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“We share a primitive longing to dance to the drumbeat, rattle and unambiguous tribal vibrations and mantras which are meaningful to Spirit. Blending genres and world music, Get Tribal creates music that speaks to the unconscious…the unlived self…the selfless being that resides in all of us.”

Get Tribal music is a transcendental world fusion project from the US, created under the direction of Kari Hohne, author of mythological studies and books about dream interpretation. She combines ancient shamanistic drumming patterns and tonal vibrations with modern technology and ethnic instruments to create music with emotional and energetic impact. As the creator of many affirmation apps that have achieved New and Noteworthy status at Itunes, she continues to use sound, music, dreams and myth as a way of connecting others to their energetic awareness. Kari is best known for her work in dream interpretation where her app Way of Dreams is in the top of the Lifestyle category at both Amazon and Itunes. Visit Kari’s youtube channel of music, nature and poetry in the minimalist style of Taoism.

For more information and the passionate story behind how and why this powerful Get Tribal music was created, read Kari Hohne’s Biography.