Dreaming of Egyptian Tombs

Dream: I make an incredible find, it is an ancient Egyptian tomb. I see shelves of copper statuettes all lined up on shelves. I pick up bags of gold grains and bursts and the grains fall out. I move deeper into the tomb and peer over a veranda to a treasure room below. I cannot believe my eyes. I shout to a female companion: “you are never going to believe this, come take a look.” Below is a huge Egyptian boat, the name Ra’s boat came into my head. It was carrying statues of solid gold. I thought the previous find was awesome but this was beyond belief. two people appear dressed like Anubis and some other god, they try to catch me but i start throwing various ornaments at them, As I am making my way back to the surface, i am confronted by various monsters and mummies that have come back to life, they also try to stop me. i escape by shining a torch under my chin to make myself scary. This works and they all run away.

Interpretation: Dreaming of an Egyptian tomb brings forward the ideas of "mummification" or something in an inanimate state and/or "resurrection." Since you call it an "incredible find" it suggests you are unaware of your current state of suspended animation or the block to your "metamorphosis." You may have shut down and are experiencing an awakening.

When you see shelves of copper statuettes all lined up you are exploring conformity or the desire for perfection. The copper statuettes can signify the value of what ‘lies below the surface’ in the tomb of the unconscious. When you pick up bags of gold grains where some fall out, it can signify sustenance/fulfillment/naturalness breaking free to fill awareness. The idea of nourishment or self fulfillment are tied to breaking free.

The treasure room ‘below’ is also a symbol of sensing the value of what lies deep within you as you move to explore it. The female companion can represent your Anima or how you might activate the richness of this untapped potential through being more sensitive, introspective or drawing on the feminine side of the male psyche. The boat is a symbol of moving over the waters of emotional feelings or crossing the abyss of the unknown.

Ra is a sun god or the original Amen Ra - the creator in Egyptian mythology. You may be exploring the idea of what you have created for yourself – both good and bad. If you have experienced emotional trauma and put yourself in a state of "suspended growth" or cut off from your feelings, this portion is suggesting you test the waters - move across them and recognize your power to create in its positive and negative forms.

The statues of solid gold can suggest you consider the difference between copper and gold since the statues changed. This may be a key to understanding the value of something you are missing. The copper ones were lined up on shelves suggesting the pursuit of perfection and hardness – where the gold ones are carried by a boat – which is tied to free emotional expression. The people dressed like Anubis, which are tied to Osiris or the guard of the underworld can symbolize both repression and resurrection. They are ushers in a transformational process. The fact that you throw "ornaments" at them, might portray how you are not acknowledging the profound power of your awakening or what exists in the magic of life. You may be covering up the profound with ‘decoration,’ or ornaments and treating your spiritual life as something not real or valuable.

You have gone deep within yourself to confront the ‘monsters and mummies’ as fears that still have life within you and now can be activated as productive energy. They can represent shadow tendencies or the side of you that is unacknowledged and therefore has gone underground. Once tapped, it becomes powerful. You might explore what part of you has become ‘mummified’ or the part of you that wants to continue in sleep.

You escape by shining a torch under you chin to make yourself scary. A torch is a light that guides you forward. Shining it under your chin should also place it somewhere near your heart. You give ‘light’ to your real face as an attempt to transform what you fear. Your face may have become shadowy or scary as you recognize you and the monsters are one and the same. Again, exploring how you create both fear and/or success with the same powerful mechanisms.