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What are the 3 parts of every dream that show the conflict and the pathway to its resolution? Why are dreams so bizarre if they are meant to be instructive? What do various animals mean in dreams? 

Can nature teach us about success? What are the common themes among the myths that gave rise to Tarot, Astrology and dreams?

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Congratulations! By taking an active interest in your dreams -- so rich in insight -- you can move confidently forward in every aspect of your life -- relationships, health, career, parenting -- and more importantly in finding your authentic self.

Kari Hohne has been analyzing the dreams of people from all over the world and shares what she has learned. Whether you are a novice or expert in the field of dream study -- you will find a wealth of inspiration here. If you'd like to work with Kari personally on your dreams or through Taoist coaching, be sure to visit our Shop section.

All ebooks come in either a document or audio format and require either Acrobat Reader (PDF) or an audio player like iTunes for the MP3 downloads.  
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Five Easy Lessons from Nature

Success is a pathway of self-completion and the seed is always within you. When you open to the ways of nature, you will find yourself moving purposefully upon the river of life. Examining 5 laws of nature against the human journey, you will discover a way of looking at life that is completely new.

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Common Archetypes of Tarot

By examining the ancient stories that inspired the archetypes of Tarot, we can gain valuable insight into their deeper meaning. The Tarot characters come alive through the hero tales from virtually every culture around the world.


The Microcosm & Macrocosm

The moment we entered this universe and began the process of organizing our particle existence, we patterned a snapshot of the universe to carry forward. Because of the linear and relative way that we experience time, a moment doesn't seem important. But we must remember time is relative in a boundless universe.


Beginner's Guide to Dream Interpretation

Understanding the meaning of your dreams can become a powerful tool to increase self knowledge, wellness, and to help you achieve lasting success. Dreams reveal an understanding of who you are and where you are going, as if some part of your mind knows you better than you know yourself.


Why Dreams are Bizarre

People often wonder: if dreams are trying to teach me something, why are they so bizarre or different from ordinary experience? As another sensory organ or way of taking in experience, dreaming allows us to explore conflict and rehash events so we can make necessary changes.


Comprehensive Guide to Dreams

There are patterns that appear in all dreams that present conflict and the pathway to its resolution. The 3 parts of a dream become recognizable when you notice how a dream setting 'morphs' into another landscape.


Common Symbols: Animals

Animals and Reptiles appear commonly in dreams as we explore our 'uncivilized' and more natural desires that continuously seek expression. Autonomous areas of the mind and our emotional responses can be symbolized by the various natural creatures that appear in our dreams.


Common Symbols: Houses

During the holidays, we return home to reconnect with the roots of who we are. Dreaming of being in a house offers a similar symbolic setting in that houses in dreams represent our inner architecture and the foundation of our beliefs.


Common Symbols: Vehicles

One of the most common themes explored through dreaming is the idea of motivation, autonomy and self-direction. Since we associate going forward with symbols of transportation, we will often dream of vehicles and transportation symbolism to explore how we are moving through life.


Common Symbols: People

Believe it or not, one of the most difficult symbols to interpret when approaching our dreams - is the way in which other people appear. Every night the mind plays its charade game where everything is a reflection of us.


What Guides our Dreams?

There are many theories that explain why we dream, although one aspect continues to present us with a mystery. What is it that guides our dreams? Join Kari Hohne as she explores Freud's idea of the Id, Jung's writings about the Self, natural processes and spiritual perspectives that can help us understand the guiding mechanism of our dreams.


Metaphors in Dreams

Dream interpretation requires that we begin to see ordinary symbols in a more profound way. Dreams are very similar to how poems pack intense meaning into one symbol that can at first appear out of place. Join Kari Hohne in this podcast that explores how understanding metaphor allows us to gain valuable insight into dream symbols.


Our Place Radio Interview with Kari Hohne

Kari Hohne is interviewed on Our Place Radio and discusses God of Drum and how it awakens Chakra energy. "The rhythms in this album are quite compelling. God Of Drum is a wonderful, moving experience. Get Tribal and Kari Hohne capture the essence of rhythm, and sends listeners on a deep inner journey." "What is most compelling is the breadth of Hohne's vision in composing this album."