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There is something mystifying about the drumbeat that arouses our primordial longing to dance. Blending mantra style compositions with a fusion of modern and ethnic rhythms, Get Tribal creates music that speaks to the deeper part...the soulful being that resides in all of us.  "When we dream we enter the omniscient world of the Shaman. I have learned to incorporate shamanic percussion into our music to connect the listener to the omniscient, dreaming awareness I encounter when doing dreamwork with others. We have purposefully created music that allows for a similar transcendental perspective."

The music of Get Tribal was a natural progression from Kari's works with shamans, dreams and ancient wisdom. Her knowledge of archetypes and studying with Shamans all over the world, led her to blend her world style of music into a sound that is soulful and sexy.

Each composition is centered on ethnic rhythms that inspire the same type of awakening that Shamans seek. "I believe music can awaken the same truths we find in our ancient texts."

Each track is designed to awaken the energetic body, igniting consciousness with inner wisdom. We strive to create meditative openings in our music and seek to energize the emotions. Get Tribal received a nomination for Best New Artist in 2014 and God of Drum was nominated for Best World Album at ZMR. In 2015, their new release Radio God received a nomination for Best Chill, Groove Album.

Our Newest Release!

Radio God is inspired by Kirtan style mantras, blending world spiritual music in a tapestry of ethnic rhythms and and modern beats creating a super chill -- sensual landscape. Perfect for yoga and exercise, these tracks will allow you to hold Asanas longer and meditate through exercise. Additionally, the Shamanic rhythms are designed to root the body while the melodies allow Spirit to dance. Click on the image above to listen to samples and read about the inspiration behind each track. Blending many media elements and styles together, Radio God is the result.

God of Drum was nominated for Best World album in 2014. Using Shamanic drumming and juxtaposing chants from various parts of the world, it is inspired by the thunder deities of different regions. This world fusion album was designed for chakra meditation and you can actually feel the tonality of the myriad of drums moving through the chakra centers in the body. The album received acclaim for its fresh and invigorating soundscape and the scope of its vision. Click the image above to read reviews and learn more about this album.

Get Tribal blends ancient rhythms with modern beats in an electronic new age style of world fusion music influenced by ancient wisdom and healing customs. Their first album, the critically-acclaimed God of Drum, is based on Shamanic rhythms that move listeners through their chakra centers. God of Drum is inspired by the thunder deities around the world and each composition is based on ancient shamanic drumming. “Drumming” Kari says, “is proven to provide relaxation and transcendental awareness. It was the first sound we heard in the womb and has a way of quieting the chatter of ego where Spirit can guide us in meditation."

The group’s newest release, Radio God, focuses on drumming, yet is inspired by world chants and spiritual melodies, with energetic and modern sounds that uplift the spirit. Radio God opens meditative vistas with a rhythmic renaissance inspired by Kirtan, chanting and ancient songs.

Kari describes Radio God as being "inspired by the idea that if all music past and present returned as sound waves from space, the melody would play as a timeless and universal message of unity: "Om.”

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