Dream Interpretation Services and Coaching

What does success mean to you?

Three Weeks of Online Dreamwork and Coaching

Price : $300

Over the course of 3 weeks, this comprehensive online course will give you the opportunity to discover a hands on approach to dream interpretation. Using exercises guided by your dreams – learn to tap your inspiration to cultivate your life direction and relinquish what holds you back from success. Online Dreamwork Testimonials.

Taoist Coaching using I Ching

Price : $175

Over the course of 3 weeks, this online course uses readings from the I Ching and Taoist philosophy to explore synchronicity and life direction in tandem with the Taoist path. One dream a week will also be explored in this comprehensive Taoist Course. Testimonials

Personal Dream Interpretation

Price : $15

Still looking for the meaning of your dream? This dream interpretation service allows you to submit a dream for a personal reading by Kari Hohne. People often feel that their dreams are trying to teach them something and Kari is an expert in helping you understand the meaning of your dream. This service includes a follow up email for any further questions you may have. Dream Interpretation Testimonials.