Dream about Snakes

Dream: I was in someone’s front yard, not one I recognize. It was daylight but I don't know what time. I was walking around looking for something and these two gay men ride by on bicycles. I look up to smile and wave and one of the men says "dollarhead" very blase like. I'm not even sure if I he looked at me when he said it. And then they keep riding by. I immediately started looking around frantically because I knew he was talking about a snake. All the sudden out a bunch of palmetto ferns a big black snake comes barreling toward me mouth wide open and hissing and I jump up screaming and on the way back down is when I woke up. I was panting and gasping for air and my heart was racing.

Interpretation: Dreams are never bad. Nightmares are a positive sign that something powerful has begun to stir within you. Generally, it is an awakening that will lead you to greater fulfillment. Dreaming of a snake is a classic symbol of initiation and transformation. In ancient times, there were snake worshipping cults in many cultures - because they shed their skin and are 'reborn' each year. They can also symbolize fear and anxiety and how it can be unhealthy creating energy that ‘recoils’ or traps your free expression. When snakes appear in dreams, something organic is rising to the surface to be activated.

A setting of an unknown yard can represent exploring unknown potential. Since it was the front yard, it relates to how you appear - or interact with others. The theme can revolve around your public persona. ) A dream that occurs in daylight can show thoughts coming into conscious awareness. The appearance of gay men can portray fearless self expression and not caring what others think as you follow your passion. Since they are portraying you in some way and riding on bicycles, they can symbolize the need to balance your desire to go forward with doing something that is uniquely you. The mention of ‘dollarhead’ can be a play on being too focused on pay as it relates to your career. Its association with the snake suggests that a type of metamorphosis is required.

Being afraid of the snake can show a fear of making a necessary change. Hidden in the ferns can signify your creativity or naturalness. Dreaming of a black snake suggests Shadow qualities that relate to fear of change. Since its mouth was wide open and it threatened to swallow you it can symbolize an Archetype seeking to take you through transformation. This is actually a good dream showing that tension is being released and that something you fear is being transformed. The message of the dream can be to think less about money and more about passion in finding a fulfilling career.