Live Green and Blossom

8/20/20, 7:18 PM

I am excited to launch my new course platform:

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My newest course - Live Green and Blossom is a one and one half hour video course that includes questions, exercises and a life path worksheet.

Anyone who has worked with me in the past will love seeing my nature inspired teachings and dreamwork coaching combined into one powerful and life-changing course.  

Life’s Abundance is Real

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Take a Journey that will Change your Life!

Release Stress.png  Release Stress

Nature supports success at all levels, and in everything it creates.
Life’s abundance is real. Change your paradigm, and learn how to connect with its flow.

Discover Your Lifepath.png  Discover Your Lifepath

Questions and exercises frame the exploration of your lifepath.
Open to how life speaks to you. You will discover how synchronicity guides you on your path.

Tap Your Dreams.png  Tap Your Dreams For Guidance

Explore how dreams are the instinctual direction that guides your blossoming.
Learn techniques to improve dream recall, and how to tap their insight.


What you will learn:

Tap Your Dreams.png  What it means to be human from nature’s perspective.

Tap Your Dreams.png  The ways you physically and mentally share energy within a larger field.

Tap Your Dreams.png  Explore the hidden mysteries of nature in a way that will reveal who you are and the role you were designed to play.

Tap Your Dreams.png  Tap your dreams for guidance and discover how they awaken you to synchronicity.

Tap Your Dreams.png  Based on our current understanding of the natural world, this inspirational course reveals how looking more deeply at nature can inspire peacefulness…and allow you to blossom into authenticity.

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