Cafe au Soul I Ching with Searchable Journal


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The internet's most popular I Ching is now an app with a searchable journal! You can search by topic, keyword or hexagram and save your readings for later reference. Includes Hexagram detail pages with high resolution photos. Available as a universal app for use on both iphone and ipad. 

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Way of Dreams - Dream Analyzer for Mobile Devices

Type in Your Dream and Get an Interpretation by Kari Hohne!

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Now available on ALL mobile devices! This Dream Analyzer App allows you to type in your dream and receive an interpretation. It automatically saves your dreams in a Dream Diary and offers tons of information that will teach you how to interpret your dreams.
“5 stars! I use it on my iphone and ipad. No other dream app compares and I have gained tons of insight exploring how these symbols represent me. “ "Great new Kindle App - thank you! I love it."

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Inspired Natural Wisdom and Audio Affirmations


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Filled with the wisdom of nature's many amazing processes, Inspired Natural Wisdom Iphone and Ipad app delivers inspiration on over 150 challenges. Life is always exploring the best of what it may become - when faced with difficulty, be inspired by the ways nature achieves success. This app also features audio affirmations a workbook of exercises and a diary. When obstacles appear insurmountable, simply follow nature’s ways.


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Affirmations Inspired by Nature


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Relaxing and Inspiring Affirmations from Nature

Affirmation Inspired by Nature delivers 25 Audio Affirmations and 25 Audio Exercises inspired by the diverse and amazing processes found in the natural world. Browse through a list concepts to receive a relaxing and inspiring talk with nature. Each focuses on harnessing the power and wisdom that is revealed by nature's power to renew itself. Accompanied by the earthy and tribal style of World Music, this app relaxes and re-afirms. You can also categorize your favorites.

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