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Kari Hohne teaches readers and app users worldwide how nature's laws of success can unleash greater human potential. As a pioneer of self-help technology, her apps are top sellers at iTunes and Amazon, and Alexa ranks her website Cafe au Soul in the top 8 percent of website popularity worldwide.

She is an expert on comparative symbolism and the eastern and western archetypes behind the I Ching, tarot, dreams, astrology and myths, and is passionate about keeping ancient wisdom relevant to modern times.

Hohne is the author of Tao te Ching: The Poetry of Nature, a popular translation of the Tao te Ching a fundamental Taoist text, and The Essential I Ching: 64 Degrees of Nature's Wisdom, a translation of an ancient Chinese philosophical and divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics.

She has four decades experience analyzing dreams for people around the world, and joined philosopher Ken Wilber as the dream expert at Spiritual Technology Summit 2.0 in 2017. Her pioneering work in dream research explores the common “hero” cycles of conflict, cause and resolution that take the dreamer on an adventure of self discovery. This type of dream analysis is explored in Hohne’s dream interpretation books The Mind’s Mirror: Dream Dictionary and The Mythology of Sleep: The Waking Power of Dreams.

Additionally, Hohne is the author of Nothing Bad Happens in Life: Nature’s Way of Success, which explores nature as the ultimate teacher of how to overcome obstacles, and The Common Archetypes of Tarot: Dreams, Myths and the Hero's Journey, which examines the ancient western stories that inspired the archetypes of Tarot, and how we can gain valuable insight into their deeper meaning.

Hohne’s work is rooted in the mission to make self-help available through technology. At Cafe Au Soul, Hohne offers a virtual database of dream symbols, ancient oracles and archetypal information. The I Ching oracle and online dream dictionary at Cafe Au Soul are both top ranked in the world for Google searches.

She developed the top selling app, Way of Dreams – Dream Dictionary, which allows users to type their entire dream into a cloud to receive and interpretation. Approached by Amazon to build a similar app for Kindle, it is consistently featured in the top Lifestyle apps on iTunes and at Amazon. 

Hohne also launched Inspired Natural Wisdom – an app filled with inspirational insights revealed by nature, and reads like an encyclopedia of nature facts, with photos, a diary, audio affirmations and workbook style exercises. She also created Affirmations Inspired by Nature, an app that inspires users to overcome challenges and negative thought patterns. These apps all received “New and Noteworthy” status at iTunes.

Hohne is also experienced as a consultant, coaching businesses toward sustainable profitability using nature as a role model. Her work in dream interpretation connects to her work in the business world as well, using the genius of dreams as the inspiration to juxtapose and explore business strategies in ways that lead to change and innovation. She has consulted with technology companies, non-profits, hospitality and other corporations.

She worked in the early days of the dot-com revolution building realtor technology in the Silicon Valley, and built one of the first aggregated MLS platforms and mobile search technology for real estate. She currently builds Saas technology at SDBX Studio. 

True to the power of creativity that she teaches, Hohne also produces music under the name Get Tribal, and composes transcendental music with the same passion she brings forward in translating ancient texts. Get Tribal has been nominated by Zone Music Reporter for Best New Artist, Best World Album and Best Chill Groove Album for top world radio airplay.

Her education includes psychology, physics, comparative religion and business.  She resides in Yucatan, Mexico and Lake Tahoe.

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