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Blog by Kari Hohne

When you observe the human journey from the eyes of nature, you will discover inspirational direction that can empower your success. Also check out our Nature's Inspiration app.

yin-yang.jpgNovember 2019 The Yin and Yang of Politics. Our political systems appear more polarized than ever. Nature brings together Yin and Yang to achieve balance. Explore what nature reveals about the political polarizations erupting all over the world through the concepts of Yin and Yang.

Hand and Tree.pngOctober 2019 What Nature Reveals About Human Relationships. When we think of our connection to nature, we usually speak in terms of protecting and caring for the environment. But there might be a more fundamental connection. Explore human relationships from the eyes of nature.

Nature Cell.pngSeptember 2019 How Nature Sees Us. Mathematics allows us to travel into equations that transcend our everyday view of life. Can there be a simple equation about finding more joy in existence? Explore the human perspective compared to other organisms for the answer.

light.jpgAugust 2019 The Path to Enlightenment. Nature reveals a type of intelligence but we must sacrifice intelligence for enlightenment. Explore what evolution can teach us about enlightenment.

Root_Systems.jpgJuly 2019 The Story of Life. Life can take on additional meaning when you explore its ancient beginnings and endless cycles. It is an all or nothing equation that places you at its center.

Autumn leaves.jpgJune 2019 Lessons from a Tree. Since ancient times, the tree has symbolized divine consciousness, yet we say plants are not conscious. Explore inspiration from a tree's perspective.

wave.jpegMay 2019 Synchronicity of Tao te Ching. Discover how the Tao te Ching presents synchronicity as a cultivated awareness and not a strange anomaly. Live synchronicity daily.

joining.jpgApril 2019 Live Joyfully I use a variety of tools when coaching others to live more joyfully. This includes releasing any sense of separation, understanding intuition and dreams, and learning to see life's playfulness to participate more fully with it. You are a part of something more amazing than you can imagine.

earth1.pngMarch 2019 How Life Speaks to You Oftentimes life's challenges help you, but you see them as something negative.  You stand in a universe of constant change and believe its rules are different for you. Discovering how life speaks to you through the challenges you face allows you to learn more about yourself and life. 

four dimension.jpgFebruary 2019 The Gift of Emptiness "What is made empty is the source of all being." Loss can become a gift. Explore time, memory and how to overcome difficulty through stillness. "To the mind that is still, the entire universe surrenders." 

flower people.jpgJanuary 2019 Meaning in Nature Take a walk through nature to discover all aspects of life communicating and behaving in ways you could not have imagined. Look beyond the obvious and let nature's ways inspire your life with more meaning.

leaf shadowDecember 2018 Shadows and Nature. "Dragging the adversary about when there is no adversary will cost you your inner treasure." Explore what the shadows observed in nature can teach us about embracing our Shadow life.

chuang tzu.jpgNovember 2018 A Walk with Chuang Tzu "Identify Yourself with the Infinite and Wander in the Unfathomable." In just ten words, Chuang Tzu teaches us how to arrive at a state of pure perspective. See life from the eyes of Tao.

Puffinwb.jpgOctober 2018 Cultivate a Taoist Perspective  I love coaching people on how to achieve a Taoist perspective by using dreams, the Tao te Ching and the I Ching. Discover a more natural way of being in the world by trading judgment for wonder. 

horses yin yang.jpgSeptember 2018 About I Ching Lines Many people wonder which line prevails in a reading with many lines changing. Explore how the individual lines have their own meanings.

circle-path.jpgAugust 2018 The Circle Path Why did nature endow us with perception, memory and the ability to dream? How do they interact? The spiral design of organisms, the cycles in nature and the time sense explored in dreams all reveal a circular path. 

dream-main.jpgJuly 2018 Dreams Tell Us What's Really Going On  Crisis on the path can usually be traced back to an earlier cause, which gives it 'charge.' Learn what dreams reveal about the challenges you face, and how to nurture your inner garden.

lightning.jpgJune 2018 Archetypes in Nature Before Western philosophy interpreted nature from the eye's of man, ancient Taoists explored nature's fundamental essences to understand the human journey. Read about Nature's Archetypes that inspire change and renewal. 

Dr. Hollis.jpgMay 2018 Interview with Dr. James Hollis, author of Living the Examined Life. It was such a pleasure to interview Dr. Hollis, Executive Director of the Jung Society in Washington DC. He shares his ideas about the meaning of dreams. 

Moon.jpgApril 2018 Manifesting Intention Through Moon Cycles The moon as a symbol, is associated with instincts and the divine feminine. Since ancient times, its cycles have been tapped for creativity and harvest. Discover how to use the Moon Cycles for meditation and to activate positive intention.

water-light-shining-through.pngMarch 2018  Nature's Alchemy - The Emerald Tablet and the Tao te Ching Three as a symbol in dreams represents the third transcendental product that comes from choices embodied by pairings. Explore how nature expresses its efficacy through opposites and how dreaming activates change in the psyche.

Atmospheric_Pressure.jpgFeb 2018  What does the earth's atmospheric pressure teach us about reducing stress? Try this experiment: stand in a doorway and press out against the doorframe. When you stop pressing, the arms fly up all by  themselves. The brain continues to send signals to respond even when there is no need to do so.

Microcosm_in_Macrocosm.jpgJan 2018  The Heart Mind and Intention  Mencius (472-289 BC) taught that the xin or heart mind was the center of self cultivation. Connecting with the heart mind can set our intention because the mind and feelings come together in the solar plexus. Discover the difference between setting goals and setting intention.

Chemical_Bonds.jpgDec 2017  What do chemical bonds teach us about a positive outlook?  Pessimism resembles the negative behavior of electrons that form chemical bonds. Molecules that are unstable or missing electrons in their outer shell tend to react with other molecules in a type of behavior we might call 'clingy.' 

Conservation_of_Energy.jpgNov 2017 What can the conservation of energy teach us about reactions? When water molecules are heated, bonding forces that would hold them together dissolve and steam is released. Situations that unfold faster than you can deal with them can make you blow your lid. Explore nature's conservation of expression.

Cycling_of_Nutrients.jpgOct 2017 What can nature's cycling of nutrients teach us about inspiration?  Roots absorb water and minerals, breaking apart rocks to create rich soil. There is a cycle active in the natural world that can teach you about inspiration.

Erosion.jpgSep 2017  What can erosion teach us about tending to our inner garden?  Your inner garden and your experiences can be observed like an ecosystem. Explore your inner ecosystem and how the garden 'in here' affects experiences 'out there.' 

Evolution.jpgAug 2017  What can evolution teach us about success and failure? Nature attempts innovations through what appears to be mistakes. When oxygen first appeared in the atmosphere it was deadly. Yet, something amazing happened. 

Friction.jpgJul 2017  What can friction in nature teach us about meeting adversity?  Without friction working against your forward movement, you wouldn't be able to walk, drive and airplanes couldn't fly. Friction in the natural world offers inspiration.

Seed_Distribution.jpgJun 2017  What can a seed teach us about finding our life purpose? Feeling lost in a world that holds a special place for you is just the distance you have traveled from being who you really are. You are also a part of life's all or nothing equation of sustenance.

Gravity.jpgMay 2017  What can gravity teach us about self-esteem? Gravity reveals how the stronger and more stable something is, the more it pulls other bodies toward it. Bodies that are weaker tend to fall into the orbit of other bodies. Gravity can inspire you to understand the polarity of your inner core.