Nine of Wands

The individual in the Nine of Wands card has been wounded in some way and feeling very self protective. They say that if you are having difficulty with one person it may not be your issue but if all of your relationships are conflicted you may want to identify whether you are the one courting conflict. Perhaps you have just come out of a very trying situation that taxed all of your hope and you have lost your inability to have faith and trust. Because the bandage is wrapped around his head, we see that it is his ideas or way of thinking has suffered. You may not be feeling supported in your ideas but remember that if you are focused only on failure, life can feel like it is working against you. Learn to trust again and have faith that all challenging periods help us to grow but should be no reason to always expect ongoing difficulty. In a relationship reading the Nine of Wands can show a mate that is having a difficult time expressing feelings or trusting.

Keywords: A psychic wound that keeps one overly protective and critical. Expecting difficulty which is keeping one from moving forward freely. Being guarded which leads to isolation. One final last stand. 

Reversed: Being unrelenting and stubborn. Giving up hope. Negative behavior and a fear of intimacy. Retreat and withdrawal. Unwilling to let something go. A need for a more gentle approach and fearlessness in interacting with others.