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Keynote Speaking Topics

5 Ways Nature Can Teach Businesses About Sustainable Productivity

Why Nature Designed Us to Dream

8 Suggested Questions:

1. You analyze dreams for people from around the world. Do people of different cultures have different dreams?
2. What can dreams teach business leaders about achieving greater innovation?
3. How can nature's sustainability teach businesses about sustainable profitability?
4. What is the hero's journey you describe in dreams? Why do we dream?
5. You talk about the 24 hour mind in your courses. What does this mean?
6. Why are dreams so bizarre and why do most people forget their dreams upon waking?
7. You use nature's inspiration in your books. What does nature have to do with the human journey?
8. What are ways people can begin to remember their dreams?

8 Suggested Topics

1.   5 Ways Nature Can Teach Businesses to Achieve Sustainable Profitability
2.  Dreaming: How Nature Drives Evolution and Greater Human Potential 
3.  How Dreams Are Structured and Why It Can Inspire Business Innovation
4.  Archetypes, Dream Symbols and the Roots of an Ancient Awareness 
5.  How the Three Parts of Every Dream Show Conflict, Cause & Resolution
6.  Why Dreams are So Bizarre: The Trojan Horses of the Psyche
7.   Understanding the Dreaming Mind and How to Tap its Wisdom
8.  5 Easy Lessons from Nature that Will Change Your Life


Book Reviews

The Essential I Ching: 64 Degrees of Nature's Wisdom   5 Stars

"Not just an interpretation but helpful to understand life's processes."

"In 30 years of studying iching this is the most comprehensive insightful set of interpretations I have ever seen I have ordered extra for friends this will be my main reference it's worth having."

The Mythology of Sleep: The Waking Power of Dreams   5 Stars

“This book breaks new ground in the realm of Joseph Campbell's work on archetypes and the hero's journey. Reminiscent of Carl Jung, the author uses the backdrop of world mythology to present common dream themes or "cycles" that appear in all dreams. She brings forward Freud's earlier writings on dream analysis, seamlessly unifying their ideas. Through actual examples, the reader is guided through the process of dream analysis, although this book also stands as an excellent anthology of world mythology.”

Tao te Ching: The Poetry of Nature    5 Stars

“Like most followers of the Tao Te Ching, I have read many translations, and in one way or another enjoyed them all. So it is amazing to me that there could be this new version by Kari Hohne, which seems at every point to match or exceed the others. The author has the benefit certainly of a 140 years of published English editions preceding her own, and she has not wasted that gift. She takes the work back to the original, lets go of her own agenda, and writes English with a vocabulary rooted in the heart - that is the way of the Tao and the best translations also. She is right up there with Ursula K. Le Guin, Arthur Waley, Stephen Mitchell, and Ellen M. Chen. There is also a fine, two-part introduction, as well as a separate section with examples of Taoist poetry, which helps to locate the Tao Te Ching in the realm of spiritual art, as much as religious philosophy.”

Nothing Bad Happens in Life: Nature’s Way of Success    4.5 Stars

Being a seasoned outdoor adventurer and an environmentalist by profession, the title of this new book whet my curiosity. Suffice to say, the contents are anything but disappointing. Nothing Bad Happens in Life: Nature's Way of Success should be the next book on every reader's list. Kari Hohne has taken the ancient lessons of the I Ching, which liken the incredible strength of the human spirit to the power of nature, and has spun these lessons into a delightful narrative. This book was truly a pleasure to read. It is filled with wonderful imagery and practical advice on enduring, enjoying, and coming to peace with the human experience. I would recommend Nothing Bad Happens in Life to anyone who feels a connection with the natural world."

 "Very thought provoking and detailed, this author uses very colorful metaphors to remind us, how in reality, we are part of nature in its essence, and that we should be "learning to flow upon the great river of life." I found this book very helpful in so many ways, as it made me re-think about past decisions and situations, that have happened in my life. I was actually able to start looking inside myself on a daily basis and now I'm trying to take a closer look at things I can change, with the powerful knowledge that I took away from this book. Highly informative, and eloquently written, I recommend this to anyone who is looking for answers, and for those who'd like to take a pro-active stance in their own success. *****5 Stars*****"

The Mind’s Mirror: Dream Dictionary and Translation Guide

 “I use your website all of the time and was happy to see that you put it all in a book! I bought 5 for my friends. Your interpretations are the best out there."

What Clients Say

"I just want to thank you ... Your I Ching pages are amongst the loveliest I've seen online. The care you've given to understanding each hexagram ... the illustrations, quotes ... your understanding of the changing lines ... It's a treasure. I've been a student of this oracle since 1981 and am always on the lookout for a fresh, unique perspective ... and here is one." - USA

"Thank you so much for that powerful interpretation – I like the methodical way you unpack each significant fact in the dream as you go along." - USA

"Thank YOU Kari for this short but eye-opening opportunity. I am shocked at what such as short course has opened up in me and what it has revealed to me about my life." Spain

"I'm amazed at the issues I was able to work through with the help of my dreams. You are brutally honest and to the point in drawing the issues out of me, but your techniques work! Thank you."  Mexico

 “When you describe the dream, you know what I am facing now. It is the situation exactly. Thank you for the dream interpretation.” -Germany

“With gratitude for your kindness, Thank you so much for your response! This is really insightful... I'm blown away! I completely understand and quite frankly feel you hit it right on, i can very much see what you are saying.” -United Kingdom

“Hey thank you so much.. i was really scared about the dream because i didn't know what it meant... but you really helped me to understand the dream.. thank you.” -South Africa

“I thank you for helping me through this, this dream really bothered me all day long. The thought ran thru my mind that I am a little scared that it might continue on tonight, but i just brushed that out of my mind because now I know what it means. Thanks again.” -United States

“Thank you so very much for the dream interpretation. Although it almost overlaps with what I had found in it all by myself, you pointed out more elements that merit thorough consideration. Thank you very much for that.” -Holland

“Interesting. I had no idea that a silly dream would teach me so much about myself. I will definitely be looking at my dreams more carefully.” -Australia

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