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Radio God #3 Rate the Tracks Read More

Radio God #8 Top 100 World Radio Airplay Zone Music Reporter

Radio God Nominated for Best Chill/Groove Album 2015 Zone Music Reporter

Radio God Ranked Top 50 World Radio Airplay for 2015 (released end of October!)

God of Drum Nominated for Best New Artist and Best World Album 2014 Zone Music Reporter

God of Drum #3 Top 100 New Age/World/Ambient Zone Music Reporter Read More

God of Drum Ranked Top 50 World Radio Airplay for 2014


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1/3/2016 Interview with Robert Steven Silverstein

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Article about Radio God

"One of the best fusions of world/New Age/cosmic music that I’ve heard over my many years of reviewing music. I give Radio God a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” Dick Metcalf, Rotcod Zzaj Read More

"There is something about these ten tracks of organic and electronic rhythms that make them inherently pleasing on levels we cannot even perceive...a modern reincarnation of the ancient Kirtan experience...the music says: 'Witness this.' If this be the child of British Glam and Kirtan elements, I say watch the growth of this child closely.." RJ Lannan, The Sounding Board Read More

"Uniquely venturesome and defying strict genre classification, “Radio God” is primarily about the beat where rhythm remains the focal point. Less defined by straightforward linear melodies, Kari finds an idiosyncratic motif that works within these mostly circular compositions and returns to it often, always inspiring the listener to move and groove! The album’s many retro-style elements and vintage electronic components, accentuated by culturally exotic and ancient themes, frequently bear the hallmarks of an old-world video game. " Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes Read More

"Talking in spiritual music terms, it is not meant for meditation but for action - spirituality demands withdrawal of senses from the outer world so that one can focus one’s energy on the inner world...I felt this album prepares you for this second phase of spirituality. It sounds as a clarion call to plunge into action and plague the world with positivism–to spread the virus of goodness through deeds rather than prayer." Vivek Kumar Read More

"While there are many new age and world music albums, few combine the earthy percussive and world instrumental elements with the ambient atmosphere, and healing intent of new age music. I think what impresses me the most about the motivation of Get Tribal is it’s inclusiveness and the idea of crossing boundaries." Michael Diamond Read More

"A most unique sound in the 21st century world of New Age music..ethnic rhythms, electronic beats and exotic World Groove sounds. With its swirling mix of keyboards and light fretboard sounds, ten track, 44 minute Radio God among the most relaxing and sonically healing New Age instrumental albums you will ever hear. There’s a certain innocence about Radio God and that in and of itself is very refreshing. Robert Steven Silverstein Read More

"Five Stars - Excellent! "The good vibes and earthly tones and rhythms are dominant on Radio God however what makes it all so special is that it takes the old and mixes it with the new in a distinct musical fashion, and transformed into a delight for the senses. The best of both worlds intermingle to make this album interesting and a completely fulfilling auditory experience..This kind of mix is what makes...the entire recording a true musical adventure." Keith Hannaleck- New Age Music Reviews Founder Read More

"This is a very powerful release which stirs the soul from the very first chords. You fly with the storm of these inspirational compositions and you want to plunge deeper and deeper in this music which is full of life and inner fire." Serge Kozlovsky Read More

"Fantastic expansive music.....great instro grooves..." Music Web

"Get Tribal/Radio God: In which we find goddess energy entering the field of shamanistic drumming, adding beats and other modern touches yielding a cool, chill album that you wouldn't really mistake for girl friend music. Equally appreciable by opium smokers as well as by chakra openers, it's no surprise that this nu world beat fusion is an underground sensation bubbling up to more and more appreciative ears with each spin. Check it out when you're ready to go on a nu kind of armchair excursion. " Midwest Record Read More

"Often quite hypnotic..bright and energetic, this one will have you grooving in your chair if you aren’t up and swirling around the room! " Kathy Parsons Read More

"The latest album is a full listen not meant to be shared 1 track at a time. The 10 song record mixes many genres and diverse sounds from different cultures." IndieBandGuru Read More

"It is so refreshing to come across music that is so incredibly unique. Radio God reminds me of what would happen if Hip Hop DJs were to share beats with tribal shamans. There is a cinematic twist in tracks like TABA and RUAH that I can listen to over and over. A very creative mix!" ITunes Review

"An interesting mix of styles between the new age and world music that makes us open our eyes and pay attention to what we are hearing." Roberto Vales Read More


“This album is a keeper. If there was a rating higher than five, I would give it whole heartedly.”

"Listening to the motion and manner of God of Drum – with its captivating, peaceful and sometimes thought provoking musical themes – induces me to think that these percussion pieces could also simply be enjoyed for what they represent technically – a synergistic blending of earthly instruments, combined with Kari Hohne’s knack for delicate melody and ambient soundscapes – giving the music a universal ‘New Age’ appeal." Soundlooks Read More

“The emphasis on earthy rhythms and world music influences make this one of the most notable offerings in this particular genre. A lot of vision and creativity went into sonically designing each track, and it shows. For me, this album was a pleasant surprise, and one I’d recommend in a heartbeat.” Michael Diamond (Zone Music Reporter) Read More

“God of Drum is a mesmerizing musical exploration of thunder gods throughout history and from all corners of the world. Certain to stir the ears and soul as well as the chakras, Get Tribal has created a unique and inspiring work of musical art (I love the cover artwork, too!). It is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Recommended!” Read More

“If it’s true “power” you’re seeking out, though, you will fall in love (right away, I might add) with the fourth track, “Awakening Power“… one of the most powerful drum works I’ve heard in the last 10-15 years (and believe me, I’ve heard a LOT). Though this is not “pure jazz”, it is still in the criteria zone for reviews here, because it has the “true energy” behind the playing and the spirit of the playing.” Dick Metcalf ZZaj Productions

“The rhythms in this album are quite compelling. “God Of Drum” is a wonderful, moving experience. Get Tribal and Kari Hohne capture the essence of rhythm, and sends listeners on a deep inner journey. This is a beautiful recording that increasingly grows on you. Highly recommended for anyone interested in dance, percussion, spirituality, meditation, or just plain good vibes!” Soundlooks Read More

“The music of the album “God of Drum” is very sincere and natural. Filled with ethnic motifs it arouses emotions that were hidden deeply and gives release to them. So, one can say that the album “God of Drum” has a strong therapeutic effect and may be used for treatment of body, mind and soul…But maybe it has one more rare quality. This music is as wild as real life is.” Serge Kozlovsky Read More

“This music walks you through elements of Chakra healing from grounding the spirit in the Native American tradition to healing with the Heart Chakra in the Celtic traditions of Irish percussion and flute playing. Each track is absolutely inspirational and I was hooked by the up tempo beat and relentless energy.Keith Hanneleck MuzikMan Read More

“Kari Hohne has long been fascinated by shamanic drumming and its ability to lead the listener into a transcendental realm similar to dreaming. She has researched the connection between drumming…and how it links us to the Archetypal world inspired by the thunder deities of world mythology. She has traveled extensively, speaking with shamans and exploring the roots of drumming’s power in an attempt to better understand this ritual…the this powerful world fusion recording God of Drum. The CD is a globe-trotting examination of drumming and vocal chanting, harnessed to contemporary electronics…What impresses most about the album is the magnitude of the diversity of Hohne’s vision.Bill Binkelman Zone Music Reporter

“God of Drum is a powerful, drum driven work that will lift you to a new level. Channeling ancient rythyms, this album will take you through a range of feelings, from dancing to deep relaxation. This masterfully recorded collection of music …will bring an exotic touch to your playlist and is a must have for anyone who loves calming world music. This is the most exciting album I have bought this year and is destined for widespread recognition.” Stonewallstreet Read More

“Tribal music is much more than just a form of entertainment, or even much more than just an art-form. Tribal rhythms and tonal patterns have been covering social, spiritual and religious functions for millennia, accompanying man throughout the interior journey of life. The music of Get Tribal set out to keep this quality intact, while updating the sounds with the appeal and production values of the modern age.” More More Sound Read More

"The music was, in a word, mesmerizing! I found my feet keeping rhythm constantly and just totally became lost in the flow. I even had to ask directions out of Wegmans." The Safari Read More