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63. Chi Chi (After Completion)

Action: Renew

Hu Gua (hidden influence) 64 Before Completion: Prepare

Zong Gua (underlying cause) 64 Before Completion: Prepare

Received as 2nd Hexagram: The situation is complete and over so there may be no choice but to move on.

Equilibrium is the great foundation of life, and harmony its universal path.

Order, chaos then order again. Such is the way of the great untangling.

Many people find it odd that After Completion is a principle that precedes Before Completion in the Book of Changes. Perhaps the hexagrams were arranged in this way to remind us that nothing ever comes to an end. Before and After only have relevance in the human conception of time. Nature is just one large cycle of change.

The message of Chi Chi is that while the situation appears to be stable and in order, you need to plan for inevitable changes that will continue to occur. When anything in nature achieves its highest expression or stability, it moves toward regeneration. It may be that what you are inquiring about has reached a state of finality or completion as the hexagram is also called Already Across. There may be little you can do but move in a new direction.

The hidden influence of Before Completion suggests that you examine where you are, but plan for the future. This same hexagram shows up as the underlying cause which is another message to prepare. You may think that the situation is never going to change but it will. You may think that you can rest on your laurels and enjoy complacency but you can’t.

It is important that you understand that in nature everything is in a state of renewal. While everything is in order and you can feel a sense of success or arrival, you are urged to remain cautious. Anything that reaches a climax will begin to move in the opposite direction.

While the situation appears to be complete, a new goal or a need for further growth and expansion opportunities will ensure that it doesn’t become stagnant. Water over Fire means that you must tend to it so the water doesn’t boil over and extinguish the fire. Passion and emotion must be balanced with careful attention to reigning in extremes.

All things require care and attention to continue in a constant state of wellness. The individual lines in this hexagram address the different stages one will encounter when going from completion to renewal. You can feel excitement, but don't lose site of life's perpetual cycles.

Line 3

The Illustrious Ancestor approaches the Devil’s Country and after 3 years conquers it = ordinary people should not be employed. Changes to (3) Difficult Beginnings. The message of this line is that completion will come after a period of hard work and dedication. Difficult Beginnings is a message to expect trials rather than an easy push forward. The reference to the Devil’s Country can also suggest how this situation will test you and allow you to overcome your insecurities and demons. If you persevere toward your goal with unwavering caution you will succeed.

Line 4

Fine clothes turn into rags = be careful all day long. Changes to (49) Molting/Revolution. Appearances can be deceiving and the situation shows signs of decay. While everything appears stable, remain on guard because it can deteriorate very rapidly. Molting is the natural way animals and reptiles change their outer skin at cyclical times of the year and can portray inevitable change. Revolution can suggest how on the surface all can be calm but underneath an uprising is in the making. Examine the situation to ensure that all parties are feeling served and that there are no hard feelings rumbling below the surface.

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17. Sui (Following)

Action: Show by Example

Hu Gua (hidden influence) 53 Development: Flower

Zong Gua (underlying cause) 18 Decay: Remedy

Received as 2nd Hexagram: Others may be following your lead.

If you return from the darkness with gold, others will naturally follow.

Follow behind, tranquil in your visionary cave.

You may need to take the initiative and show others the way in order for them to follow your lead. If you are asking about someone else, chances are they are just following or responding to what you are doing. When doing anything, remember that actions speak louder than words, so recognize that you are always setting an example with your behavior.

Joy above Thunder can be a message about stepping back from fixing everything so you can learn to delegate. Inspire forward movement in those you lead, but don’t make demands.

You may receive a promotion to lead others because you have integrity and are not a threat to superiors. At the same time, don’t be threatened by your subordinates. This hexagram calls for Joy in leading. Ignite the passion of others to tap their seeds of genius.

Don’t burst onto the scene with an agenda that may be threatening to another. Decay as the underlying cause shows that your transformation has been successful and you are recognized for what you have accomplished. Gradual Development as the hidden influence indicates patience and care when approaching the object of your enquiry.

With the proper approach this is an auspicious time to connect with others who will follow your lead.

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