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All of life is a canvas that will reveal you to yourself, whether it is through relationships, dreams or synchronicity. Like the seed, you hold within a blueprint of everything you will become and are guided by a profound sense of inner direction. Welcome to Café au Soul, a place where you can relax and enjoy an easy conversation with your inner wisdom.

In a world where identity is strongly influenced by conforming to other's expectations, Café au Soul allows you to explore inner guidance through dream interpretation and the Archetypes of Astrology, Tarot and the I Ching. These tools engage you in a conversation with yourself and allow you to view your life objectively. Through the exploration of your higher purpose, you discover how your journey transcends self discovery and includes the part you play in creating your future.

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Way of Dreams, Inspired by Dreams, Way of Tao and Get Tribal are the many popular websites of Kari Hohne which have found a new home within Café au Soul. In addition we have added many tools that will allow you to explore your life purpose

Oracles are often associated with predicting the future, but more importantly they can reveal blockages to your forward movement. Whether through synchronicity or the way the mind has an uncanny way of deciphering its own wisdom, each of the oracles on this website offers a slightly different approach to how you can unlock your hidden potential and discover who you really are. Please approach these oracles with the same respect you would offer your dreams. They offer exploratory images that can engage a more objective awareness.

Dreams: Explore our free online dream dictionary for information about the symbols that appear in your dreams. Dream interpretation reveals that everything is a reflection of your inner world. Popular radio dream analyst Kari Hohne has been analyzing the dreams of people all over the world for many decades and her websites Way of Dreams and Inspired by Dreams can now be found within Café au Soul.

I Ching: Our very popular and free online I Ching oracle is the most comprehensive version available, which includes the Hu Gua, Zong Gua and line interpretations, adding incredible insight into each of the 64 I Ching hexagrams. It will speak intimately with you about the challenges that you face and how nature might inspire your forward movement. This ancient Chinese oracle was developed by observing the power of nature. Our Way of Tao website which celebrates the wisdom of nature and Oracle I Ching can now be found in the I Ching section of Café au Soul.

Astrology: Our astrology section allows you to explore the snapshot of the universe at the exact moment of your birth where you will find a mandala of symbols that reveal your strengths, weaknesses and even your lifepath. In ancient times the constellations and planetary movement were the inspiration behind our myths and therefore, this section is rich in Archetypal information. You can order personalized vocational, life path and predictive reports or you can explore our astrology database for information about signs, planets and aspect placements.

Tarot: Our free online tarot readings draw from a collection of World Archetypes that embody humanity’s current data base of the common symbols of the collective unconscious. You can explore your past, present and future potential through its unique language of card orientation, placement and symbolism.

Products: In our Products section, you will find books on dream interpretation and nature’s wisdom for success. This content is also offered on mobile devices for Iphone and android apps. In the Music section you can download our award winning music from Get Tribal, nominated for Best New Artist in 2014 by ZMR. Each track is rooted in shamanistic drumming and ancient spiritual inspiration and developed into modern upbeat compositions. The music is perfect for yoga, chakra work and exercise and on the album pages you will find workbooks for each album. Drumming is proven to affect positive change both physically and psychologically and our music will open you to new meditative vistas and spiritual soundscapes. Radio God has received outstanding reviews and God of Drum was nominated for Best World Album 2014. In the Products section, you will also find Dream Interpretation Services, Astrology Reports and personalized life coaching.

As you spend time on this site, you will discover the ‘thread running through the way’ because no matter which oracle you seek, the answers will be similar as life reveals you to yourself. Our Poetry section allows you to relax into the peaceful vision of some of the best meditative, Zen, Taoist and Buddhist poetry online.

If you are inspired by audio and video, we have an audio version of the Tao te Ching, beautiful poetry on video and downloadable podcasts on dream interpretation available.

The metaphorical world that is given form through dreams, Archetypes and shamanistic drumming speaks in a language that opens us to our energetic existence, Higher Self, Spirit, Soul or 'the one who knows within.' We spend half of our lives under the guidance of our dreams and fail to understand the incredible wisdom that can fast forward our growth and lead to lasting fulfillment. Explore our Inspired Radio show on ITunes to learn more about the fundamentals of dream interpretation.

We are happy you found us and appreciate the opportunity to share the journey with you.