Dreaming of Police

Dream: I walk upstairs to a gorgeously designed door. A handsome man, who I've never seen before, opens the door and invites me in. I close the door behind me and see myself in a mirror which is hanging on the back of the door. I'm wearing a dress. The man and I talk for a few minutes, then I change clothes behind a screen. While changing someone knocks on the door. It's the police and they come to take the man away in handcuffs. I look out the window screaming, "No, Daddy, no!" I see my father with crossed arms down the lawn as the man is put in to the police car and driven away.

Interpretation: A 'gorgeously designed door' can portray how you explore an elaborate, but self created blockage. This can be good from the sense that you are trying to break free. It can also be bad in that you have talked yourself into believing in your limitations. Going upstairs shows a movement upward to explore the ideas of conscience or - 'thou shalt and thou shalt not' as these ideas affect the limitations we put on the Self.

When the man appears and opens the door - the message is about being assertive and going after what you want in a masculine or aggressive - fearless way. He portrays the Animus or a woman’s ability to adopt masculine attributes. Yet, you only identify with your feminine traits – or seeing yourself in a mirror wearing a dress. Because the father is featured, perhaps he has taught you that women should behave a certain way. By attempting to transcend self limiting ideas, the ‘police’ appear as the regulating aspect of conscience. The handcuffs and the exit of the Animus in a police car show how you are holding these assertive qualities back. The dream is showing you what is blocking your growth at the same time that it points to how you might transcend this conditioning.