Eight of Pentacles

The man in the Eight of Pentacles seems very happy to be hard at work. This card can appear when you are consumed in your work and feeling good about it. There is little else going on in this card besides work, so examine whether other areas of your life are in balance. The Eight of Pentacles will appear when you are finding success and satisfaction in work. A new job may be in the early stages where you feel overwhelmed by the new skills you must master. In relationships, one of the partners can feel left out if the other is exhibiting workaholic tendencies. This card bodes well for work and finances and its only warning would be to ensure that you are also finding time to relax and enjoy other aspects of life.

Keywords: Effort needed to succeed. Hard work and dedication. Consumed in work at the expense of other areas of life. Enjoying work and benefitting from prolonged effort and quality work. Hard work required to solve relationship difficulties. 

Reversed: Shoddy work. Unfulfilled or a lack of passion for work. Loss of relationship because of career. Not following your passion leads to depression. A need to take stock of your skills to make work more meaningful.