The Star

The Star embodies inspiration at the highest level. This is a welcoming card to receive when going through any type of crisis. Artists especially will receive the Star card as the embodiment of their creative energy. The hexagram Enthusiasm is similar to the Star and both capture the tone and texture of how music, art and even eloquence can transport us away from the mundane world, but with a warning to remain grounded. The Star shines brightest during the darkest of nights but sometimes we only access this inspired inner light because the world grew dark enough for us to find it. The Star can symbolize having a vision of where you are going that hasn’t yet manifested or that others can’t comprehend. If you simply work each day to materialize it, you will succeed. Vision is an amazing gift and aligns you with the power of intention where obstacles are only visible when you stop following your star. “Follow your star until you run headlong into your dream.” In the story of Pandora, many diamones were locked in a vessel and when Pandora opened it all of them escaped with the exception of Elpis, the Goddess of Hope. The journey from crisis to wellness is almost impossible without the guiding influence of Hope. In the imaginative and Neptunian realm where Enthusiasm and the Star also reside, there is a fine line between fantasy and faith. It can be like wandering in the dark groping for a handrail. Love can be the highest expression of hope because it combines intuition and excitement with following the flow of events. People associate love with people but it is really like a wind that blows through our life to lead us somewhere else. Sometimes love is just a carriage ride into the future of change. Sometimes we open our hearts in such a way that love is an eternal flower growing in our sunshine. The optimistic attitude that the Star suggests comes from a foundation of abundance where we recognize that everything we will ever need is always provided. When the Star appears, you can have Hope as your ally and you can follow The Star as your muse. Dare to dream because the universe is celebrating your vision.

Keywords: Hope and renewal. Inspiration and intuition. A creative and inspired period. Tapping dreams for guidance. Collaboration in creativity. Offering inspiration to others. 

Reversed: Focused only on the negative and not acknowledging inspiration. Failing to find meaning leads to disappointment. Not paying attention to dreams which could heal.