Books by Kari Hohne

The Mind's Mirror by Kari Hohne

The Mind's Mirror Dream Dictionary & Translation Guide

Tap the wisdom of your dreams to discover how dreams guide you toward success and fulfillment.
“This dream dictionary includes information on the 3 parts of every dream and other insightful information on how to interpret your dreams. It is written from the premise that everything in a dream reflects the mind of the dreamer and the current issues they are exploring. The author clearly knows her subject and shares her many years experience in interpreting dreams.” Amazon user review.

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The Mythology of Sleep by Kari Hohne

The Mythology of Sleep: The Waking Power of Dreams

Myths offer fantastic stories about the hero in search of their destiny. Dreams too, present similar plots and story lines where we must solve strange puzzles and explore cryptic clues to activate our life purpose.
“Kari Hohne uses one amazing literary device, creating a hero who transcends the past in an adventure that takes place in a dreamscape. We see examples of the entire process unfold and the most important thing is we can apply that to our own situations. ” Amazon user review.

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Nothing Bad Happens in Life by Kari Hohne

Nothing Bad Happens in Life: Nature's Way of Success


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The natural world is relentless in its ability to overcome any barriers to its forward progress. By exploring nature's ability to renew itself, you will discover how you too, are driven by similar mechanisms of self-determination and rebirth.

Life's secret is that it has been
committed to your success since the beginning.

Coached by the wisdom of the ancient Chinese Masters, explore the 64 Degrees of Success as nature’s diverse processes that can inspire you to move effortlessly with life's pursuit of excellence. The ancient text of the I Ching is presented in modern terms, exploring the principles of nature as a role model in leadership training. This illuminating and timely book shows how life’s commitment to growth always reveals its essential goodness. An excellent guide to leadership development.

Success is a pathway of self-completion and the seed is always within you.

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The Essential I Ching: 64 Degrees of Nature's Wisdom

The I Ching is the oldest work of literature and while it has been used for centuries as an oracle, it is also a profound work of ancient Chinese philosophy. The Taoist philosophers observed nature to be a teacher and this compilation of the I Ching is especially rich in examining how nature can teach us about the human journey. By examining all possible ancient and modern interpretations The Essential I Ching offers the most comprehensive I Ching translation.

All interpretations include quotes from the ancient masters of Chinese philosophy as well as being based on the power of nature which originally inspired the Book of Changes. Each line interpretation refers to the hexagram that would have been created by the line change for added insight. Additionally, each hexagram includes the Hu Gua (secondary influence) the Zong Gua (opposite influence) and even a quick reference to what the hexagram means when received as the changing hexagram.

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Tao te Ching by Kari Hohne

Tao te Ching: The Poetry of Nature


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"When you lose your place in the world,
you need only return to stillness.
Through stillness, you return to the Way."

Find out why "those who go against the Way end up being called unlucky." Only when you turn back, can you discover peacefulness in existence. "The Way is the refuge for the myriad creatures. Experience shapes them; circumstances bring them to maturity."

This beautiful interpretation of the Tao te Ching presents timeless wisdom about following the way of nature. Capturing its original poetic style, this compilation draws from the many agent sages who studied it. Celebrating what is timeless and valuable about existence, the second section of the book includes a collection of ancient Taoist poetry.

Just as the seed sheds its protective
covering before becoming a great oak,
experience peels away the layers that
keep you from actualizing your destiny.

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