Terms for letter: Q


The letter "Q" conjures ideas of the strange, bizarre and dramatic as in 'curly Q.' You may feel that there are strings attached to being open, or embarking on a new sense of adventure may require that you stay grounded and practical. It can also suggest elegance and grace. This is a regal letter that can also pose a question in a type of initiation where solving a puzzle leads to Self actualization. In this case the letter Q can relate to the idea of being given a cue or clues.

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Using a Q-tip in a dream can symbolize changes to how you take in information by listening. In a sense, you need to 'clean' your ears so you don't become dismissive or quick to jump to conclusions. The message is to take an active part in the listening process. Perhaps you missed a valuable cue or clue because you dismissed the opportunity to explore it as something new.

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Any time a symbol associated with four appears in a dream, the message is about balance and earthiness. Just as there are four basic elements and directions, dreaming of quadruplets shows the activation of all sides (mental, spiritual, emotional, physical) and how balance is being achieved within.

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The quail is often thought of as a type of bird that doesn't fly, but hides in the brush. It can symbolize aspirations that are grounded - in both a positive and negative sense. The quail does fly for short distances, and may appear in a dream as a message about taking a more grounded approach. Their unusual top feather can symbolize a desire to 'have a feather in one's cap.' Like the chicken, it is more wild and exotic, and the quail can symbolize unusual defense mechanisms. See also Birds.

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Dreaming of a Quaker character can symbolize your own ideas of purity or chastity. There may be something unusually 'puritanical' in your current approach. The religious association can tie the Quaker to the exploration of your spiritual ideas. The image of the Quaker related to the oat cereal brand can be a way of exploring why 'sowing your wild oats' may be under a type of 'house arrest' related to critical conscience. Another theme that the Quaker can personify is the 'quaking' or movement of urges that have been 'under wraps.' Associated with oats, it may suggest the idea of sowing your 'wild oats.'

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Numbers are important in a dream because they can show the nature of elements undergoing exploration. For example Two can symbolize choices or the need for balance while Three can show the possibilities that arise when we consider the middle ground between two extreme ways of thinking. See Numbers.

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The idea of quarantine represents taking special care when approaching something that might be 'infectious' like runaway feelings or affections. While the dream has little to do with the actual idea that your health is threatened, the action of placing something in quarantine allows you to examine how you enact 'compulsory isolation' when you might find more happiness by opening up. You may not be giving free reign to your feelings. Dis-ease can objectify how you are feeling uneasy - or how you might release the tendency to hold back. When your feelings seem beyond your control - the idea of avoiding infection can symbolize your fear of 'affection' or intimacy. If you are being quarantined because you may be a threat to others - the dream can be suggesting that your behavior or thoughts are blocking your development. This type of dream can be a 'time out' while you re-examine unproductive thought patterns. You may also need to examine your self esteem to ensure that you are not harboring feelings of inadequacy.

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During the day we can meet people that challenge us through a type of conflict. It is usually not the easy relationships in our lives that keep us growing, but the challenging ones. In the same way, characters that challenge you in a dream are attempting to bring something new into awareness. The particular character challenging you can represent a side of you that is undergoing exploration. Explore an adjective you would use to describe the person you are quarreling with in a dream. How does the character portray an aspect that you may be discarding, adopting or perhaps ignoring? The quarrel brings this issue forward for your consideration. See People, Attack and Being Chased and also Shadow and Archetypes and Universal Characters.

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To dream of a quarter symbolizes a sense of inadequacy. As the idea of 1/4th, you may be giving too much consideration to only one aspect of a well rounded life. Also explore whether the quarter might be representing your current living arrangement or 'quarters.' An idea you might not want to face by day, can be captured in the symbol of a quarter.

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The Queen in a dream can symbolize the Wise Woman Archetype. For a woman, she can embody power and wisdom becoming active. For the man, she can embody one of the last stages in his initiation into the feeling realm. The Queen can portray the negative aspects of what is associated with the feminine as well- such as manipulation, gossip and being overly dramatic. Explore what qualities are undergoing scrutiny by the Queen - and how this scrutiny is self inflicted. Her message is a powerful one and her appearance usually ushers in heightened creativity, intuition and sensitivity.

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Words that stand out in a dream are usually a clear message describing something that needs to be heeded. In fact, often you will wake up with words on your mind as the dream state changes into waking state. These words are capturing the dream imagery so stop and observe if you can see this happening upon waking. These words will sometimes become prophetic (capturing events that will unfold during the week) and is an interesting exercise that allows you to see how dreams have a different time sense.

When a question is asked of you in a dream - explore this question as if it is something your higher self is asking of you.

A good trick to enhance dream recall: use the state prior to waking to transfer the imagery in your dream into words. You dream in right brain holistic imagery yet usually awaken into left brain logic. The transition back to the left brain logical side can make the imagery evaporate. By transferring the images into words, you can then explore the symbols. You don't need to remember everything. You will generally dream of the same themes in different settings during the night. See also Answer.

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Dreaming of being trapped in quick sand can be a message that the foundation of your established beliefs is undergoing a type of implosion. While self limiting ideas may be trapping you, the solvency of the foundation is actually a good sign that the foundation is being reworked. See also Dream Setting and Landscape and Scenery.

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A quilt can represent the need for security in both positive and negative ways. If you cover yourself with a quilt to be warm, you might examine if you are feeling a sense of coldness around you because you are remaining distant from others. If you are making a quilt, you are taking steps to incorporate security in your life. A blanket can also show how you may be covering or protecting something that needs to be explored. If it is the blanket or quilt of your childhood, you may need to examine whether your fear of intimacy stems from the type of love you received as a child. The dream is showing your desire to bring warmth into your life.

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A dream that focuses on the Quiver that carries bows and arrows offers a message about focusing on what is important. You may need to establish goals or examine what you are working to achieve - and whether or not it is right for you. Carrying bows and arrows on your back can also be a message about being too defensive. See also Arrow and Bow.

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Taking a quiz or exam in a dream can be a type of initiation to examine whether your beliefs are serving you in a productive way. If you are late for the test and therefore fail, your own insecurities are undermining your ability for success. A person doesn't succeed in life if they believe they will fail. Failure is a prerequisite for success. All accomplishments are achieved after a series of trials that include missing the mark. If you have suddenly forgotten what the material is about, you are being given the opportunity to let your old way of thinking go.

Being quizzed by an unusual character can also be the activation of the Trickster archetype. You are tripped up in your inconsistencies of thought, so that you can start with a fresh perspective. The quiz measures what you know - and sometimes it is better not to know so that you can discover.

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