Terms for letter: N


The letter "N" can relate to ideas like nebulous, night, and negative, suggesting the subconscious themes of abreaction or defense mechanisms. Associated with nudity and natural - its message can highlight authenticity or how you explore inconsistencies presented in the theme of the Trickster. To achieve something in the 'nth' degree portrays achieving your highest potential. Its shape can symbolize the vicissitudes of life that lead you up and then down as you sometimes go backward in order to go forward.

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If you are pounding a nail in a dream, it can represent ‘hitting the nail on the head’ or the need to focus. A screw can symbolize digging beneath the surface or the idea that your journey is circular, perhaps retracing your path prior to moving forward. The screw can also suggest that something isn't quite right, as in 'screwy' or how appearances are not what they seem. See Hammer under Weapons and Utensils. If it is a fingernail, it can signify attitudes that grow and require grooming over time. Fingernails can also be associated with wisdom. See Anatomy and Body Parts.

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Being naked or exposed suggests how you may be exposing the deeper or hidden sides of yourself. As you move toward intimacy, you may have dreams of being undressed in public or relieving yourself in bathrooms without walls as the result of having your nakedness exposed. As a child, you may have dreamt of going to school in your underwear when what you most wanted was to abide by the golden rule. In proportion to the rules you impose on yourself, you will find that dreams lead you toward the freedom to be yourself. To ‘get naked’ or relieve yourself of your outer covering, you are allowing for the movement of other aspects of the psyche that had not previously found expression. This sense of being vulnerable, suggests how intimacy and exposing yourself is the only way of empowering authenticity.

Being exposed can also take place in dreams in which you feel trapped or frightened. Since the dream is bringing all that you fear to the surface, the symbolism should be given careful consideration so that you can transform the energy of fear into authentic empowerment. If the dream focuses on a snake, you might shed your skin and learn to express your natural drives; if it is an intruder, then you might try facing intimacy without feeling like others are intruding. When some part of you is being revealed, stalked and discarded or killed, you ‘get naked,’ confront the truth of what you fail to understand about yourself and learn to ‘let what is unnecessary go.’

Dreams usually reveal the exact opposite of what you believe to be true about yourself. When you are frightened, it is a call to overcome your fear of being natural. If you feel ashamed, you may need to overcome shame to exist as a natural creature in a natural world. See Clothing and Makeup.

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The focus on your name in a dream is a message to re-explore your roots. Your name is the ‘identity’ that you have had your entire life. If you are trying to be someone that you are not, the name can bring that message home. Hearing a bizarre name in a dream happens when you are adopting new ways of interacting and experiencing life. This name is a ‘label’ for the emerging side of you that has yet to be processed and integrated. It is common for the psyche to use a name cryptically and humorously as a way of exploring inconsistencies or unacknowledged issues. Approach the name objectively and explore it in the internet. You will be amazed at what you can learn about yourself when a character (which is representing an aspect of you) tells you a name. See also Answer.

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If you are entering a space that you would describe as being narrow, it can represent how you have paved a way unwittingly that is not allowing you to express your full capabilities. Seeing a symbol that is narrow can reflect being ‘narrow minded’ in your outlook or feeling hemmed in by circumstances.

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Dreaming of characters that interact in a more natural setting can personify your own earthy nature that might operate if you were not so concerned with fitting in. People of other ethnicities can appear in dreams when we are exploring our more exotic or non conforming nature. See also Aborigine.

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Natural Disaster

Natural Disasters, like earthquakes and volcanoes portray the transformative power or your emotions rising to the surface in the face of all that you believed to be static. The Earth can give way in landslides, which can destroy the structures you build. These structures represent the self and how it is evolving to meet the changes in your environment. Disasters associated with the wind, like tornadoes and hurricanes portray the movement of consciousness, and suggests how the hidden continues to stir within you. To dream of a tornado, signifies urges and emotions that have the potential to overwhelm you, and in a sense you are picked up and placed into another context. You are released from your controlling and protective tendencies, which can only keep you re-creating the past. See also Landscape and Scenery.

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Nearness in a dream can portray ideas like intimacy or what you are protecting and carrying with you. Near can represent ‘almost’ or ‘not quite’ as the idea that with just a little more effort you can be successful. Explore the symbol that is positioned near any other symbol to see the influence or approach that might be adopted. See Placement and Perspective.

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Focusing on the neck in a dream can represent feeling over burdened. Something can be serving as a 'pain in the neck' or you might be 'sticking your neck out' in terms of taking chances. The idea of 'being yoked' along with its other associations can make the neck a symbol of enabling behavior. Putting something around your neck can be a symbol of restriction or a lack of freedom in movement. If it is a pendant or necklace, you can be attempting to make your individuality more clear to others. See also Anatomy and Body Parts.

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To dream of being given or wearing a special necklace with stones can symbolize how you are trusting in the direction of your Higher Self where the necklace becomes a symbol of your commitment to this connection. Since it covers the heart, it is a symbol of self acceptance and the discovery/commitment to inner beauty. In some cases, since it is worn around the neck, the necklace can have associations with being yoked by responsibilities. If the necklace is broken or lost, you may be coming to terms with letting go of something you have been committed to. See also Amulet and Necklace.

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The needle can symbolize ideas like 'the needle in the haystack' or a sense that something valuable is in front of you but you are not seeing it because you are focused only on loss. The message can be about overcoming confusion and the need to focus in order to 'sew' the seeds of success. If the needle pierces the skin, it indicates the need to allow your feelings and emotions to come to 'skin awareness.' It draws blood at the same time that it causes pain. Both ideas are associated with the activation of feelings. You may feel that opening to intimacy is painful, but being injected with a needle suggests the necessary healing that will allow you to move on. Threading a sewing needle is a symbol of creating a new identity. See Drugs, Blood and also, Seamstress and Tailor.

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The bird’s nest is often hidden in the branches of a tree, bringing forward both, the idea of your roots and the protective place that shields your spiritual nature. An insect’s nest or hive is suggestive of the things that bother you, even while you cannot let them go. See Tree and Birds.

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The newspaper is a symbol of having something ‘put out there’ for public display. Seeing something very personal in the news can symbolize how you feel uncomfortable sharing intimate details about yourself with others. Seeing it ‘advertised’ for public view, is often the first step in owning up to what you would rather not face. Whatever ‘has been published’ needs to find its way into waking consciousness. See Advertisement.

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The setting of a dream is as important as the symbols that appear. To dream of something taking place in darkness or at night shows that you are unaware of the issue being explored. If a series of dreams moves from darkness to daylight, you are allowing this information to make its way into conscious awareness. See Day and Night and Placement and Perspective.

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The nightclub is a ‘dark place’ where you socialize with others, and can symbolize a lack of awareness of your behavior in social situations. People from the past can appear in this type of setting as you explore traits that you associate with them, and whether or not they are active within you. This is especially true if it is a setting where you are being chased or pursued. The activity of drinking - along with the idea that we dream about what we are not facing - can sometimes be a wake up call to examine substance abuse. See Alcohol, Night and Attack or Being Chased.

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Dreaming is a safe environment that allows us to explore our potential for change. When we are not open to change, or unwilling to acknowledge being in a rut, dreams often get extremely colorful. In an effort to get our attention, they can appear quite frightening. Nightmares are actually a good sign that something powerful is stirring within. Since we dream of what we are not facing, nightmares are a wake up call to take stock of what is blocking your growth and authenticity. Sometimes you may refuse to acknowledge that ‘you are on the wrong path,’ and often nightmares will recur until changes are made and the situation is resolved. It can be as simple as ‘leaving something behind’ while you hurry to your destination or as frightening as actually experiencing death or dismemberment. More than any other dream, the nightmare will disturb you so profoundly, that rather than run, you are forced to confront the truth. This is its simple goal: overcome your fear by seeing how ‘unreasonable’ it is. Once this fearful aspect that you are not facing is integrated, the nightmare will not recur. See Shadow and Attack and Being Chased.

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Since ancient times, Nine has been a number associated with magic and mystery because of its peculiarities in mathematics. Dreaming of the number 9 can symbolize the Archetype of the Magician - or the profound ability to use what is at your disposal to achieve what you think is not possible. The cat has 'nine lives' to suggest how 9 symbolizes potential in the face of what appears to be an impasse. As the highest single digit number - and ideas like 'to the ninth degree,' dreaming of 9 can show completion or situations reaching an apex. In numerology it is the representation of a highly evolved spiritual awareness that points toward humanitarianism or a focus that transcends the sense of Self. See also 911 and Numbers.

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Nine One One

Like Red writing under Colors, when you are calling 911, you may be experiencing a sense of crisis and are ‘calling’ on the higher aspects of yourself to solve the problem. See Doctor and Hospital under Houses and Buildings.

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A dream that is focused on the direction of north can symbolize finding your bearings as in ‘true north’ on a compass. Since it is associated with a cooler climate, it can also symbolize ‘cooling off’ or getting control of your anger or other emotions.

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The nose can be associated with a need to get at the bottom of something you are not facing. As the sensory organ most prominent on the face, the nose can symbolize your character and your need for acknowledgment. If the nose is bleeding, you may not realize how important passion is to your sense of success. See Blood and Anatomy and Body Parts.

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Anytime the dream focuses on emptiness or the idea that 'nothing' was there - you are exploring the idea of substance and fulfillment in what you are doing.

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Not always obvious in a dream, numbers can appear in subtle ways. They can have universal meanings from sayings: threes a crowd; seventh heaven; or the ninth degree. They can also have personal meaning based on your past or actual experience. If numbers appear in relation to time, they can be exploring where you stand in relation to life stages. Numbers related to times of day can appear as morning (representing beginnings) afternoon (apexes or turning points) and evening (endings.)

Explore the numbers objectively. For example: 3:15 can represent a need for (3) integration - (1) that involves the self - and (5) parenting/nurturing others. Dreaming of 719 can suggest how (7) fate - often leads you (1) backward or back to the self - before you can achieve (9) actualization. Life is often a circular journey. If you add the numbers together, they can also offer a messages where 3+1+5 = 8, or organization and patience. Sometimes numbers are prophetic and pertain to how issues will be resolved in terms of months or days.

Zero and eight often suggest wholeness and infinity because both appear endless. Like the circle or mandala, zero can be a composition of the Self as it moves toward wholeness. Round shapes are often a message about taking a more holistic perspective that is more inclusive and less self centered. One suggests aloneness or self-sufficiency; Two depicts partnerships, choices and integration; Three can represent difficulty that requires integration, in the sense of a triangle situation, which demands resolution so balance can be achieved. It can also suggest getting the ‘third degree’ or ‘threes a crowd;’ Four can symbolize getting grounded; luck as in four leaf clovers, a symbol of the earth and elements; stability, as in ‘four on the floor’ or crouching prior to moving forward. It is often a symbol that appears when you are getting grounded, more earthy in your approach or seeking balance. Five can be associated with family, and represent fertility, abundance, and parenting. Like the digits of the hands and feet, issues related to taking, giving, holding and sustenance can be explored through the number five.

Six can be a way of getting the idea of ‘sex’ out in the open or it can have mysterious or spiritual/psychic associations as in the case of extra sensory perception. Often dreams of the number six can be a message about going beyond the senses or routine observation. Seven is associated with religion and stages or cycles in life. It can symbolize luck and reward as in experiencing seventh heaven. Seven also appears as a representation of fate or simply relying on opportunity rather than making concrete decisions.

Eight can represent infinity, eternity or wholeness, but it is also a symbol of evolution. Eight is a powerful number that can signify patience. organization and leadership. Words that are Homonyms (like eight/ate or six/sex) are the psyche’s clever tools for slipping ideas past consciousness. In light of this, eight must also be considered in relation to Food and nourishment. Nine is usually associated with a turning point or apex; being at the end of our rope as in ‘nine lives’ or 911. But nine can also symbolize opportunities being missed by not challenging yourself. It can signify excess or perfection since it is associated with ‘being dressed to the nines.’ Nine is also a number associated with a more humanitarian perspective and the idea of higher thought or philosophy.

Ten can signify ambition because of its association with completion and arrival. It is a sense of having it all and integrating family and work in productive ways. You can dream of something related to the eleventh hour or it can be the non-integrated idea of one against one; Twelve, as in months, becomes completion or the beginning of a new cycle; Thirteen is odd, unnatural or unlucky and must also be considered in terms of integrating one (self) and three (eliminating or choosing.)

Numbers can be associated with personal experience, age or they can also be reduced to units. Fourteen, as one and four suggests how your idea of independence (one), is currently challenged by issues of balance (four.) Twenty-five becomes two and five, and can signify how partnership (two) leads to fertility or issues about giving and taking (five.) Forty-six would be a message about stability (four) as you approach sex or increased ‘senses,’ or sensuality (six.)

If you are searching career direction - numbers can be associated with certain areas. For example One can represent an entrepreneurial approach; Two can suggest work that relates to managing money or that utilizes the senses. Three can symbolize communication and marketing; Four can relate to the home or real estate; Five the arts; Six health and hygiene; Seven fashion and relationships; Eight big business and the stock market; Nine law and politics; Ten public relations; Eleven science or humanitarian work and Twelve can represent hospitals and public service.

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For a woman, the nun can represent a sense of protecting or covering sexuality in light of spiritual beliefs. She can embody a sense of what you hold to be sacred. For a man, the nun can represent an underdeveloped sensitive nature.

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The nurse can symbolize a need to retreat or rejuvenate. As an Archetype, this character is the part of the Self that ensures balance so that we can achieve longevity. Being cared for by a nurse can suggest that you are not caring for some aspect of yourself - or are focused too much in one area that an equally important aspect is in need of nurturing. See also Hospital and Houses and Buildings.

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The nut is a type of food that is encased in a protective shell. Since food represents nourishment, dreaming of a nut can symbolize how you are unable to find nourishment because of your protective tendencies. The nut is also associated with feeling that some side of you is ‘nutty.’

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