Welcome to Inspired By Dreams

This is the new home of Way of Dreams, Kari Hohne's popular dream information site with all of its free online dream interpretation tools! We are excited about the new features you will find here - like the ability to download and listen to podcasts, sign up to receive free comprehensive e-books on dream interpretation and the ability to share your dream insights and questions in our forum.

For more than 30 years, I have had the pleasure of working with clients all over the world to help them understand the strange language of their dreams. While you will find a comprehensive and free online dream dictionary here, you may want to submit your dream for a personal dream interpretation. I also offer 3 weeks of online coaching, based on dream work.

My books include a dream dictionary called the Mind's Mirror and a more comprehensive manual for therapists called The Mythology of Sleep. I have also developed mobile applications that bring dream interpretation to your fingertips. The Way of Dreams Interpretation Tool is currently available as a universal Iphone/Ipad App at Itunes, a Kindle version and Android App can be found on Amazon and Google. The Wheel of Destiny App is based on the book The Mythology of Sleep and allows you to explore Archetypes from around the world to delve into the richer meaning of your dreams and daily synchronicity. We have included links in the Product section.

I hope you find this site to be informative and enlightening. I love what I do and am grateful each time I connect someone to the guiding power of their dreams. Enjoy!