Dreaming of Moving in Slow Motion

Dream: I've been dreaming for many years and very often of my 2 children. They are always very young -about 8 or so- or babies. Often we are in an unknown town or in my country. I tell them i have to go do something and will be back. I leave them alone! Then, it becomes impossible to come back. Either i get extremely involved in something or the whole scene starts rolling in SLOW motion, even my legs and i can't run like i want and need. Sometimes it would be a dream where I'm looking for them and i won't be able to find them. These dreams become disturbing, full of anxiety and guilt. Sometimes i would dream of them but in a sweet way. They might just be sleeping in my arms for example. Is every baby....myself?

Interpretation: Children in dreams portray aspects related to the Self - not always 'portraying' you but also issues of parenting. Unknown children in a dream usually represent the rebirth of the Self. These dreams relate more to an identity crisis - building your identity as a provider and protector and suddenly feeling that you are not needed in that way.

The unknown town relates to moving into an awareness that is 'foreign' - this too, plays off of the same theme. You are trying to find your bearings as you move through change. To dream of something taking place in slow motion puts emphasis on the idea of slowing down - not being reactionary - not doing the same old thing. It may be time to see how you are creating your life - with optimism or (on the other hand) with a longing for the past. Dreams attempt to awaken you to unproductive thought processes.

To dream of not being able to move your legs can show fears about providing for yourself or standing on your own. "Then, it becomes impossible to come back." I see this as coming to terms with the idea that you can't go backwards - you must go forward.