Dream about an Unknown Child

Dream: For the past few nights I have been having some pretty unsettling dreams. I don't often remember my dreams at any length but these last nights have been an exception. I dreamed I was in an unknown apartment with a lady of Asian decent who was making sculptures out of metal of some kind. I assume it was iron based as there was a magnetic quality to the metal. She was using a chisel to make her shapes and the shavings were sticking to the sculpture as she went. She did not speak to me or look at me. In the hall, could have been a stairwell, there was some commotion. I had the feeling it was a mother and child. They were both screaming at the top of their lungs, and there was lots of banging and sounds of struggle. I felt quite disturbed and I asked the lady in the room if we should do something but she continued to ignore me. Suddenly the door was flung open and the figure of a boy was standing in the door frame. His face was covered in shadow and he was making what could have been called a ‘death rattle.’

Interpretation: Being in an unknown apartment shows a temporary frame of mind as you prepare for change. The ‘foreign’ lady can show the Anima or how men explore sensitivity or feminine qualities which may seem a bit ‘foreign’ for you. Her Asian decent might also relate sensitivity to the Eastern philosophy – perhaps of a spiritual nature. Making sculptures can show how the Anima attempts to ‘form’ herself within you. The metal can symbolize penetrating your defenses or a hardened outer shell. The magnetic quality shows how sensitivity or feelings make you attractive to others. Chiseling away at the sculpture also shows breaking through defenses. By not speaking or talking to you – you may not have yet connected with your sensitivity.

The commotion in the hall can show how you are awakening to a transitional space to make a change. Hearing a mother and child yelling can show issues related to mom and her influences on whether or not you should express your sensitivity. Something in this area is attempting to be heard. When the door (or blockage) is flung open – you have the opportunity to confront and open what is closed off. A young boy stands in the door frame – or sets the foundation for an opening in a new masculine approach. The unknown child shows the rebirth of your masculine potential as it becomes integrated with sensitivity.

Saying his face was in shadow can show that at an early age, expressing sensitivity or emotion may have been shut down – therefore creating a Shadow self. The death rattle can be a portrayal of how this inhibition is dying away.