Nature is the Greatest Teacher


Discover What Nature Can Teach You About Success

Blog by Kari Hohne

Explore what nature can teach you about the challenging situations you face. Nature is the best teacher of how to overcome all obstacles and can inspire your success. There are many aspects of nature that teach us about the human condition. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter in the links at the side and bottom of the site to get nature's inspiration delivered to your inbox. Also available as an inspirational app.

 Microcosm_in_Macrocosm.jpgThe Heart Mind and Intention

Mencius (472-289 BC) taught that the xin or heart mind was the center of self cultivation. Connecting with the heart mind can set our intention. Discover the difference between setting goals and setting intention.

Atmospheric_Pressure.jpgWhat does the earth's atmospheric pressure teach us about reducing stress?

Try this experiment: stand in a doorway and press out against the doorframe. When you stop pressing, the arms fly up all by  themselves. This is because the brain continues to send signals to respond even when there is no need to do so.

Chemical_Bonds.jpgWhat do chemical bonds teach us about a positive outlook?

Pessimism resembles the negative behavior of electrons that form chemical bonds. Molecules that are unstable or missing electrons in their outer shell tend to react with other molecules. What can this teach us about our interactions with others?


Conservation_of_Energy.jpgWhat can nature's conservation of energy teach us about our reactions?

When water molecules are heated any bonding forces that would hold them together dissolve and steam is released. Situations that unfold faster than you can deal with them in the moment - can make you blow your lid. Explore nature's diversity of expression.

Cycling_of_Nutrients.jpgWhat can nature's cycling of nutrients teach us about inspiration?

Roots absorb water and minerals, breaking apart rocks to create rich soil. Leaves take in carbon dioxide, release oxygen and become fertilizer. There is a cycle active in the natural world that can teach you about inspiration.

Erosion.jpgWhat can erosion teach us about tending to our inner garden?

Your inner garden and your experiences can be observed like an ecosystem. In nature, a petrified landscape of barren soil perpetuates the severe storms that lead to erosion. Explore how the world 'in here' affects experiences 'out there.' 

Evolution.jpgWhat can evolution teach us about success and failure?

Nature attempts innovations through what appears to be mistakes. Photosynthesis allows plants to make sugar by trapping electrons from water and releasing oxygen. When it first appeared in the atmosphere it was deadly. Yet, something amazing happened.

Friction.jpgWhat can friction in nature teach us about meeting adversity?

Without friction working against your forward movement, you wouldn't be able to walk, drive and airplanes couldn't fly. Discover how friction in the natural world reveals how all that works against you also shapes your forward movement.

Seed_Distribution.jpgWhat can a seed teach us about finding our life purpose?

Feeling lost in a world that holds a special place for you is just the distance you have traveled from being who you really are. Bees scatter pollen, seeds are carried on the wind and on animal fur. You are also a part of life's all or nothing equation of sustenance.

Gravity.jpgWhat can gravity teach us about self-esteem?

Gravity reveals how the stronger and more stable something is, the more it pulls other bodies toward it. Bodies that are weaker tend to fall into the orbit of other bodies. Gravity can inspire you to understand the polarity of your inner core.


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