be to explore your feelings and sense of autonomy. If you wake up each day expecting difficulty - you will find it.

If the theme is more of solace and peace - you may have recently overcome a period of crisis and are moving happily with the flow of events. Receiving acknowledgment in the social sphere also manifests as traveling on a ship with others over smooth water.

Explore what takes place on the ferry for additional insight into this emotional crossing. See Cab and Ship under Vehicles and Places of Transportation.

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You can dream of a ball field as a way of exploring the idea of balance or feelings of competitiveness. In a more natural setting, you can be examining the part of your nature that is more natural and open. To dream of wandering into an empty field suggests a type of openness in meeting the future, where ideas can rise as inspiration. Regardless of what you are doing in the field, it is a symbol of expanding your awareness. Lush meadows can symbolize the fertile garden growing within you. You may come out of the forest after a difficult transition and arrive in the field as a representation of your newly expanded awareness. If the field reminds you of something from your childhood - you can be re-exploring your roots and limitations. If the field holds livestock, you can be exploring your spirited (horse) or domesticated (cow/goat) nature.

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The idea of fighting with someone or something is slightly different from the fearful dream in which you are running away. In this case you are taking stand to defend some aspect of yourself against another part of you. As a dream of integration, it will reveal whether something is emerging or being discarded. See Defend and Attack and Being Chased.

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Film and Television

Watching something happening on film, television or as an audience member show how you are exploring something objectively that you have not yet integrated into consciousness. The character, drama or even the news has taken a format where you are 'entertaining the idea' but it has not yet been integrated. The message is being played, although you could just as easily walk out of the room and it would continue playing. This portrays a type of disconnect from the issue at hand and exploring the other symbolism in the dream will shed light on what it is.

Operas and concerts show how you are exploring harmony between various sides of you so that all can function in 'concert' or unison. When music is involved, the dream is exploring the free expression of passion. Often the character that accompanies you to the concert can signify a side of you that is currently unexpressed. Many times people will dream of a loved one who has recently passed appearing on television, as their psyche moves toward the first steps in dealing with the loss. Television and movies can be seen as displaying reality in a format of 'hyperspace,' i,e: transition, or 'one step removed' from what you are prepared to acknowledge or face. See also Newspaper.

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Dreaming of a type of filter can embody an unwillingness to see the truth of what is unfolding. A faulty air filter in a car can symbolize the unnecessary restrictions you feel in expanding your horizons. Filtering water can represent holding back your feelings in some way, or attempting to understand them more clearly.

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Just as fear and anxiety are at the root of many dreams because they are usually emotions we are processing in dreams, looking for things and discovery is also an important aspect. When you dream of finding or searching for something, it is because whatever aspect that symbol represents in daily life is not given much consideration. To ‘find’ it in a dream suggests that you must ‘find’ or discover it in daily life. For example, finding a watch can focus you on time and the stages of life. Finding clothes can be related to discovering your authentic identity. Finding money can be symbolic of discovering self-worth. Finding an ancient object can represent a side of you that has been buried and needs to be resurrected.

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The finger can be a symbol that is pointing you toward something you are failing to see. A finger on the right hand shows direction, while on the left hand, can symbolize commitment. See Grasp and Hand under Anatomy and Body Parts.

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Since fingernails grow and must be groomed, and because they are associated with the hand, dreaming of fingernails can symbolize new ways of providing for yourself or taking what you need. Extremely long fingernails can symbolize not letting go, while broken fingernails show how change must take place even while you hold to the past. If your fingernails fall out, there is a sense of being forced to let go of what you thought you needed. Fingernails can also be associated with wisdom. Abnormal fingernails can personify the embarrassment you may feel because of your desires or needs. See Anatomy and Body Parts.

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Associated with anger and emotion, fire is a symbol of transformation and passion. When fire becomes the subject of a dream, there is a sense of recognizing the destructive power of anger or feelings that cannot be controlled. Anger is a variation of pain. When you are denying anger it is because you are hurting in a way that you are unable to understand or process. Dreaming of fire and the other symbolism surrounding it can be a catharsis or healing vehicle for transcending an old way of repressing feelings that are holding you back. Whatever symbol is on fire may need to be released or your relationship to it needs to be redefined. Fire is also associated with sexual feelings that are not finding an outlet. Passion can also be symbolized by fire and it is important that you recognize how passion is currently at work for you. In this case, the fire can be a call to activate passion in work that has become routine. Seeing a building burn can represent the transformation of your belief system or attitudes. See Ashes.

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Representing the character ‘who puts out fires’ the firefighter can portray 'dousing' feelings. Meeting police in a dream can be a symbol of restriction and the firefighter can symbolize dousing passion and anger. At work, you may be the ‘firefighter’ rushing in to solve everyone’s problems as a way of validating your worth. Perhaps there is insecurity surrounding your ability to delegate and as a problem solver, you find a road of many problems. Just as a person with a hammer sees only nails, a person with a fire extinguishing device will find many fires. As a character representing you, the firefighter may be ‘putting out your fire’ in terms of passion, sexuality and feelings. This character can also portray the defense mechanism at play in controlling anger or feelings. In this case, acknowledging anger may be required. See Fire.

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The creatures that live beneath the sea bring together the theme of instinctual behavior and the idea of what is repressed as emotion (water.) Fish live ‘below the surface’ and can portray how something previously unknown or unseen is actually alive and thriving. Any living thing associated with the sea will generally portray movement of the unconscious. Since ancient times, the fish has been associated with the idea of ‘trapping fate’ or a lucky break. You may dream of a fish when everything seems to be going your way. The different types of fish or creature and its Color, can shed light on how you are currently connecting with information from the unconscious. ‘A fish out of water’ is a symbol of the uncertainty you may feel in integrating your authentic nature with what is expected of you. Seeing fish in the air and out of water also symbolizes the free movement and release of what had previously been kept under the surface, as in an epiphany. People commonly dream of a fish floating in the air when a breakthrough is occuring through therapy or spiritual work. A dead fish often has an odor. It can symbolize an instinctive sense that ‘something doesn’t smell right’ or is 'fishy.' A dead fish can also symbolize how what you are hoping for is no longer an option. Finally, the fish can be symbolic of success, achievement and spiritual ideals. See also Sealife.

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This is a classic symbol of trying to ‘hook’ or capture the emerging sides of you that are stirring below the surface of awareness. Water often symbolizes the unconscious and since it houses potential - fishing in this area is a positive sign that you are attempting to activate potential. See also Water, Fish and Sealife.

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Five is often associated with fertility and creativity. Like the five digits of the hand and feet, it can symbolize our path or how we take what we need to be fulfilled in life. This is also a symbol that relates to family - and how we integrate fulfillment with a sense of the responsibility family life places upon us. See also Numbers.

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Dreaming of a flame can signify taking a closer look at what you are passionate about. Trying to light something in the rain can suggest the sense of something or someone ‘raining on your parade.’ See Candle and Fire.

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Many things in life float, although we usually dream of something floating in an unnatural way as the idea of letting go or opening to the unknown. A symbol floating in Water can symbolize an idea that has emerged from the unconscious that is connected to feelings. A dandelion seed floats in the wind, and has combined an intricate design with an ability to use the wind in its pursuit of regeneration. It expresses life's wonder and endless possibilities. In this way, floating can suggest finding a new way of seeing an ordinary situation. When you see a symbol suspended in the air that does not usually float, the message suggests seeing beyond the restrictions you have put on whatever the symbol represents. Fish can symbolize opportunity; a carpet can be a message about sweeping issues under the rug or also, a message about being swept away by fantasy. Any symbol that is floating or flying is being brought to a high level of awareness. As you let your defenses down and move toward intimacy with another, you have the sense of ‘floating on air.’ Floating or seeing another symbol float is often a good indication that you are letting go of self-restrictive tendencies. Explore the symbol that is floating for more clues about the need to open yourself to its possibilities. See Flying.

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Water dreams are very common because water represents your emotions, and how you feel about the changes that you face, as you move through life. To dream of turbulent water suggests a sense of emotional crisis associated with moving forward. Water flooding the feet can be symbolic of changes to the path that incorporate feelings and sensitivity. Water flooding into a house can represent integrating feelings with thoughts and ideas. Water flooding over ground can symbolize changes to your foundation that need to give way to feelings. Flooding can be a positive dream about being on the threshold of emotional growth and the release of feelings. In all of our ancient stories, water is the mysterious reservoir where the hero is to retrieve a treasure. Similarly, raging water often initiates you into a process of self-discovery. Floods can undermine the foundation of your beliefs until you are forced to let go. What you thought was solid and what you thought you needed, is washed away in the pursuit of basic survival or real fulfillment. Water can also represent health and wellness since it is a symbol of the elixir of life. See Dam and Natural Disasters under Landscape and Scenery.

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Dreaming of a floor can symbolize the foundation you stand upon. The condition of the floor shows whether or not it is stable. By traveling to a specific floor, you can be exploring levels of consciousness, where the upstairs can represent spiritual ideas and aspirations, while the basement has more of an association with what you are holding in the subconscious.

Stairs going up can symbolize examining aspirations, while stairs going down symbolize retracing steps or understanding the root of your motivation. The floor of a structure can be indicative of levels of awareness or may be associated with the meaning of the number involved: See Numbers. You stand on the ground floor of awareness and travel upward to achieve your ideals, or downward to find those things that you keep hidden below. Elevators and escalators that lead to different floors can also symbolize aspirations or how your upward or downward journey feels orchestrated beyond your control. See also Houses and Buildings.

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The beauty and delicacy of a flower can reflect the budding, blossoming or fragility of your ‘beautiful and sensitive’ nature. Since the flower is the plant's reproductive organ, it can also reflect sexuality or your ability to attract the things you need. Paper or fake flowers can represent manufactured feelings and sensitivity. Something flowery can be a message about covering up or protecting the truth. See also Colors.

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Dreams of flying occur during exhilarating or empowering points in your life. You may be dreaming and suddenly ‘wake up inside of the dream’ to realize that anything is possible and that you can fly. This is an aspect of the psyche exploring potential against self-imposed limitations. Flying can symbolize aspirations and the ability to achieve your goals. The ability to fly in a dream can also be expressing a sense of power and accomplishment. It encourages the idea of how closely experience is tied to thought and beliefs. The flying dream generally occurs during periods of successful achievement or heightened inspiration. See Airport and Airplanes.

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Flying Saucer

Like the dream of Aliens, there is something unfolding that is so ‘foreign’ to you, that you find it hard to identify with. The flying saucer combines this idea with issues of empowerment or moving forward as revealed by Vehicles and Places of Transportation.

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The inability to see your way forward in some situation can be portrayed by fog. As the emerging or transforming and therefore, temporary state of affairs, it can also signify being ‘cold and wet’ or reserved in your feelings.

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When you have a clear sense of following the crowd or being led, it can represent how some patterned or conditioned aspect of yourself is currently dominant. If you are dreaming about it, chances are there is a need to follow a path that is not so habitual or along the lines of conformity. Sometimes you will follow a Wise Guide in a dream to explore untapped potential. This can be an initiation type dream of discovering the clues that will help you actualize your destiny. Explore the landscapes and symbols associated with following to gain additional insight into the type of potential that is being explored.

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In daily life, food is the essence of nourishment, and has similar associations in dreams, although it captures the idea of fulfillment. We dream of food when we are seeking more reward from what we do, or are seeking deeper meaning in our relationships. If you are hungry in a dream, you are exploring what you need. Food and its connections to others or events suggests your hunger for success in this area. If eating is disrupting something you are attempting to do, then you are not finding fulfillment and need to ‘digest’ something to achieve satisfaction.

The different places where you eat can offer clues as to the area of life that is currently under exploration. A kitchen is associated with your upbringing, while restaurants portray social exchanges or public recognition. Food related to work imagery suggests the way you are seeking more reward and fulfillment in your work. Food associated with cars will symbolize your motivation or what you may be doing that is undermining fulfillment for you.

Bread and water represent basic needs, where bread can symbolize the body, and water -the emotions. Bread also has associations with money and when it is toasted, it can represent how you are being 'seasoned' by experience, or the sense that you are 'ready.' Toast can also symbolize a fear of failure or the sense that it is time to go. The nourishment that is taken in by ‘drinking’ is associated with a ‘thirst’ for something describing necessity, luxury and pleasure, like ‘lapping it up’ and ‘drinking it in.’ Milk actually takes the idea of nourishment a little deeper because of its associations with mother and childhood.

Cake or desserts represent enjoyment or becoming more open in the sense of ‘having your cake and eating it too.’ Dreaming of desserts symbolizes a desire to truly enjoy life as in 'icing on the cake' or reward from the sense of receiving one's 'just desserts.' Since desserts are not considered fundamental nourishment and tend to gratify our desires, they have associations with seeking reward, perhaps when considering changing careers or exploring love, and how it can nourish you. Vegetables will have associations with their shapes and colors, often portraying sexual needs and the idea of doing what is good for us. Vegetables that grow beneath the earth, such as carrots, potatoes, onions and radishes often suggest how you are gestating or not actively acknowledging what is growing within. Corn has a special significance because of its association with teeth and ears, signifying increased sensitivity and perception. The carrot is a symbol of ambition, as in going after the ‘carrot.’ Onions have many layers and can portray the intricate layers that need to be peeled way to discover sustenance. At the same time, onions make you cry and can symbolize the need to allow something painful to surface so that you can move to greener pastures. Plants that require that you care for them while growing, suggest that you must prune or nurture your sense of nourishment and fulfillment over time.

Fruit on a Tree presents a type of food, where sustenance is there for you, to be taken from the ‘Tree of Life.’ Apples can represent consequences, or achievement and effort, as something that grows and falls to the earth. Apples and oranges can suggest health associated with their power to heal, although an orange is sometimes odd, since nothing rhymes with orange. Orange is also associated with the color that makes something stand out or requires attention. The lemon can be associated with a sour attitude or missing out on something and feeling jealous. Dreaming of fruit suggests that something exists within your reach and you need only ‘pluck it’ to be more fulfilled. Meat has an association with ‘hunting’ or sexual nourishment, while milk suggests attainment and satisfaction in the sense of ‘the land of milk and honey’ or ‘mother’s milk’ flowing from the breast.

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Foreign People and Places

Going to a foreign city means that you are exploring social needs that are new or unfamiliar. Life is a constant learning process, and as you make changes, all aspects of who you are changing too. Reflect on the nature of a particular city and its attributes for clues about your current direction. Meeting foreign people, like aborigines, can suggest your more organic and natural side coming forward. Cosmopolitan places and people will reflect the side of you that you associate with this group of people.

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The tree often signifies the roots of who you are and the genetic heritage that grows within you. Just as we 'see the forest or see the trees' the forest is a more broad perspective of the dynamics we have inherited and how they are serving us on our journey. It is not uncommon to be lost, wandering or searching for something in a forest or cave as you move through various levels of consciousness. Sometimes you will meet the enchanting characters and animals that become archetypes during a period of transformation.

Like the Cave, the forest is a powerful symbol of searching for your roots. It also represents the subconscious or area that is most near consciousness, where ideas are being explored and assimilated.

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Since you are dreaming that you are forgetting something, you might explore its opposite meaning. Perhaps you are overly focused on something that some aspect of your higher mind finds trivial. On the other hand, you may be dreaming of what you are forgetting as a way of bringing it into a higher level of focus. Like dreams where you seem to be Awake, while actually asleep, dreams of forgetting show your Anxiety about having so much on your plate that you fail to ‘remember’ the important things. The symbolism surrounding what you are forgetting will provide additional insight into what it is.

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Kitchen utensils are associated with changes you are making. You use them to take what you need in order to find nourishment and self worth. Like food, the symbolism is exploring fulfillment. The difference between a fork and a spoon is their shape. A spoon suggests what you need to hold onto in order to feel satisfied, while the fork is more symbolic of taking a stab at something, or making a change in direction that will help you provide for yourself. The fork can also symbolize choices or a crossroad, as in a 'fork in the road.'

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As a majestic and endless flow of water, the fountain can represent your regenerative and free flowing feelings and your connection to your inner ‘wellspring.’ See Water.

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A dream that focuses on the number four is exploring a more earthy perspective. Four can represent the elements in terms of balance and the idea of getting grounded before moving forward. See Numbers.

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The fox is associated with craftiness or sneaky behavior. Their refined instincts can symbolize intuition that is not being acted upon. See Animals.

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All people in a dream represent various parts of your identity as you grow. Friends from childhood can portray characteristics that were adopted during those formative years, while current friends will portray that side of you that you associate with them. What is the one word you would use to describe this friend? Reflect on whether or not this characteristic is currently active in some situation.

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The frog in a dream can represent the need to take a ‘leap’ in a new direction. This reptile is known for its ability to jump from one place to another and can represent staying in one place too long when you may need to take a ‘leap of faith.’ See Reptiles.

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The front of a house, building or store symbolizes the part of us that we put 'out there' for others to see. We are usually in the front when we are making changes to how we approach or interact with others. Dreaming of the front door or front yard shows how we move toward opportunity or how we socialize (unlike the back area that we keep more private.) Focusing on the front of any object seems to suggest appearance or how something seems on the surface - although the truth may be different. The front side of the body, especially as it relates to what we wear portrays the identity and the Persona. Just as we 'con front' situations - these dreams show us stepping out or changing how we appear or how we do things. After a period of isolation - we may dream of doing something on the porch as we 'come out' of hiding. See also Placement and Perspective.

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The frontier in a dream can show the lines that delineate your comfort zone. You may dream of a frontier when you are exploring a new direction or the boundary of what feels safe. There is a sense of embarking into the unknown when you dream of the frontier. See Border.

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Anything that is cold or frozen in a dream represents the idea that you are cut off from your feelings, or you are keeping an idea 'on ice' rather than processing and releasing it. Seeing something frozen, or encased in ice and lifeless, can signify your awareness that some aspect of you is inanimate, possibly because of fear: ‘frozen with fear.’ Explore the symbol that is associated with being frozen for additional insight into what you may need to thaw out and bring back to life. See also Refrigerator.

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Since fruits are juicy and nourishing, they can be sexual symbols. As a food, they personify fulfillment and perhaps, 'taking a bigger bite' out of experience to know fulfillment. You may need to slow down and appreciate the journey. As the 'fruit of your labor' fruit can be associated with reward. See the individual fruits under Food.

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We generally dream of attending a funeral when we are making changes to our sense of self. Attending the funeral can be a way of 'putting to rest' aspects we associate with the person who is being buried. In some cases the person is unknown - we may be seeing an objective portrayal of how we may have 'buried' away an important aspect of the self that is being explored. See also Burial.

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As a ‘protective covering that provides warmth,’ fur can be a symbol of seeking protection or security. It can also appear as a reference to sexual urges that are being hidden.

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Dreams of furniture show the ideas 'you rest upon.' Floating furniture is a message to lighten up and can signify changes to ideas you have long held to be sacred. Often associated with a specific room, furniture represents your ideas in relation to the area of the psyche described in Houses and Buildings. You may explore your idea of sexuality on a bed, although if the dream focuses particularly on the bed, it suggests that you are exploring a new way of understanding your sexual needs. Sometimes you will find yourself doing unusual things on the bed as your psyche exercises the opportunity to break free from restraint to allow for the free expression of your sexuality. Furniture associated with a kitchen can portray how you are moving toward fulfillment in a broader sense, so you may become more nourished by experience. Items associated with the living room show ideas related to social exchanges with others, while the family room can portray ideas adopted from family. Looking through cupboards,  cabinets or armoire can be how you explore ideas that have been hidden away but remain important. Consider the symbol that is found in thae cabinet and how it might be brought out or tapped to achieve fulfillment.

A chair captures the seat of your ideas and can symbolize ideas from the past in which you take comfort. It’s condition, colors and patterns can offer clues to the ideas that are being explored. The couch and sofa reveal adopted behaviors associated with family dynamics. A footstool or ottoman can signify ideas associated with your life direction, or at the root of your motivation. The table is a place where things are ‘out in the open’ or displayed for public view, as in 'out on the table.' Items on a table can suggest the current way you are expressing yourself. A lamp provides additional light or insight, and can symbolize something from the unconscious that is attempting ‘to come to light.’ The carpet or rug is often a symbol of sweeping issues ‘under the rug’ as you move forward. Patterns in a rug or a tapestry can portray how you are exploring the part you play in creating your circumstances. See Houses and Buildings for additional insight on specific furniture.

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