Terms for letter: V


The letter "V" can relate to affection or suggest sexuality when it is not being expressed. Like "A" it is another symbol that can look like an arrow - only it is pointing downwards as a message about feelings stirring in the lower regions; ie: sex.

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If you are entering a vacant house or building in a dream, you may have a sense that an old way has come to an end. At the same time, the vacancy can also symbolize potential that is not immediately obvious. Exploring rooms that are empty of furnishings shows how you are opening to new possibilities that couldn't have been possible without learning to let go of the past. If it is an apartment that is vacant, it can symbolize a transitory perspective as you move through a type of transformation, as in changing jobs, relationships or moving toward a more spiritual awareness. Dreaming of something that is vacant can also personify the sense of emptiness that comes from pleasing others or doing things that are not fulfilling.

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These types of dreams are very common and portray a landscape where you can be free from the daily regimen. Going on ‘vacation’ captures the dreamscape where you can escape from the ‘daily constraints’ of consciousness. See Landscape and Scenery.

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Getting a vaccine in a dream can portray your defense mechanisms as you ward off facing something that threatens to 'invade' your privacy or emotional aloofness. In many cases you will be getting a vaccine for something that seems like nonsense, as your mind shows you there is no reason to be afraid of intimacy. Since a vaccine is meant to boost an area of 'weakness' within you, the dream can be helping you to understand an area where you might grow stronger. See also Syringe and Drugs.

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This landscape between mountains can suggest the feminine body and the budding fertility of your inner reserves and transformative potential.

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Since vampire movies are becoming very popular, this Archetype is making a comeback. It can be associated with sexuality, but since it bites on the neck it can bring up issues related to commitment. This is a character who is sustained by ‘Blood’ or the need to get below the surface to find nourishment through feelings. It can symbolize opening to feelings. While it may seem grotesque, there is a message here about how you need to find natural sustenance, allowing your feelings to be expressed. See also Shadow.

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Vehicles often portray how you are moving forward in life and what motivates you. You may dream of a moving van when you are sorting through past ideas, or are having difficulty letting go of past resentments. The moving van ties together the idea of moving forward with the things you carry with you.

Since furniture can symbolize ideas and what we place out there for public view, moving furniture is a message about sorting through how we present ourselves or how we are seeing what is unchanging about us – as it relates to letting go of the past. Explore the various symbols that are being moved for more insight into what part of your idea structure is being transformed.

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Like the Womb, the vase can symbolize all that you associate with your feminine heritage. Its condition will reflect whether or not you have a good relationship with this part of your upbringing. As something of value that is also fragile - it can represent your sensitivity and feelings. You may dream of a broken vase when you are coming to terms with feminine influences that undermine your self esteem. If the vase is an heirloom - you are acknowledging these gifts. Since it is often displayed as something of beauty - it can suggest wanting to be appreciated.

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Vegetables often have associations that relate to their shape and color. They can represent the idea of fulfillment from an organic level, as in health, sex and general well being. Unlike fruit, vegetables often grow beneath the soil and can represent digging within to uncover unrecognized talent and potential. Your fulfillment and potential is often personified by the type of vegetable that is being presented. See individual vegetables and also Food.

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Vehicles and Places of Transportation

Vehicles and Places of Transportation are common dream themes. These types of dreams suggest the condition in which you are currently moving forward. The type of vehicle, and whether or not you are driving, in control or being driven, will portray your present sense of direction and autonomy.

Boats, buses and trains, in which you are a ‘passenger,’ suggest how you are following a course that is not self-directed and not easily changed. Travel over water is indicative of emotions and how the ‘flow of events’ or ‘current’ is leading you forward into the future, and often represent the internal drama of uncertainty. The water can be dark, calm or choppy in relation to how you feel about where you are currently going in life. The train follows a proven track as a representation of how the course has been laid down for you. The train can symbolize other's expectations and not necessarily your own. Missing a train can symbolize fears of failing in the eyes of what is expected of you. Jumping in and out of trains can symbolize how you are trying to find your own way. If you dream of a box car on a train, the dream is exploring the idea of other's expectations and the baggage you carry because of it. The bus is a classic image of conformity where a school bus is what you adopted or learned. You will often dream of being on a school bus when you are learning how to assert your uniqueness in relation to conformity. You may move forward and backward on the bus as a representation of your progress. A public bus shows how you mould your way of being into what you believe is expected of you. It reflects how you may have become a 'passenger' rather than blazing your own path. Since the taxi portrays a ride with usually one other character, the driver should be given consideration as the side of you that is currently driving you forward. Paying a fare for any type of travel shows issues related to self-worth and what you trade in order to move forward in life. Being driven by anyone in a dream portrays a need to become more autonomous.

A bicycle, because it is propelled forward by your actual effort, can suggest vitality and issues related to health. As a child, perhaps you learned to ride by balancing your weight against movement, so it can also suggest balancing well-being with motivation and drive. The bicycle often appears as a representation of following a path that better reflects your natural potential. In a sense, you are slowing down your pace to connect more with experience and get in touch with who you are. Go-carts offer a similar message although they also reveal a sense of competition. Bumper cars and other jalopies suggest how you are moving forward, sometimes in comical or dangerous ways. A vehicle without protection or some of its parts missing can symbolize scarcity or dysfunction operating in your motivation. The motorcycle is also associated with balance and precision. Trucks suggest how you are moving forward while carrying a ‘load’ or attempting to ‘transport’ what is important to you, rather than being free to move forward. Moving vans take carrying unnecessary baggage to a higher level of awareness. They usually appear when you are sorting through old ideas and making changes in preparation for moving forward. Where the bus shows conformity and social demands, the van full of people can represent the various sides of you collectively.

Airports and train stations are places of transition, and therefore are associated with hopes and ambitions. You can ‘fly’ to your destination through expanded awareness and insight, or find your compartment or ‘place’ on a train that follows a ‘proven track’ as in expectations. You can be going up, down or in circles, as a way of following inspiration, overcoming repression, or revisiting the past. Danger and the idea of crashing suggest how you are not in control of where you are going and are therefore, feeling uncertain about your direction. Being stopped by police or traffic lights show how you are obeying the disciplinarian controls of conscience.

A delivery truck can signify being given or receiving some type of insight that you may be missing. The package can provide clues to what is hidden. Hitchhiking can represent not taking responsibility for where you are going in life. Giving a ride to an unknown passenger can represent integrating or understanding an unknown part of you at work as the root of your motivation. A parking garage or seeing a parked car reflects how your motivation is currently parked, sometimes because of changes you are making, and at other times, because you might not recognize how and why you undermine your ambition. Fender benders in a parking garage are usually the result of colliding sides of you coming out for consideration. A race car or red sports car can symbolize a competitive streak in your motivation. See Color for other associations of aspects related to motivation.

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Since all people in a dream represent aspects of you, the idea of being a victim portrays a lack of integration or acceptance in some way. See Attack or Being Chased and Shadow.

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The vine captures the idea of roots, growth and how things are intertwined. Dreaming of a vine is a symbol of your heritage and your interconnectivity with the world around you. See Gardener.

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Because of its ‘strings,’ the violin combines the ideas of free flowing sexuality and a sense of ‘the strings that are attached.’ See Music.

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Dreaming of a virgin can be a symbol of innocence or the need to be less jaded in approaching experience. The astrological association with Virgo as an Archetype shows this character to represent issues related to work, service, diet and routine. There may be a tendency to see the trees, with little ability to see the forest. Fussiness and being detail oriented may be keeping you from seeing the larger picture.

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As a pill that will give you additional energy or can lead to wellness, taking a vitamin can represent a situation that ‘encapsulates’ your movement toward wellness. See Drugs.

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Capturing how emotions are repressed and will break through your foundation, dreaming of a volcano can suggest the need to express difficult feelings so that you don not ‘explode.’ See Landscape and Scenery.

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Anything associated with the mouth usually represents communication. If you are unable to ‘digest,’ process or express something, you may dream of vomiting. The symbol that is vomited or character that is vomiting will shed light on what this may be. For example, if it is a child, then it relates to issues of childhood you may have difficulty 'stomaching.' If you are vomiting a green fluid, it can relate to healing. See Colors.

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Combining the idea of Water with transportation, a voyage can represent the condition of your emotions as you move through life.

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Since dreams often are a way of processing Anxiety, feeling vulnerable or scared is a common theme of dreams. See Attack and Being Chased.

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A vulture combines the idea of ‘flight’ or achieving ambitions, with being an ‘opportunistic scavenger.’ To dream of a vulture can symbolize a side of you that is ‘preying’ on another weakness, as in the case of an inferiority complex that leads you to become an unfulfilled overachiever. Since this bird appears after something ‘has died’ it may be calling you to recognize how some aspect of you is thriving at the expense of another equally important aspect. See Birds.

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